Will there be a contract army in the Ukraine?

Will there be a contract army in the Ukraine?

In December, 2012 Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, congratulating Ukrainian servicemen of the Armed Forces with Prof. prazdnichkom, said that the military draft will be stopped and it is done transition on a contract basis. Coupled with the fact the head of the country at this time was more cautious and did not specify exactly when it will all happen. Previously, we recall, he spoke more specifically on the poll, although its practical solution is not affected. Even in his own election program there Yanukovych read that passage of the armed forces on a contract basis to start in 2011, but was of course over time, it was less than empty words.

At the same time, the date of rejection of the yearly call in the Ukrainian army known: according to the statement of former Defense Minister Dmitry Salamatina, which was made on the following day after the announcement of Yanukovych, Ukrainian armed forces will move to contract since the first of January 2014. Salamatin said that to implement such a transition requires certain economic and financial background, but he expressed confidence that the task still to be accomplished. The smallness of these promises were given earlier and the Party of Regions in the election program there. But it is not entirely clear that its members had in mind when decorated by their pamphlets photo Russian soldier …

But in fact the most important thing in all of this — the fact that all these promises that have not been given a time — it is a fantasy of clean water, and everyone who knows even a little, the reality is that in the Ukrainian army did not realize it can not. Well, the very date of the refusal of conscription and the transition to contract army recruitment from January 1, 2014 — also another bluff, which appeared in the spring of last year.

Keep pace with the head of the country and representatives of the military. However, with all this, they pointed out different terms. For example, in 2011, Secretary of War Ezhel Misha said that the contract army in the Ukraine will be around 2015, noting that the process is long and hard. As an example, he cited the United States, which for all izderzhali own ability to embody the transition to a professional army of about 10 years.

In the same year, Colonel-General G.Pedchenko (Head of Ukrainian General Staff in 2010-2012.), Declared that the Ukrainian army, taking into account the economic capacity of the country will go for contract completion until 2025. With all of this, he noted that in 2025 there was not the case and that it is justified for several reasons. First, the transition to a contract army base vosprepyadstvovalo very limited logistical and financial security that do not gave up the ability to make the necessary motivational conditions and the motives for the Ukrainian people, who have inspired them to deliberately go into military service under the contract.

Pedchenko also stated that by analyzing the characteristics of forward-looking budget expenditures for defense in 2023, and taking into account the least need for funding to carry out tasks aimed at professionalizing the army, the Defense Ministry has concluded that the previously declared by the transition to contract principle of acquisition of the Ukrainian armed forces before 2015 may not be possible …

In the spring of 2012 words of the General Staff have been recorded in official documents in which it was determined that by the 2015-2017 armed forces will be staffed by contract only by 80-85 percent, and that a full transition will likely only by 2025.

These numbers look more or less close to reality, although it requires is for the moment to begin to create the necessary conditions so that the number of contract in the Ukrainian army grew, but because nothing is being done …

Then, in May of last year, the new Chief of the General Staff, General V.Zamana in the 1st of his own speeches in Parliament for no reason, nor with this suddenly announced that the Ukrainian army in 2014 abandon of mandatory conscription and move only the formation of the armed forces on a contract basis. Initially, a similar statement has caused confusion and even shock, but when the Party of Regions had brought a similar statement in his election program from, all at once fell into place: just became obvious that this is less than the regular "divorce." Though not entirely clear why such statements are made military, which should have stayed away from politics …

Coupled with the fact very curious, how does the president is going to implement their promises? In October 2012, he, again, said that in the not to distant future Ukrainian army will go on contract basis, noting that at this point in the military service under the contract runs for more than 50 percent of the military personnel, and counting, of course, it's a big success. But if he really knew what was happening in the army, the reason for his joy would not find. In fact, statistics show that there is a similar percentage of contractors in the military since at least 2008, and does not increase, and even the opposite: in the first year of stay Yanukovych as president, he even dropped by two percent, from 53 percent to 51 percent. Can not save the situation and the reform and the continued reduction of the armed forces, which are not held for the first year: Contractors come to serve, but soon realize that made a huge mistake, and try as it can be faster to finish the service, using all available means and methods.

And there's nothing unusual there. Judge for yourself: the soldier, which serves Ukrainian army under the contract, gets a little more than 1.5 thousand hryvnia. For that kind of money can be served only on the total hopelessness. And this amount will not be increased, so as to take money from nowhere, and in order to realize this is quite familiar with the new military budget, which is not enough even to keep property security personnel at least at the same level as last year.

Military experts also say in one voice that the government is not ready to transition to a contract army base. According to its essence, the contract must be highly professional army, that rapidly respond to challenges. And it is very difficult, so as paid contractor with outdated weapons could not be able to increase the combat readiness, so as to make modern military tasks with this tool will not be able to. In addition, at this point, a huge part of contractors are from villages, no education, who were not in demand in other areas. Moreover, as the experts, with the size of salaries will not Professor and DISADVANTAGED army, which will be quite useless. Because of course, that neither the current government nor the future can not seriously talk about the development of the Ukraine Prof. contract army.

So Makar, explanations similar tales of government on contract service can be a little: or Ukrainian authorities can not withdraw from the election, and was so carried away with the promise that by inertia continues to further distribute them, or the new year promises Ukrainians so much "good" that They will massively go to the army, but would not die of hunger …

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