Why Yugoslavia no longer need the West

In the analysis of the subsequent tragic events that took place during the early nineties of the twentieth century on the beautiful open spaces of the SFRY, the reader might ask the question — why is the United States, and along with the IMF and the West in general, so generously funded the Tito regime in the period 1950-1985 years, suddenly in the late 80s stopped not only financial support, but also a 180-degree change its policy toward Yugoslavia?

Why would a civilized West has decided to divide and destroy Yugoslavia, why it ceased to be necessary, what are the forces pushing this way?

As said many Soviet tourists, scholars, blooming in Yugoslavia all was well, and the notorious traitor Gorbachev, as in Yugoslavia at Belgrade Terazije, before the Yugoslav disaster, which led to the collapse and bloody fratricidal war, spoke boldly smiling: "You will have more better! ". In fact, it was good until a certain time, but not all, and only much earlier.

Objective analysis shows that in the years 1950-1980Tito's regime was necessary west as a Trojan horse in the fight against the socialist countries led by the Soviet Union as a powerful megaphone against the entire Soviet, socialist, Russian and half-whisper say, Slavic and Orthodox.

But everything comes to an end. Tito died in 1980, and closer to the mid-eighties Yugoslav shout anti-Soviet becomes completely unnecessary. Incredibly, the bitter facts — stubborn things.

It is no longer Churchill and"Iron Lady" found in most real-Soviet Russian conductors of anti-Soviet ideas ardent enemies of communism, counter-revolutionaries led by Gorbachev and his minions of the factions, "the sixties", crime and sharks partbyurokratii shadow economy

And there was the West's a legitimate question — what to do with worn, and with such a good job Gorbachevites destructive, completely unnecessary voice — Yugoslavia?

They say the holy place is never empty. On Yugoslavia, all in debt and without a reliable allies rush their eyes, dulled until the second half of the eighties, and now again the illuminated, the powerful forces of the German capital, to date, the main henchman of America in Europe. History tells us their goal — out of Germany to the warm seas, to the Adriatic, and at the same time the implementation of a long-standing dream, to deal with this thorn-Yugoslavia-Serbia, which is about twice stumbled German invaders — and in 1914 and 1941, respectively. Of interest, the disposition external and internal forces for the implementation of its goals in the newly created situation?

By the early 90-ies of the alignment of these forces has developed more than favorable. West Germany, East Germany after swallowing, it is indeed a leading force in Europe. Russia, historically as an ally and defender of Serbia, Yugoslavia, due to the betrayal of the tandem Gorbachev-Yeltsin delivered to the West to its knees, begging for alms from them. In such circumstances, to break up Yugoslavia, Germany, and with the blessing — Slovenia United States, was a piece of cake, as they say, it was a matter of technique.

The alignment of the internal forces in Yugoslavia at that time, too, favored to defeat. Partocracy "Communist League" has completely lost credibility among the people and it is easier for the West to implement its plans.

A new round of aggressive separatist forces

Nationalist forces in Croatia, Slovenia, Kosovo and Metohija (Kosmet), Bosnia and Herzegovina received strong support systematically Germany, the U.S., Western monopolies, the Vatican, Muslim emirs and brokers. Political, moral, and most importantly, financial support for personnel and weapons led to a new round of aggressive nationalist groups, and they are only waiting for the signal to break Yugoslavia, and in the division of territories, in case of need to grab the opponent's throat. Placement and managerial personnel of the former Yugoslavia at the time also went into the hands of its rapid degradation. The Bureau Federation, headed by the president, my Mesic, a staunch separatist Croat by nationality at the time of emergency, was engaged in a literal sense, the empty chatter and was completely untenable. Mesic himself then, after the defeat of Yugoslavia, boasted that being the president of Yugoslavia, it is your task to defeat it — fulfilled. Minister of Foreign Affairs was Loncharevich, was Prime Minister Markovic — both an ethnic Croats. Commander of the Yugoslav Army was Kadievich — Croat, his deputy was Brovet Slovenian, Croatian air force commander Yu and intelligence Mustach, both Croats. All they have done nothing to prevent the disintegration of the country. It is not surprising that unbelted nationalists and separatists have violated the constitution of the Yugoslav state, the army has not been able to pay his due. And how behaved Serbian part of the ruling elite of the country? Yes in unsettled as well. Tito nurtured in the spirit of systematic regard as to say that "the US-anglogermansky uncle," in the spirit of ensuring, above all, its benefits, holding on to their homes chair, they will crash were unsurpassed talkers and at best — neutral observers.

Knowing the political situation in Yugoslavia, in detail, the future of inspiratory collapse of the country tossed the idea of the need for further "democratization" of society and of the new, multi-party elections. Rotten Tito "IC" in the elections in the republics fails miserably. In Slovenia, the "IC" has received only 7% of the vote, in Croatia, not more than 13%. In Croatia, comes to power nationalist Tudjman in Islamic fundamentalist Izetbegovic of Bosnia, Macedonia nationalist Gligorov, nationalist Kucan in Slovenia. Almost all of them are from the same deck Tito leadership OS particularly "colorful" is a sinister figure Izetbegovic. He fought in World War II in the famous Khanjar SS Division, which fought against the Soviet Army at Stalingrad, as well as "famous" as a punitive weapon in the fight against the Nazi People's Liberation Army of Yugoslavia. However, he was one of its organizers. For their crimes Izetbegovic was convicted in 1945 of a national court, but he did not stop their activities, now in the form of a nationalist, fundamentalist, separatist. All of these odious figures for different reasons sitting on the nationalist sled After spending some time in opposition to the ruling elite "of the Communist League", paving the way for nationalism, waiting in the wings. They are all tightly linked — Tudjman and Kucan with German politicians and the German capital, Izetbegovic with Islamic extremists in Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Iran. They are all as one, as if on cue, the slogan of separatism, out of Yugoslavia, the establishment of "independent" states, referring to (that's irony) while on the Leninist principle of the right of nations to self-determination up to secession.

Only in Serbia and Montenegro, the progressive forces, distinguishing himself from the corrupt leadership "of the Communist League," torn apart by nationalist aspirations and represents the interests of the centers of economic power and republics unable to take any constructive solutions to save the country from collapse, took a different path. By organizing a socialist party, they came under the banner of conservation of a single, indivisible Yugoslavia and won. The people of Serbia and Montenegro showed in the election, he would not be obedient executor of the will of the German and American strategists in the dismemberment and the enslavement of their own country.

West violation of elementary norms of international law

German and American diplomacy at the same time showed a monstrous zeal to achieve recognition of the European states tumors Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, in violation of public decency and etiquette, basic norms of international law. In this they succeeded. Therefore, the events in Yugoslavia in 1991, but still driven by America, Germany, Britain and France began to develop in the direction of an avalanche of fratricidal wars. For full-West fanned internal problems, we are the people of these regions themselves quietly allowed to a mutual agreement, if the external artificial agents of national intolerance (Germany, America, Italy, Turkey) received on time on his hands. About the Balkan problems, German officials were aware sufficiently, because They Serbian and South Slavic issues directly "involved" in the two world wars. The U.S. is the "strategic" to this very lightly and superficially in the well-known to all of his lack of education, brazen self-confidence and their characteristic lack of any culture.

In view of the systematic bias of pro-Western propaganda and sophisticated disinformation have to stop at some of these complexities. Here's the thing.

As you know, the Turkish Empire, beginning its offensive to Europe, first encountered stiff resistance of the Serbian people. By breaking the Serbian principality in the south, central Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, taking in XIV-XV centuries, the central part of the Balkans, the Turkish army entered the border Austro-Hungarian Empire. After several unsuccessful campaigns in Turkey in order to capture Vienna, labile boundary between the two empires established by the Serbian Una River, which flows from south to north to the Sava River, and then on the same river Sava on the border went up to the east of Belgrade, where the Sava flows the Danube. Serb population of the east and south of the river Sava, Una remained in the Ottoman Empire, and the Serb population of the west and north of the river Sava, Una was under Austro-Hungarian rule. It should be emphasized that the Serbian population living in these areas for more than twelve hundred years. This is indicated by historical monuments, including the Frankish source 822 years, and the famous Croatian historian N.Klyaich claims that the ancient documents, the name "Serb" is mentioned in the eighth century, long before the name in the annals of "Croat".

Austria-Hungary, concerned about the constant aggression of Turkey, 400 years ago, created from areas densely populated by the Serbian population (along the border with Turkey, west of the river Una and north of the river Sava and the Danube), an autonomous region under the name of "The War of Krajina" in order to protect the empire from attacks Turkish troops. "War of Krajina" Serb population and it enjoyed certain rights and subject only to Vienna until the collapse of the Turkish Empire. "War of Krajina" was never part of any Croatian state, especially as the Croatian state and then in sight nebilo. Croatian people living west of the compact group of "War of the Krajina", directly subordinated to the Hungarian magnates in 1102 and statehood was not until Hitler invaded in April 1941, Hitler then formed the "Independent Croatian State" (Independent Croat State), with the sole purpose to ignite national differences between Croatian and Serbian peoples, the realization of which the board and handed to the Independent Croat State Croatian Nazis — Ustasha. The people of Serbian Krajina rebelled and their heroic struggle and gave a decisive rebuff to the Wehrmacht and the Ustasha, becoming one of the bastions and the striking force of the national liberation movement of Yugoslavia.

After the victory over fascism in 1945. the organization of the administrative borders of the Union Republic of Croatia in the SFRY, unfortunately, the Serbian Krajina (and it is on the territory of Montenegro or equal to two to three cosmetic) at the whim of Tito was "donated" Croatia, just as the Russian Crimea at the time was "donated" Ukraine Khrushchev. Even the "autonomy of the Serb Krajina" was never implemented. However, to calm the minds of a "Declaration of Fundamental Rights of the citizens in Croatia" from 09.05.1944, in the first paragraph stated: "Croatian and Serbian peoples in Croatia are completely equal," and in N.R.Horvatii constitution, adopted in 1947, Article 11 reads:"Serbs in N.R.Horvatii equal with the Croats."From time-to-time all was quiet, the administrative boundaries do not interfere with any work, neither brotherhood nor the love of the young. " Just think-administrative boundaries. Work wherever you want, live where you want, marry whom you want! "Said the optimists. But when former General Tito Tudjman, who put forward in the "people" in the defeat of the Communist Party of Yugoslavia in the years 1948-1956, and now, in February 1991 as head of the nationalists, neo-fascists and separatists proclaimed the creation of an independent Croatian state and the immediate, unconstitutional release her from Yugoslavia when he was with the stroke of a pen, the 22/12/1990 forcibly transferred Srpska Krajina Serb population in the so-called minority, the people of Serbian Krajina, a member of the administrative borders of Croatia, unanimous in their referendum said Tagam in case we proclaim his "Republic of Serbian Krajina" (DGC), exit from the Croatian and remain in Yugoslavia as an independent unit.

It is known that the Republic of Serbian Krajina, destroyed by Croatia hands of neo-fascist thugs led by the United States in 1995., When they together made an unprecedented genocide of over 600,000 people RSK-m. At the same time, Western and pro-Western media as the so-called human rights activists and covered himself eternal shame, pretending that none of DGC, no genocide was not, and therefore do not talk about. Given all this, I have to briefly give scant lines of facts, dates, and events leading to genocide over the Serbian people committed by neo-fascist thugs Tudjman under the direct supervision of Clinton.

February 1990Tudjman was (in connection with the establishment of Hitler's "Independent Croat State" in 1941) stated that the Independent Croat State quislings and not the creation of the greatest fascist crime (unheard since medieval Serbian genocide of over a million inhabitants. PM), as is the creation of the historical aspirations Croatian people.

July 1990Tudjman, at the suggestion of his parliament decides that the coat of arms of Croatia becomes a "shahovnitsa" fascist Independent Croat State flag, hateful to all the peoples of Yugoslavia character. In response, the city Srb of the Serbian Krajina Serb held the Great Cathedral and in the presence of 200.000 Serbs were selected Serbian national Veche and unanimously adopted a declaration of sovereignty and autonomy of the Serbian people.

In December 1990, Tudjman was preparing a decision on the fact that the laws of Yugoslavia will not act in his Croatia. In response, the National Bureau of Veche, North Dalmatia, Lika December 20, 1990 approves the Constitution of the Serbian Autonomous Region of Krajina. They are joined by Serbian national Veche western Krajina — Slavonia, Baranja and Western Srem.

In February 1991 Tudjman takes an unconstitutional decision to enter Croatia from the SFRY. In response, 28 February 1991 Serbian national Veche entire Krajina decides unanimously to withdraw from the Krajina region of Croatia and proclaimed Republic of Serbian Krajina. And it is the people of Serbian Krajina declared unanimously, on the basis of the existing constitution of the SFRY, on the basis of its more than a thousand years of history, on the basis of human rights to live on their land as much as he wants, but he does not prescribe how the Western "civilized" savages.

Clinton only because of his position as president of the only superpower in the world and because of its narrow, purely American education can not pretend he did not know or did not know the story wrong, like Hitler, says that it is allowed to tailor the lives of the people by its measure, nauskivaya for this nationalist elements of one nation to another. Indeed, General Tudjman, uniting nationalists and neo-neoustashey Croatia and together with them dreams of "Independent Croat State 'within the designated yet Hitler, of course, could not agree with the decision of the people of Serbian Krajina. Therefore attempted to attack the newly born police and paramilitary formations neoustashskih to pacify the rebellious Serbian Krajina, with the "back" idea to create an ethnically "pure" Croatia. But it is well known that an ethnically "pure" territories can only create terror. And again started the genocide of the Serbian population, again the same attempt as it was 50 years ago. However, we must remember that the Serbian Krajina, Banya, Kordun and Lika were among the most powerful guerrilla strongholds and the People's Liberation Army of Yugoslavia, and successfully fought against the invaders and against their ustashskih henchmen in the most difficult conditions of the Second World War. Therefore, in 1991-1992. and the old soldiers and young shoots have taken up arms and did not let a newly Ustasha to their homes.

Of course, the Orthodox people of Serbian Krajina knew and was aware that the cost of Tudjman Germany, NATO, and the aggressive America. However, his love for his native land, national pride, the promised aid from Belgrade in 1991, and hope that Russia will not remain silent, gave them the strength to fight against the Croatian neo-fascists. Thus began a bloody civil, fratricidal (after all, Croats and Serbs in essence brothers) Tudjman's war between the government and the people of Serbian Krajina. Finally — the Americans got their first strategic military success in the Balkans, for his troops were able to enter into a hot spot. It is true for the beginning they brought back not his Marines, and the "blue helmets" of the UN. "Peacekeepers" comfortably settled in the Balkans in the early nineties.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, the situation is no less catastrophic. An ardent nationalist Muslim Izetbegovic, who is also a fanatical Islamic fundamentalist come to power, declared the goal of creating crazy idea at the center of the Islamic state of Yugoslavia. A crazy idea at all hard to imagine. Contributed to the development of this nonsense Tito himself, who proclaimed the Serbs in Bosnia, who took over the five centuries of Ottoman rule the Muslim faith instead of orthodoxy, for an independent nation. So they and recorded — the Muslims. The original idea of this is obvious nonsense, but that just not possible with unrestricted cult of Tito's personality. For a better understanding of this delusional idea and its absurdity can compare it with the next, to put it mildly, a fantasy. It is the same as if the western Ukrainians, who took the pressure Vatican Uniate (Greek Catholic) religion, proclaim on that basis Unitarian nation require the establishment of an independent state, whose task is to join the Italian, and even better to the Vatican State.

Izetbegovic, urged on again by Germany, Turkey and Islamic emirs, declared independence and out of Bosnia and Herzegovina from Yugoslavia. Serbian Orthodox population of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and their slightly less than the Serb-Muslim, in their referendum voted unanimously for the fact that in the case of the designs they create Izetbegovic Republika Srpska Serb population on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina as an independent republic and remain in the Federal Republic Yugoslavia. The head of Croatia's Tudjman, taking advantage of turmoil, put their territorial claims to Bosnia and Herzegovina, and has introduced into its territory troops. Izetbegovic and his nationalists began to try to create an ethnically pure Islamic state, resulting in a flared even more bloody fratricidal war, instigated by the West and the Middle East. The Serbs of Bosnia and Herzegovina have been forced to take up arms. They also like their brethren in the Serbian Krajina knew that Izetbegovic stand for the United States, NATO, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, however, did not yield to the aggressors. They relied on their own strength, of course, hoping for the promised assistance to Serbia and that Russia did not leave his brothers in trouble. At the same time Clinton and his diplomacy persuaded the Muslim and Croat nationalists in the joint struggle against the Serbian Orthodox populations of Bosnia and Herzegovina. As a result, all sorts of unscrupulous intrigues and interventions West fire broke out fratricidal war that killed tens of thousands of lives. The Americans got a second "hot" point for the introduction of "peacekeepers." In the heart of the Balkans, in the city of Sarajevo became the first group of "peacekeepers" — a contingent of Turkish army (?).

It is not superfluous to recall that during the period of the absolute power of Tito, during his hearty co-operation with the West, intelligence agencies of England, the U.S., Germany, France on alert. In respect to greenhouse conditions, they produced enough of looking, relatively young (as in our time, they say) "agents of influence" that are now streaked with gray at the temples, well-trained and wise over the years, heard by the fate of the territories entrusted to them. And as it should be in a puppet show, pulling the strings of experts — and dancing Tudjman, Izetbegovic dancing, Chichak, Panin, pro-Western intellectuals twitches, twitching there are different nachalnichki neoustashey, neochetnikov, neofundamentalistov, twitching, many of those whom the monopoly of the West and the East, outlined the role of napoleonchikov avid nationalist and separatist movements, the role of implementers of U.S. ideas and at the same time, the blood flows like a river, dying young, slain by the fall sniping honest representatives of the people. Against this bloody backdrop of killed, wounded, hundreds of thousands of refugees, a terrible fall in living standards of people, destroyed towns and villages, disease, hunger and cold, very ugly sounds imposed by the West demagoguery about the grace of their form of democracy, parliamentary games and counting. In this general whirlwind of chaos and terror on the ruins of the former Yugoslavia, as if there is no place at all elementary questions — can the workers to unite in the fight for labor, for a roof over your head, for free medical care, free education for children, for peace and human rights, for our total freedom? All of these issues as unrealizable dream evaporate and disappear into wild orgies of nationalistic and religious people mad. West through his henchmen and their mass media so quarreled and separated the peoples of the shed blood, planted a hatred for each other, it is almost impossible to put the basic question, yes, God — you are my God, my brother, Croatia, Serb brother, brother muslimane who it is we, working people, so fell out that our common enemy we can not even recognize!

Considering the events of the years 1990-1994. I must pay tribute to all those Western strategists late eighties — early nineties, all these creators bloodshed — Reagan, Bush, Kohl, Clinton, and to match them bloodthirsty Albright. Much they have achieved in their plans. Still Americo-German plans were not fully implemented. Yugoslavia broke, tore Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina with, Macedonia. Soviet republics have turned these into mini-states with puppets at the helm. But speaking by and large was not one hundred percent success. While Americans on the strategic spaces Balkans went, people quarrel, then quarreled, hatred out what to grow up, but ah you, mother-honest — Serbia with Montenegro were united in the new Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (FRY), and even with socialists and communists at the helm. They invited their brothers Slovenes, Croats, Bosnians, Gertsegovtsev, the Macedonians to join the FRY at any convenient time for them. They dared to express their disagreement with the Americo-German policy and accused them of aggressive interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign state, was accused of violating elementary norms of international law.

The blockade and continuous interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign state

U.S. world gendarme such attitudes are not used to. There was a shout — "Are you not know their place? Out what giant, Soviet Russia was pushed to his knees on the globe and you can barely find. Trample! However, it was still too early to trample, but throw mud, drowning in a sea of lies — it can be. Blockade establish economically strangle, bony hand of hunger force surrender — it is also possible. And there was pandemonium, was open and shameful for the UN and the Security Council.

Open was shameful for Russian-Serbian relations when tandem Yeltsin-Kozyrev at the direction of the US-German spat and gave the hosts a century fighting friendship Russian and Serbian peoples, their brotherly relations.

West and Yeltsin had at any price to justify their actions. Poured over the globe avalanche of lies, slander, disinformation about the atrocities of the most Serb bandits who kill de, for siluyut, atrocities and do not give rest to the poor Croat and Muslim nationalists. Here's where you can any honest person clearly see what is vaunted objectivity of the Western press, radio and television. Tech indoctrination was at the height of the peoples. European and American inhabitants were terrified, gasped and approve further interference in the internal affairs of Yugoslavia, Americans, Germans, in this aggression involved a now-and the French, British, Belgians, etc ringleader, of course, the Americans, to pull on the mantle of "peacekeepers."

Developments in Serbia and Montenegro, unfortunately Americans did not develop according to their script. It has been said that "the Union of Communists," fostered the spirit of Tito's unconditional support for all his activities, gradually deteriorated, rotted and fell apart. The struggle for the socialist ideals that have deep roots in Serbia since the time of the famous fighter for social justice Svetozar Markovic, lifted the newly formed Socialist Party of Serbia, distancing itself from the rotten partocracy Communist League.

In the difficult days of 1991-1992., When the entire international response, led by the German and American tycoons and the Vatican with the nationalist and neo-fascist collaborators in Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, tore apart the country, falsely accusing the whole is organized by the tragedy of Serbia and Montenegro, the Socialists and the Communists of Serbia Montenegro have been together for the protection of national dignity and honor of the newly formed Yugoslavia (FRY). The people of this noble cause supported.

U.S. immediately put forward the request to hold multi-party presidential elections in Serbia, relying on the powerful Western media. The logic was simple at them and how they thought unmistakable. After all, if the media were able to brainwash the whole of Europe, there is nothing to look out for some sort of self-Serbs.

The American strategists had left one trump card — someone Panin, a Serb by nationality, a cyclist by profession, an American citizen and businessman, whom they have identified as the new Serbian president (like Somoza and Dubois), instead of supporting the people of Serbia, Milosevic. Running was a huge Western election machine fraud, misinformation and threats. Mentioned extensive ties Panina in the States, and that he will establish economic and political relations that he would lift the blockade of the West, as well as direct threats were heard, if not elected president Panin, the United States will start the bombing of Serbia, including Belgrade. So Madame Albright threat to bomb the city of Serbia in 1998 — it's just repetition and continuation of U.S. aggression since 1991.

Serbian people are not afraid of threats, firmly defended their national interests are kneeling in front of American and German aggressors, bless the Vatican, again, like in the old days, sounded the ancient freedom-loving slogan — "Bole coffin, his robes" (better to die standing, than live on your knees.) No German-American money, no powerful Western indoctrination of minds, no drums aircraft carriers — American, "Kennedy" and "Saratoga" English "Argus", the French "Clemenceau" missile cruisers of the "Gloucester", brazenly showing its strength along the Montenegrin coast Adriatic and blocking ports, no howling F-15, F-18, F-11 and "AWACS" did not help the American puppet.

The Serbian people slapped across the face hot American politicians Bush and Clinton, and along with Kohl and Pope by the presidency of their own, serving the interests of the people, not the aggressors.

What answered "civilize" the natural desire of the people of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia to decide their internal issues without anyone dictate. Russian people do not have the opportunity to see for themselves how these "fathers" of highly developed West tried it with the bony hand of hunger, literally suffocate in 1992-1995 the people of the FRY. All these Clintons coli, Thatcher-majors, miterany-Shiraki spared no effort and funds for the organization of the most severe economic and political blockade of the FRY. From the sea, the country has been blocked by the U.S. Navy and NATO. At all border crossings were police UMPRA-FOR. Cut had any supply of oil, gasoline, gas, and medicine. It was forbidden to all air, rail and road traffic. Were interrupted by all the political, commercial and cultural relations with the outside world. Sky republic controlled by U.S. air connections. The cities and towns shastali UMPRAFOR police jeeps. Cold, hunger, lack of basic medicines, hijacking the sky, capturing the Adriatic, continuous bombing threat — that leverage "peacekeepers" Clinton and company. And yet so much chatter about the American humanism, human rights! Under the false guise of inexhaustible chatter they carry out their dark deeds, created one after the other pockets of bloody clashes, new bombings, terrible suffering of refugees, columns suffering of children, mothers and the elderly.

Briefly describe the difficult period of 1990-1994 years. it is necessary to emphasize the following. The United States by the end of 1994 and in early 1995, while continuing to strengthen the blockade and threats to bomb rebellious Serbs moved to implement their plans for military action in helping to open the Croatian and Muslim pro-fascist elements. Three of the republic — the Republic of Serbian Krajina, the Serb Republic and the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia at that time were difficult struggle against aggression and the intrigues of the U.S. and NATO, without, unfortunately, not a single ally.

From the book by Predrag Milicevic "Six West's aggression against South Slavs in XX — century"

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