Why Saudi Arabia can be that which can not Libya?

"TASS is authorized to declare that the party and municipal leaders of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic addressed to the Russian Union and other allies, with a request for fraternal Czechoslovak people of emergency, including assistance to the armed forces … Russian military units, together with the military units of naming the allied states on August 21, entered the area of Czechoslovakia … Anyone and will never be allowed to pull and 1st level of the community of socialist states. "

Why Saudi Arabia can be that which can not Libya?

During this TASS statement hitherto cursed and multinational Russian people, and even more cosmopolitan Warsaw contract and his kids, even unto the seventh generation. Of early in the morning on March 14, without a declaration of war Saudi Arabia had treacherously international help Bahrain's long-suffering people, and at the request of the Council of the Gulf Cooperation has sent troops into the embrace of the Arab spring Bahrain. "Al-Arabiya" is authorized to state: "The Royal Family of Bahrain addressed to Saudi Arabia and other allies, with a request for fraternal assistance. Anyone and will never be allowed to pull any of the 1st level of the oil monarchies of the Commonwealth. " Saudi APCs drove to the Peninsula Bahrain over the bridge by which the Saudis usually go for a liberal lifestyle Bahrain relax, drink beer, go to the movies and generally adopted by the rest of the country and the endless vseobyatnogo post.

Saudi brotherly International help added problems and so hard to make ends meet global public opinions. Gaddafi rightly condemned for something that is not found another method to agree with the discontented, not including tanks and planes. But he does the dark matter in our own country, where even a month back all the governments of the world thought he was the owner. What would all spoke a progressive population of the earth, if Gaddafi's Libya, and ran across the border went render fraternal internationalist assistance to Mubarak and Ben Ali?

Specifically so admitted yesterday in Saudi Arabia. About the revolution in Bahrain, I carefully wrote here. This revolution is nothing more terrible than the Tunisian or Egyptian. But her depression moved obscurantist forces in Saudi Arabia and she, unlike Libya, is still forgiving.

Paradise on the sand

As a Bahraini revolution is no worse than the Tunisian and the Saudi regime is no better than Libya. In Saudi Arabia itself banned all demonstrations as not appropriate to local traditions. All samples are to go out and protest suppressed with brutality worthy of Gaddafi. At the same time do not correspond to local traditions elections, parliament, civil code, blended learning guys and ladies which is independent press, cinema, civil tribunal, a theater, a passport for ladies, any religious buildings except for mosques. Ideas become a force when they take possession of the masses. Important of the arts for us is the art of prayer and fasting.

The main problem of the Islamic world and the pain in the head of those who are trying to develop Islamic politics with a human face — and in the middle of the participants of today's Arab revolutions, there are many — it is not the old-timers axis of evil, not some Syria or Iran, and Saudi Arabia — the main supplier of Oil Her Majesty in Europe and America, Her Majesty, kingdom, where came to power, in fact, a totalitarian sect.

Pilgrims arrive in the kingdom, and behold the heavenly pattern. All men in white robes, like an angel, all the ladies shyly covered head to toe in black and one in the street does not arise — when accompanied by angels in the snow-white. In each lane 5 mosques. 5 times a day for the whole of life is interrupted required hours of prayer. Harlots stoned, thieves cut off limbs — with anesthesia from doctors in white robe (turn away, Hippocrates).

But all shopping centers, "Mercedes" to "audit" by Dolce Gabbana, telephones with a compass on Mecca skyscrapers of glass and steel and an eight-speed highway. Here it is, people, rewarded for his faith. Most inspired vorachivayutsya and behold the home that life in their countries arranged in a different way: and do not cut the hands of Hippocrates, and the eight-highway no. And contact with one another. Won it in the Holy Land pilgrimage, out there like it.

This scheme is based on deception. Prosperity, which appeared due to oil wealth is issued for a consideration piety. And this — the whole immaculate deception of the Ummah, the Muslim world. The Taliban in Afghanistan have tried to build the Saudi society is worse: it was they were grown-grown beard, ladies Kuta sheltered, arms thieves cut down and forbade movies, and idols of stone Buddhas blown up. A skyscraper as there was or not. And with other hand, there is a more tolerant and more oil-rich country to take the same in Bahrain or the United Arab Emirates.

Fear, and Loathing in Riyadh

Apart from the hype, Saudi society rests on terror. Everybody has heard about the terrible "Guardians of the Islamic Revolution," although it is ultimately just a guard of the Iranian army. And who heard about mutavvinov? On their way they say is not enough, that is not even clear how to write in Russian the word. When it is one, he — mutavva when many — mutavvin. And in Russian? Mutavvin and mutavviny or mutavva and mutavvy? The yard is grass, the grass mutavva. High sits, looks far.

Mutavviny — employees of state organizations, which is officially referred to as the "Committee for the dissemination of Virtue and Prevention of Vice." Warn vice several thousand full-time employees and numerous number of volunteers. Mutavviny have the right lure to his police raids, but — and this is sometimes worse — have the right to act without the police. Man caught in their hands, he quickly tries to dial the local "02", yes, it happens, does not have time.

Mutavviny delay in homes and on the streets caught up together man and the lady to confirm the relationship, being taken away for questioning on suspicion of ladies in prostitution and men — on suspicion of homosexual behavior. Watch the observance of Islamic rules odezhki, fasting during Ramadan and food taboos. Also struggling with harmful trends in the broadest sense. For example, on February 14, on Valentine's day — "pagan holiday" — mutavviny conduct raids on shops, looking for anything that seems to them, "valentine" — in the first instance, items of reddish color: reddish flowers, teddy bardovyh small animals, reddish cards and chocolates in Reds wrappers. All this is confiscated and merchants — are punished. Since 2006 mutavviny looking for a ban on the sale of dogs and cats: pets in the room found Western influence. In particular, after the young dandies were walking their dogs purebred publicly. The fate of acquired zhivotinok and their relationships with the men against the vice is not reported.

The most severe case occurred in March 2002 in Mecca. The school for beautiful girls started the fire, but did not release mutavviny girls from a burning building because they were not "properly dressed" and appeared in the street unaccompanied boys. Mutavviny rushed to close the doors on the outside of the school, and drove back to run out. Immediately they were not allowed inside the fire "to prevent physical contact between the girls and fire, which could lead to the excitation of sex appeal." So it explained some of them during the investiga
tion. "You took away my honor, and life do not you dare take away. " And these opposite. 14 schoolgirls were burned, 50 received severe burns, many disfigured for life. Nothing, under the veil to be seen. But the honor of the savings from an early age.

The prince and vodka

B-3, the Saudi society built on hypocrisy. In his book about WikiLeaks I quote a telegram to the U.S. consul in Jeddah, Martin Quinn:

"Behind the facade of Wahhabi conservatism in the streets of the underground night life Jeddah's elite youth is seething. The full range of worldly temptations available: alcohol, drugs, sex — but strictly behind closed doors. This freedom of carnal pleasures can be used only as a religious police keep away when a party participates or she is under the patronage of the royal house or his circle of confidants.

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