15 stunning images of the skyscrapers of the future


«EVolo Magazine», the magazine of architecture and design with a futuristic slant, announced the winners of "The competition skyscrapers" of 2013, in which the architects invited to submit will look like skyscrapers of tomorrow. Hundreds of architects took part in the competition and presented a set of the most incredible and science fiction concepts of the buildings of the future. Imagine a skyscraper that soars on a giant balloon, a shield that protects from the heat of volcanoes, and plans to build cities in the meteorite craters.

Yes, this contest is more of a thought experiment, it is unlikely that any of these buildings ever to be built. But, like good sci-fi books, they give us ideas of the future, which are based on the technologies, which we already quite close.

Polar umbrella


This concept of the Arctic skyscraper received the highest marks in the competition «eVolo». Derek Pirozzi presented umbrella-like building, which functions as a research station where scientists can conduct research and work with an ice shelf in the Arctic.

Skyscraper Phobia


Second place in the tournament went to "skyscraper Phobia", is designed as a residential building for the suburbs of Paris. It is made from recycled materials and industrial manufacturing units, and according to the architects, due to the low value of the contents, you can leave the building and re-populate as needed.

Soaring skyscraper Light Park


In third place is this concept of the Beijing skyscraper, which is able to bring the parks and green plants in densely populated areas. A giant balloon will maintain its floating in the air. (Follow the concepts received special mention in the competition).



If you close to your home too noisy — just install one of these buildings. According to the architects, it is able to capture the vibration noise pollution and turn them into useful energy.



How would you build a skyscraper in space so that it will not topple to the ground? You can try the one offered by this project: to build a network on the planet associated skyscrapers, put them into the stratosphere, and let the earth's gravity to maintain it there. Contact with the surface they are not required.



These buildings will absorb and decompose various pollutants, turning them into the water and fertilizer.



This concept explores the idea of adding an additional layer of buildings "fabric", which you can then modify, stretch, and even connect with other skyscrapers. Sounds great, even though the idea of building their own "skin" looks a little creepy.

Skyscrapers on Mars


If we colonize Mars, we need to make it fit for habitation. And the idea of mobile buildings that are able to terraform the planet's surface, looks like one of the most interesting concepts about which we have heard. These buildings will extract minerals, and use them to produce greenhouse gases that will be able to warm the planet.

The power of volcanoes


We lose a monstrous amount of energy because it does not use its great natural source — the volcanoes. VulkanoElektrichesky Cover will protect certain areas of volcanic eruptions and absorb heat for use as energy.



Inspired by ordinary worm, this skyscraper is filled with soil and gets energy for its food (as well as other parts of the city supply) recycling garbage. Just like a real worm.

Post-apocalyptic skyscraper


The system skyscrapers «Zero» — a plan re-colonization of the planet after the apocalypse. Strategically placed self-sufficient towers will store the data, and to provide sufficient shelter, food and water for residues of humanity.

Drifting garbage skyscrapers


In the Pacific, now drifting giant pile of garbage. It's called — Pacific Garbage Patch. As planned by the architects, the building will be built robots that will convert garbage into cubes, and then combine them into one big building drifting. Then the building can be burned or sent into space, where it will burn during the back-entry.

Wooden skyscraper

The word "skyscraper" immediately brings to mind images of steel and concrete, but this building is made of wood. Comfort of a wooden house in the middle of a huge city.

Rain water purifiers


These buildings look like bouquets of flowers, right? This sufficiently true because, as the flowers, they capture rainwater, and then it is purified and discharged back.

Porous skyscraper


This project is the development of craters should help the Earth recover from large asteroid impacts. And, in fact, not only recover, but to use the craters formed from the fall to create in them as much as mini-cities.

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