Why was the Minister of Defence Anatoly Serdyukov?

In the detailed acquaintance with the views of readers of various news sources of the Russian Federation, it is clear that the Russians are more self-weight reacted quietly to destinations in the new Russian Government, but there are some personnel decisions that have caused quite a harsh debate. One such joint decisions Vladimir Fishing season and Dmitry Medvedev is the decision to quit on your own site Anatoly Serdyukov. Before the emergence of the media news of a brand new Russian Cabinet composed most of the political analysts, military professionals, journalists, and of generally indifferent people were convinced that too someone who, while Serdyukov will be removed accurately. An no, not clean … Now the same journalists, military experts, political scientists and other citizens trying to understand why the emperor Serdyukov was so unsinkable.

Why was the Minister of Defence Anatoly Serdyukov?

First try to answer the journalists of "Kommersant". According to them, back in December of last year, Putin (in the rank of the Prime Minister, of course) Vladimir Bortnikov instructed to hold a full-scale work on the preparation of the list among the "most deserving" of candidates for the post of defense minister. Why specifically Bortnikov and why Specifically, in December — Ed leaves the question open. But, again, on disk imaging "Kommersant" head FSB is really a week later put on the table a report to Putin, in what appeared Dmitry Rogozin more than two figures. These figures were Roscosmos head Vladimir Popovkin (at the time had not yet had time to appear on the front pages of Russian publications in connection with the scandal codenamed "fatigue") and Head "Russian Technologies" Chemezov. Apparently, the director of the FSB anyone else among the "most worthy" saw. But none of the above-named persons as we are aware, the Department of Defense was not. Namely, it is reported that Popovkin and Chemezov Tipo assured themselves Fishing season the futility of their purpose, and Dmitry Rogozin found myself even more over the Ministry — in the rank of deputy prime minister for defense.

It turns out that if Putin really that trusts Vladimir Bortnikov, then a list of uncontested so openly came out: apart from the current defense minister to the post in Russia and put something nobody … Who conscientious objector who is unworthy, who "did not appear in the lists." In general, as it is read in such cases happened to Serdyukov, as in the famous saying goes — "In bezrybe cancer — a fish …"

About the "unsinkable" Serdyukov expressed other views. One of them, Anatoly Eduardovich just decided to give the opportunity to bring the ongoing reform to the end. In this case, many readers may see the question: why is not given to complete the reform of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Rashid Nurgaliyev? But the answer to this question, as they say, on the surface: a couple of months back himself Rashid Nurgaliev, well, Dmitry Medvedev, too, said that the reform of the Interior Ministry in Russia has already taken place. The majority of Russians are very skeptical about this kind of disk imaging, but it is now becoming clear logic of the authorities: if the reform "complete" means, and you can change the head of the ministry, and, since the reform lasts, so the minister should be left to his own chair. If so, Anatoly Serdyukov, not left the building of the Ministry of Defense — is an example of a catchy minister, which do not change in midstream.

Will Serdyukov Serdyukov 2.0, as at the moment it became stylish read, a big question. In all likelihood, the policy of the Ministry of Defense is not enough change, which means that no breakthroughs are expected. It would be desirable, of course, be wrong, as many were mistaken in their forecasts with the mission of the new defense minister. And if all critical arrows at the address Anatoly Serdyukov — slander, he will have to prove that he is indeed the "most deserving" of those who would now hold the post of defense minister.

There is another "hot" version about why Anatoly Serdyukov has retained its own post. Frame it took place because of the exceptional friendship between him and Vladimir Putin. But this version offers a significant modicum of artificiality. Even if between Serdyukov and Putin have these friendly relations, it is unlikely that they could become the main prerequisite for a further period of Anatoly Eduardovicha on your own post. After all, a lot of Putin's friends and apart from today's defense minister. Who is sensitive to any general trend in Russia appeared: or "swamp the opposition" and "walking in public gardens," or "friends of Putin." Somehow have the feeling that may be the same and that the "golden mean", which, like how to seek …

Overall, minister Defense remained. One may find out the reasons why it happened, but the important thing, though, is not far away at it. The main thing — how well will be the very reform Russian armed forces, which now reads not only lazy. If the effect is obvious, the same Anatoly Serdyukov will be personally shake his hand. Well, that — Hopes, Anatoly E.!

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