Zaslantsevy gas?

I would like to put aside the words of the great Cato the Elder for the real monsters like Apple or Monsanto, but then unprecedented pressure, which now turns out to be unfortunate for Gazprom, the same demands to draw the wrath of the great man is not on them. What is most surprising, the attack on the glued Gazprom and state-controlled Russian companies with Sberbank in the forefront. As it has become fashionable in recent years, the attack is pushed over or pseudo-scientific theory or a direct emotional exaltation in the "democratic" media. Now the main battering ram Gazprom selected semi-mythical shale gas. So — "Ceterum censeo Carthaginem esse delendam!".

There is a good old anecdote: "For the past day the average temperature in the hospital has not changed." As you know, every joke is only a joke share, and the average temperature in the hospital — only thing constant in the space of symmetric solutions. If the situation is complicated, for example, the influenza epidemic, then this statistical parameter is a very interesting and revealing. And what we have sick world economy? That's right! Derivatives and IPO. Still, of course, the poor quality of education, and on many low that Harvard threw rebel flag. All the evil in some alchemic proportions and gave us the shale revolution.

First, 5 minutes spent with a search engine Yandex, reveal that this thing is not new, and as a famous armored train was standing on the siding. Ascends the case back to the era of the Napoleonic wars. 200 years on the siding? Already suspicious. The second thing that causes even greater suspicion, is to leave France, Romania and Bulgaria on the defensive. Third, it is likely through the GRU, so a change of tariff policy in the United States. There have traditionally measures the gas at the very objective scale. According allocated kilocalories of heat, but in the United States caused a slate tariff tectonic shift. Shale gas there decided to measure cubic meters. Accordingly, the question arises c low teplorodnymi characteristics of shale gas has caused such a decision? The fourth question is even more interesting and out of the third. How tiny by the standards of energy TNK oil shale companies have been able to change the established principles of calculation? Should not that decision the black hand of Nobel Peace Prize, the hope of all progressive mankind, the first black U.S. president Barack Obama Huseynovich? Well, or at least the almighty U.S. Department of Energy. Fifth question pops up by itself. If the rates are for shale so powerful force if hysteria in democratic media as intrusive, then is not the sister of Shale Revolution orange plague or Libyan democracy? Not limited to all end up in the saw cut dough, which in this case oznachat extortion discounts from Gazprom? To be honest the whole thing gives the first part of the Hollywood Monsters. With intimidated by Gazprom in the title role.

Here and there the most important question. What actually afraid of Gazprom? As it turns out byak and beech in the face of derivatives, IPO and other financial transgression. As all this is due to the fact the real warmth that is home to Europe's Gazprom? Actually, like all the nightmares of the mind through a dream.

It all began in Poland, which has decided to scare the first shale gas by Gazprom back in 2009 and, if not strange, got her a discount. Respectively, and its former colony (Ukraine) reached out to watch the former mother country, hoping for a miracle. And the rhetoric of a discount is more rigid than himself slate.

So after all, what are we so afraid of Gazprom? It is not strange that very high temperature in the hospital. The logic here is female, so hold on. If such a democratic country like Poland, has announced a tender for the production of shale gas, and such prominent and respected companies like ExxonMobil, Chevron, ConocoPhillips and co. a year later started exploring, then Gazprom will fall, sorry, the average temperature in the eyes of the democratic rating agencies today. Like how to change expectations. And let all these slates — only-only hysteria in the media, the capitalization of Gazprom can get a substantial impact, expressed in billions of concrete today. Markets fell dead from the smaller and drafts. Here you and good-bye bonuses for outstanding effective managers of Gazprom. Poland is easier to give her a discount. Let the dream of Polish shale and melted like smoke.

In a world where the capitalization of derivatives and other financial bubbles is 10 times more than the total product produced by mankind since the fair-haired Cro-Magnon man, then think about you, 10 times more important than what you are. Here's Gazprom and frightened drafts sitting on the world's largest stove.

So where does the average temperature in the hospital, you ask? It's very simple. More than 50% of corporate income (the average global hospital) accounts for the financial sector. All of these 9/10 world capital seek their material embodiment (which is not), and for financial success on 9/10 are important, not the actual physical production figures, but only positive expectations ecstatic media and market participants regarding your financial bubbles revolutionary technologies. This especially works well if you are on your side is playing the almighty U.S. Department of Energy (among other things they have nuclear weapons the United States and its own mini army), which is something to tweak in the figures and will give money for exploration. Then do not care what your profitability! If the IPO will block your momentum over the next 50 years. Here Ogogo on what bonuses will be enough! Against this background hydraulic fracturing on thousands of square kilometers? When a loot! Financial success is there, and pulled the jamb Shell, Exxon and Total, the natives in the Ukraine, Poland and China for shale IPO.

It turns out to be afraid of Gazprom and on, giving discounts every brave in the face of the Pug dwarf democracy? Or maybe fight back through their democratic media? Such as "Echo of Moscow"? I think in the "Echo" will not work at the radio station the sun rises in Washington. And if the sun rises in Washington, we need the moon! And luckily for us she came unexpectedly unexpectedly.

With a deafening crash failed IPO behalf of all the progressive and orange plague, revolutions pillars of network — Facebook. Against this background, the failure of the U.S. shale pioneer Chesapeake Energyi sale of the business of the American British Petroleum, Norway's Statoil Hydro and French Total looks are a symptom. His salvation Chesapeake Energy no longer sees in shale gas, and in the production of the good old oil. The share of gas in the assets of the company falling sharply. It looks like the era of romantic IPO came to an end, as once burst era of romanticism. COM. Great summer is over!

Unexpected breakthrough excess liquidity in the cost of shale gas is coming to an end. As with the entire epoch stunning IPO. Chesapeake Energy is happiness, it seems, had eaten, and Facebook did not get. Accordingly, Gazprom wants to stop looking for profits in the financial bubble of excess liquidity, focus on the real heat kilocalories of its gas and stigmatize the excess CO2 and nitrogen shale gas. Such a gas main pipe has not uploaded, will gold. So it should be near the consumer and show no sensitivity to the quality of the gas. As it is, in fact, been at home shale revolution Texas. As a consequence, there is the lowest unemployment rate in the United States. Do not slurp soup bast local governor.

Announce real kilocalories per cubic meter would be a strong move for Gazprom, another strong move would be the announcement of plans to build a water supply or water pockets of shale miracle of Ukraine and Poland. However, for the latter to a fair sense of humor.

In the U.S. the situation is even more interesting. There are several construction of marine terminals for the export of shale gas. Since contains too many impurities shale gas after liquefaction will just golden, it looks like will be exported conventional natural gas. Accordingly, in the U.S. it should be replaced with a slate of local wells. It already gives the wonders of the economy in the spirit of the Soviet Union. When delivered the goods for export of higher quality than the domestic market. On this side of the export of shale gas is already giving a slight desperation in the leadership ranks of the United States. Apparently wrappers Fed last phase of quantitative easing have not been as effective for the economy.

The lack of information about the chemical composition of shale gas on the overwhelming number of wells says it is extremely low quality. This is evidenced by the change in the tariff policy of the United States. Slates are almost everywhere, by and large, this is a common clay. As a consequence, ExxonMobil, Chevron, ConocoPhillips will find something and will produce. But that's what it'll do and how much it will cost at a time when IPO Facebook did not meet even the most modest expectations. Apparently 9/10 world capital was not to find out in reality. I think this is the main lesson of the failure of Facebook and shale bubble.

In general, as shown by this story, analysts Gazprom does not catch mice. Although there have been some attempts to resist, but cogent and coherent position capable to impress sitting on antidepressants stock market players failed. That, unfortunately, at the moment more important than any objective indicators. As a consequence of Gazprom under constant pressure and is forced to fear every shadow. It's time for businesses to turn towards academic research, so as not to wander like blind kittens, and lose billions. As the great helmsman — "Without a theory of us death!". For dessert, a good video with an expert on shale gas.

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