17 squadrons of the U.S. Air Force stopped flying

"The U.S. Air Force will suspend flights 17 combat squadrons due to the reduction of the military budget, implying a reduction in the number of flight hours, according to Defense News.

From 1 March 2013 the U.S. Air Force budget for the current fiscal year (ending September 30), was reduced by 591 million dollars, which is why the military were forced to cut back on flight program at 44,000 hours. The remaining 241,496 flight hours will be divided between the squadrons of high alert.

The suspension of flights will take effect April 11, 2013, and for those aircraft that are currently abroad — immediately after their return to base. As part of squadrons whose flights will be suspended, listed fighter F-15C / D, F-22, F-15E and F-16C / D, attack aircraft A-10C, bombers, B-1B, B-2, B-52 aircraft Airborne Early Warning and Control E-3B/C/G, as well as several reconnaissance aircraft type RC-135. How much in total aircraft will not go up in the air, is not specified.

Even before the entry into force of the U.S. budget sequester the U.S. Air Force has stated that due to the reduction of military expenditure military will be forced to reduce the number of flight hours by at least 18 percent. As a result of the combat readiness of the Air Force will be "less than optimal level." According to the command, the military will need about half a year to eliminate the effects of reducing the number of flight hours.

March 1, 2013 U.S. President Barack Obama signed an order to reduce the state budget. The worst affected is the disposal of the Pentagon, which is to reduce military spending by $ 46 billion. Because of this reduction the U.S. military had already reduced number of defense programs and began reviewing some of the projects and the development of weapons technology. "


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