Why Russian to kill …

Excellent, persuaded. Putin's own recent article leads us to recall the times of the Cool War:


I will not argue with the natural. Yes, it is. But let us for the sake of completeness we'll see more on other countries. For example, in the U.S., which led Cool as a war against the Russian Union and continues to lead it against the Russian Federation, without pauses, interruptions and "reboots".

About the Jackson-Vanik amendment, from which most definitely implies that our homeland is the enemy of the United States, and which to this day has not been abolished, I've written many times. Because now we'll see for contrast to the work of American troops information.

Friendship, chewing gum, alteration, friend and friend Mike Boris … we naively hung ears, while the South American PR guru, ignoring the chatter sugary sverkayuschezubyh U.S. politicians continued to portray Russian or as dastardly enemies or as intoxicated, squalid savages in caps with earflaps.

The movie "Armageddon", 1998-th year. Russian space station. Unshaven Russian astronaut Lev Andropov in a fur hat and a T-shirt with the communist symbols, drinking vodka in gallakticheskom alone, repairing equipment using matershiny and mount:

Cult strategy Command & Conquer: Red Alert («Red Menace"). Russian act as the world communist aggressor. The first game of the series came in 1996, the last — in 2008. And developers as before did not change things for the Russian side of this virtual conflict: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=lDQ7hXMLxGc

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Our modern home runs in the chaos of war and civilians, as a result of which the gallant South American fighters straight yet required — to save the planet — planted on the territory of Russia, Russian shoot hordes of savages, and hold a number of humanitarian sweeps. I note that in the first same day sales of the game were sold over four million copies of the game. World record.

In a subsequent series of Call of Duty creators go even further and offer direct the player to play for the 1st of the terrorists, suiting the attack in one of the capital's airports.

In general, this story — a revolution in modern RF and good Americans shooting at Russian scum — one of the most popular in contemporary American popular culture. If we talk specifically about games, in other words, without thinking, and even Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon, according to the plot which power in Russia capture ultra-structural, which the West has to beat out of Moscow with armored divisions and specially trained Marines.

We turn now from popular culture to everyday Western media who diligently … and alternately injected hatred of the Russian Federation and Russian. Our homeland, from the standpoint of the western media always blame around. And if — at one point — the Russian do anything well, you can be sure — just this particular edition has decided to praise Russia, that shit by any of its local opponents.

Here are a few common citations.


"In voting, named" Who would you not want to spend a vacation "took more than a thousand participants — and head the Russian, collecting more than one-third of the votes."


"If you listen to the Russians, who still prefer not to talk about the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact of 1939, at the time, turned the USSR into an ally of Nazi Germany, you must first win them all."

http:/ / Www.inopressa.ru/article/24Oct2011/corriere/russia2.html

"It is useless to try to change their taste. Moreover, it is best to adjust to it, and in Italy it has long been learned. "


"Russia — a" mafia present government. '"

You should be very badly treated for Putin to seek to become prime militancy and anger in the address of the West. On the contrary, Putin is completely transparent states in the article that our motherland wants to lead a peaceful policy, a policy of open dialogue. And that our homeland will not make it appear as if no aggressive action in her the address of the West is not.

Yes, a huge part of the article under Putin removes criticism of NATO and the United States, but … only in terms of their brutal policies against other countries. For example, Putin said just as manic as it is utopian zeal of the American authorities to ensure the absolute safety of their own country, "the absolute invulnerability for 1st would mean absolute vulnerability for all the others."

In fact, Putin is just the name of the rats — rats, dogs — dogs and naked king — naked king. Yes, Putin says about the rapidly growing volumes of the "export of missile-bomb democracy" by NATO … but it's — just a statement of fact. Quote about replica nedavneshnie action in the Arab world:

"A series of armed conflicts justified by humanitarian reasons, undermines the time-honored principle of the sovereignty of the municipal … instead of democracy, instead of protecting the rights of minorities are ejected enemy, revolution, when the predominance of one force is replaced by even more brutal dominated by the other."

Cool war rhetoric implies not only criticism, and danger. But no threats in the article Fishing season is not contained — except such trivial facts and more trivial analysis of these facts. On the contrary, Putin has more than once stressed that Our home is open to dialogue with all countries and wants to develop it within the framework of international law. I quote:

"Russia offers to move to the creation of the Atlantic to the Pacific, one economic and the human place — community, called the Russian professionals," European Union " which only strengthen the ability and position of the Russian Federation in its economic turn to the "new Asia". "

I believe that this is more than clear and sensible foreign policy doctrine. The doctrine, in the absence of which so often blamed for our country. In fact, it is referring to the one of the most sensitive and wisest of philosophers Russian — Nikolai Danilevsky:


"The Slavic peoples by nature itself free from that of violent temper, which the Roman-Germanic peoples in the work of the centenary of civilization can only move from one form of activity to another. Neuzh However, this innate humanity will not affect how very special, a typical feature in the disposition of the civilization which they will do? "

It hurts me and surprising look at the people who at the m
oment, in 2012, the year of its privileged access to the freshest and operational news, continue to consider Fishing season — Aggressor and Obama, Sarkozy and other kites democracy — the good and the good of peacekeepers.

In general, I would not be surprised if a friendly wave of rejection of Russian politics, liberals and Nikolai Danilevsky call dad Russian skinheads …

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