Zbigniew Brzezinski on the line

I have to admit, the American people are extremely ignorant. He has absolutely no idea of the outside world. In our public schools do not have such an item: World History. We teach children very patriotic American history. And in fact it is a glorified "Christmas" story, far from the complex and contradictory realities of the past. Take, for example, relationships with Native AmericansIndians. As it is a shame, but we must admit that the first ethnic cleansing "in the name of the Law" were held on American soil! Thousands of Indians were driven from their land under President Jackson … And take geography. We do not teach it! Approximately 52% of current U.S. college students can not show on the map where the New York City. 70% of enrollment in higher education institutions in 2003, the 2010s could not find Iraq — a country with which we were at war! One prospective students to identify some proposed large area shaded in blue on the map. So, 30% of them were able to determine that it was the Pacific Ocean … You smile. But it's not funny. Hence it is incredibly lightweight for a large number of Americans to foreign policy issues. Yes, and how the international issues presented in the public debate? Often, extremely light weight, only in black and white, with prevailing demagoguery …

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