Will the latest generation of armored personnel carriers to increase combat readiness of the Ukrainian army?

Will a new generation of armored personnel carriers to increase combat capability Ukrainian army?

Defense Minister Dmitry Salamatin few days back signed a decree on adoption of a Ukrainian army armored personnel carrier of the latest generation of modern Russian-made BTR-4E. This car was developed at the municipal enterprise "Kharkiv KBM them. Morozova "in cooperation with enterprises Ukrainian military-industrial complex, and is produced at the Kharkov municipal enterprise" Plant them. Malyshev. "

According to the minister, the technical properties of modern armored vehicles similar zabugornom counterparts, but with regard to the firepower, the Russian standards in almost all surpass them. Adoption by armament the latest generation of technology will be the real proof of the fact that Ukraine has the ability to establish itself as a manufacturer of sverhtehnologichny products, companies also activates the defense industry and make new jobs.

According to the director of the Department of Development and procurement of weapons and military equipment of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Andriy Artyushenko, the whole process of creating the APC included a long period of preparatory training. But, despite the fact that the creation of a new standard armor dragged on for five years, it has given the opportunity to make a completely new model, quite good from what it was common for the Russian tank development. So Makarov, was created the basis for the continuation of the new modifications of military equipment. Artyushenko also noted that all the parts and materials for the production of Ukrainian BTR only: antitank missile system created in the Kiev CB "Ray", 30-mm automatic gun ZTM-1 is produced by Kamenetz-Podolsk factory precise mechanics, KBA-117 grenade launcher — in CB "Artillery armament"And the gun — at the Kiev factory" Mayak ".

D.Salamatin noted that Ukraine has a good chance to make for yourself, as a massive exporter of armored vehicles, if they will continue to engage in the creation of these machines as well as their new modifications. Create new types of armored vehicles will ensure that the government will no longer depend on the procurement similar technology abroad. In addition, Ukraine will be able to rapidly deliver armored vehicles to the global market, which will contribute to revenues in the municipal budget.

Recall creation BTR-4E already put into batch creation, and all equipment is exported to the Middle East. And in this case Ukraine will master batch creation of fully armored vehicles, it will give her a chance to grab the leading position in the global market of wheeled light armored combat vehicles. Developed this model only Ukrainian spices.

Of course, the mere fact that the latest generation of armored vehicle, which was produced in Ukraine and joined the armament Ukrainian armed forces, should arouse respect. By 2012, armed with Ukrainian army was Bole 2-thousand units of armored vehicles, of which about half — wheeled armored personnel carriers have made Russian BTR-60PB, BTR-70 and BTR-80. Very often military government denies the existence of the BTR-60 in service, but it seems Anyway, all this technology substitution requests, so as time and technology are rooted — it is outdated and no longer meet modern requirements. In addition there is also such a thing as obsolescence, the essence of which is that all the equipment that is in service with the Ukrainian Army, completely inapplicable to perform operations in the event of a local military conflict or role in international peacekeeping operations. This technique was created at a time when the army staged puzzles are quite different. For example, the only thing that might be needed in the new criteria — is the eight-diesel engine, which is better to "behave" in a hot climate. An old APCs were established for the conduct of military operations in the comparable rovnenky space that very rarely happens in modern conflicts. These machines are also not very suitable for conducting patrols within populated Fri impressive because of their own size and lacking visibility. In addition, they have not provided a modern mine protection, making themselves vulnerable these machines.

The new APC which was adopted, intended to implement transportation of personnel and mechanized infantry units providing them with fire support during combat. It can be used in virtually all criteria, including in the case of the introduction of the enemy weapons of mass destruction. In addition, the BTR-4E can be used as a base machine for the Marine Corps and Special Forces. The advantage of the new APC is that it can carry out military actions in all weather criteria, with all the quality of the road surface is also not significant. Brand new machine is different and more than a massive engine, which actually twice stronger than the BTR-80. In certain conditions a small drawback it can be a great weight, but this defect is compensated by a very "decent" speed (of the order of 110 km per hour).

If we talk about the properties of the exterior, the particular differences between the BTR-4E and BTR-80 is not. Perhaps the only great advantage of the new armored personnel carriers can be considered essentially the best possible view of the cab, which is burning in the new criteria in the process of conducting peacekeeping operations. But inside it has significant differences. So, BTR-4E has three offices: the front part is the separation of management, in the middle part — the engine-transmission, and in the end — the landing and fighting compartment. A similar arrangement makes it possible to transform a perfect landing and the crew compartment without any particular problems. In addition, a large capacity allows for extra armor for protection from small caliber guns.

So Makar, despite some negative aspects ("copied" gun-known Russian analogue of the well 2A72) new armored troop-carrier significantly better in their performance characteristics. Besides, it is increasingly meet modern requirements. In general, management, and does not hide that the gun was not designed Ukrainian spices. But at the same time, they bring very tangible evidence that a similar decision was justified: the fact that the world is more clear even Russian weapon production and greater demand, respectively, also at him.

So, BTR-4E officially adopted for the Ukrainian armed forces. But now see whether his military? For sure, many people remember the fact that the first batch of BTR-4 (BTR-4E — is an export, slightly improved version) has been ordered by the Ministry of Defence in 2009. But then the deal does not come true, so as a means to her agency did not find. So what specifically assign to the fact that this time it will be different, it is not necessary. So Makar, curious, why put into service the latest military technology, which is not enough money? And the answer, as it turns out, is very simple: the fact that the current time is an agreement with Iraq for the supply of 420 BTR-4E, the total price of more than 457 million dollars. Intrigued by the huge new machines reveal the Kazakhs. And if there is a demand for technology abroad, it may seem weird that a state of armed forces such techniques do not. So Makar, the new armored troop-carrier appeared on the arms of the Ukrainian army only by the laws of the market, and
if the Defense Ministry will not find the ability and the means to acquire it, it is clear that about any increase in efficiency of the army and of the question. So, the next "divorce" …

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