18 most concealing from the society of inventions



Perhaps the most notorious example of the invention are not allowed to move, the company is the EV1 "General Motors", which was dedicated to the documentary "Who Killed the Electric Car?".

EV1 was the world's first mass-produced electric car, which is 800 models in the late nineties, GM gave up for rent. The company turned EV1 line in 1999, referring to the fact that consumers are not satisfied limited cruising range, which provided the vehicle battery, making it unprofitable to continue production.

Many skeptics, however, believed that the GM EV1 buried under the pressure of the oil companies that have had to suffer the most, if super-efficient cars have won the market. GM tracked down and destroyed all EV1 to the last, taking care that the technology had died and was resurrected.

Death of the American rail

Net profit prosperous tram transport for 1921 amounted to $ 1 billion, that "General Motors" was equivalent to blood loss of 65 million dollars. In retaliation, GM bought and closed hundreds of independent tramway companies, thereby contributing to the growth of the market for their devouring gasoline buses and cars. Although in recent years in the cities is a growing movement to save public transport, it is unlikely we will see a return to their former glory trams.

Modest "cub"

The car driving through 99 miles on one gallon of fuel (equivalent to consumption of about 2.4 liters per 100 km ;) is the holy grail of the automotive industry. Although this technology is available for several years, automakers have deliberately kept her away from the U.S. market. In 2000, the "New York Times" reported on the little-known, at least for most, the fact: diesel "mad stool» Volkswagen Lupo made a trip around the world with an average fuel economy above 99 miles / gallon. "Cub" sold in Europe in 1998-2005., But automakers are not allowed to go to market, as they claimed, the Americans have no interest to small economical cars.

The free energy

Nikola Tesla was not only a source of inspiration for groups pyshnovolosyh metal of the eighties, but the genius of God. In 1899, he found a way to do without burning fossil fuel power plants and power lines, proving that using to generate electrical oscillations in the ionization of the upper atmosphere, can be put at the service of "free energy." JP Morgan financed the study Tesla, a few regret their "buy" when he realized that free energy for all will not bring the same benefits as, say, the presentation of people accounts for each watt consumed by them. Morgan then drove another nail in the coffin of free energy, dispersed the remaining investors to dream of Tesla's certainly dead.

Miracle cure for cancer

In 2001, Canadian Rick Simpson discovered that a cancerous spot on his skin disappeared within a few days of application of essential oil of hemp. Since then, Simpson and other people with incredible success healed thousands of cancer patients. Researchers in Spain have confirmed that the active component of cannabis tetrahydrocannabinol kills tumor cells in the brain of the test persons and also shows promise against cancers of the breast, pancreas and the liver. However, the Office of the Food and Drug Administration United States classifies marijuana to the list of drugs number 1, which means there is no experience of its use in medicine, in contrast to the number 2 of the list of drugs such as cocaine and methamphetamine, which in this respect can be useful. What a kayfolomstvo!

Vehicles on the water

As if that sounds ridiculous, cars on water fuel there. The most famous of these is the sand buggy Wall Meier, who reached the mark of 100 miles on one gallon and could find more common, do not stand in Meyer 57-year old victim of a suspicious brain aneurysm. Knowledgeable people have made strong statements that Meyer was poisoned after he refused to sell his patents or end of the study. Fearing a conspiracy, his partners had almost gone underground (or would be correct to say — the water?), And carried away his famous sandy dune buggy on water. One can only hope that eventually someone will come back with an amphibious vehicle.


What if you had a device that could see into the future and return to the past? And if for that you did not need the assistance of Christopher Lloyd (the actor who played the doctor from the trilogy "Back to the Future", approx.)? Italian priest Father Pellegrino Maria Ernetti in the sixties claimed to have invented what he called Hronovizorom — something that allowed him to witness the crucifixion of Christ.

The device supposedly made it possible for viewers to watch any event in the history of mankind through the settings on the residual vibrations that are saved as a result of taking any action. (His team of researchers and designers entered Enrico Fermi, who also worked on the first atomic bomb). On his deathbed, Fermi admitted that came up with the picture of ancient Greece and the death of Christ, but insisted that Hronovizor, who had already gone, still working. Not surprisingly, the proponents of conspiracy theories point to the Vatican as a possible owner of the original Hronovizora now.

Rife devices

American inventor Royal Rife cured in 1934, 14 "terminal" cancer patients and hundreds of cases of cancer in animals by giving its "light beam" on what he called the "cancer virus." So why is the beam Rife not run today? Published in 1986 the book Lines and John Barry Crane "Cancer treatment that worked: Fifty years of silence," returned the case Rife from oblivion. Written in a style typical of the conspiracy, the book gives the names, dates, places, and events, giving the appearance of authenticity mixture of historical documents and speculation that selectively woven into the web, too difficult to test, if it does not carry out an army of investigators with unlimited resources.

The authors state that Rife successfully demonstrated the healing power of his instrument in 1934, but "all the messages with a description of the method of treatment in major medical journals were censored chapter AMA (American Medical Association, approx.)". In 1953, the U.S. Senate special investigation concluded that Fishbein (head of the AMA, approx.) And AMA entered into an agreement with the Office for Quality Control of Food and Drug Administration in order to conceal the various alternative cancer treatment, contrary to the foregone conclusion AMA view according to which "radium, x-ray therapy and surgery are the only accepted methods of cancer treatment."

"Doilka" for cloud

In 1953, the harvest of blueberries in Maine threatened to drought, and some farmers have promised to pay Reich (Wilhelm Reich — Austrian-American psychologist, has put forward the idea of science is not adopted universal life energy — orgone; approx.), If he can arrange rain. It was reported that when Reich began the experiment at 10 am July 6, 1953, no precipitation in the forecast weather bureau in the next few days is not expected. July 24 newspaper Bangor Daily News wrote the following:

Dr. Reich and three assistants set up "rain causing" device on the shore of the Great Lakes. The device, which is a set of hollow tubes, suspended over a small cylinder attached thereto cable operations on the "evocation" of about an hour and ten minutes. According to a credible source of Ellsworth in the evening on July 6 and July 7 in the early morning in this city have been following climate change: "On Monday, after the 10:00 pm start intermittent rain, small at first, and then, at midnight, quiet and smooth. The rain continued throughout the night and the next morning in Ellsworth was recorded 0.24 inches of precipitation (6 mm approx.) ".

Puzzled witness process "call rain" said: "Once they started, the clouds began to form. They looked the most bizarre of all, the clouds had ever seen. " And later the same witness said that through the manipulation of the device scientists could change the direction of the wind.

Blueberry crop was saved, the farmers declared their satisfaction, and Reich received remuneration due.

Perpetual motion

The last century marked the birth of a number of perpetual motion machine that produced more energy than was required for their work. Ironically, they created more problems than they were worth for yourself. In almost all cases, presumably working prototype could not get to the stage of production for sale because of the multi-corporate and anti-government forces of technology. Recently, on the way to the final commercial version of the same success makes "electricity amplifier» Lutec 1000. Will consumers buy it in the near future, or it too will block oxygen?

Cold fusion

Billions of dollars have been spent on research in the field of energy production by controlled "hot fusion", which is the holding of a number of risky and unpredictable experimentation. Meanwhile, the "garage" marginal group of scientists and university researchers are chosen closer to what to put in the service of power "cold fusion", which is much more stable and manageable, but receives far less support from the government, and money funds.

In 1989, Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons announced that they had made the discovery and observed cold fusion in a glass jar on his bench. The fact that they have received the reaction was cool — is an understatement. The program "60 Minutes" on CBS spoke about how the subsequent retaliation by well-funded hot fusion community supporters sent researchers into scientific underground and abroad, where in a few years, their funding sources have dried up, forcing them to abandon their studies of clean energy.

Hot fusion

Cold fusion — not the only technology to be hunted testy scientific community. When two physicists who worked on the ten-year project in the hot fusion tokamak (toroidal chamber with magnetic coils; approx.) Los Alamos National Laboratory have stumbled by chance on a cheaper and safer method of obtaining energy from the collision of atoms, they are said to be forced to renounce their own discoveries under threat of dismissal — Laboratory scared of losing the flow of public money that went to the tokamak. In response, leading the researchers created a synthetic focal Society, which collects private money to fund their own research outside the scope of state intervention.

Magnetofunk and Himmelkompass

Nazi scientists boi `lshuyu part of the Second World War had buried at the military base somewhere in the Arctic as well, creating Magnetofunk (radiomagnit; approx.). It existed, according to some reports, the present invention has been designed to deflect the compass pointers Allied aircraft that might be looking for Item 103 — was the name of that base. Airline pilots would consider that flying in a straight line, but little by little it would cost item 103 in an arc, never suspecting that they were misled.

Himmelkompass (celestial compass app.) Allowed German navigators guided by the position of the sun, and not the magnetic field lines, so that they could look for item 103 in spite of the action Magnetofunk. If you believe the former SS officer Wilhelm Langigu, these two units were specially guarded secrets of Nazi Germany, but the real tragedy is that no one has thought of a band called Magnetofunk.

Cigarette low hazard?

In 1960. tobacco company Liggett & Myers has created a product called the XA, a cigarette which has been removed from the boi `most of the carcinogens. According to court records on the claim of the city and county of San Francisco to Phillip Morris, Inc., Director of the Liggett & Myers on Science Dr. James Mold announced that Phillip Morris threatened to "roll» L & M, if that will not adhere to industry accepted agreement on the inadmissibility disclosure of information about the harmful health effects of smoking.

Its advertising more "safe" alternative to it would harm recognized tobacco consumption. In the claim was rejected on formal grounds, and "Phillip Morris" has never addressed the subject of charges. Contrary to the published results of research of its own scientists, who have demonstrated reduction in the number of cancers in mice exposed to smoke from the XA, Liggett & Myers issued an official statement in which it rejected the evidence of cancer occurrence in humans due to the consumption of tobacco, and the XA never saw the light.


Transcutaneous device (percutaneous) electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) has been created to alleviate the pain impulses to the body without the use of drugs. In 1974, Johnson & Johnson bought StimTech, one of the first companies to sell this machine, TENS unit and put in a difficult position, having arranged his money starvation. StimTech went to court, accusing Johnson & Johnson of deliberately stifling TENS technology to ensure the sales of its flagship drug Tylenol (active ingredient — acetaminophen, approx.). At Johnson & Johnson argued that the device de, never confirmed stated targets, and that it is not profitable. Founders StimTech sued $ 170 million, although this decision was appealed and overturned on formal grounds. In this case, if a court finds that the corporation was mending TENS unit for obstructions, and has not been refuted.

Cartel "Phoebus"

In the 1924-1939 years. of Phillips, General Electric and Osram, as mentioned in the article published six years later in the magazine "Time", working in cahoots with the objective of controlling the fledgling even then the production of electric lamps. Alleged cartel set prices and squeezed competing technologies, with which it was possible to produce light with greater efficiency and service life. By the time the conspiracy had ceased to act as a predominant throughout Europe and North America, the source of artificial light have become firmly established industry standard for incandescent bulbs. Compact fluorescent lamps have begun to squeeze in the global lighting market no earlier than the end of the nineties.

Coral Castle

How did Ed Leedskalnin build the massive Coral Castle in Homestead, Florida, of the giant coral boulders weighing more than 30 tons each with no heavy equipment and foreign aid? Theories on this subject are many, including the use of anti-gravity devices, magnetic resonance imaging and alien technology, but the answer may forever remain unknown. Leedskalnin died in 1951, leaving behind no written plans or clues about their working methods.


The central element of the castle, which has now become open to visiting the museum are 9-ton entrance gate that once shifted the touch of a finger. Once in the eighties worn bearings gate, to ensure that their repair, the group of five people spent more than a week, although they did not manage to ensure that they worked in the same way without requiring the effort as the original masterpiece Leedskalnin .

Biofuel from hemp

Founder George Washington, which is rumored to words: "I can not lie" — was an ardent supporter of the hemp seed. Yeah, the only thing that is oppressed in this country more honest politicians — it's hemp, inappropriately identified with marijuana, and therefore the victim of an unjust slander.

Meanwhile, the government erected barriers do not allow hemp to become the leading crop in the production of ethanol, allowing you to grab this industry environmentally harmful sources of fuel such as corn. Despite the fact that hemp require fewer chemicals, water, and less expensive refining, it has not been spread. Experts also blame the (on anyone else?) Presidential candidates, in pursuit of voices striving to please the producers of corn from Iowa.

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