32 million people were displaced due to natural disasters in 2012

May 20, 2013. Various natural disasters have led to the fact that 32.4 million people have lost their place of residence and have been listed as refugees. About 98% of the total number of people evacuated from the usual places of residence in 2012, were made homeless due to weather or climate natural disasters.

The highest percentage of evacuees refers to the Indian and Nigerian floods (41% of the world). Monsoon rains in India affected the well-being of 6.9 million people, Nigeria's 6.1 million forced from their homes. If it were not for Hurricane Sandy, one could say that the weather is most affected countries in Africa and Asia. But now the United States entered the top-10 of newcomers with the increased statistics on environmental refugees.

The largest regional splash on evacuation in 2012 survived the Middle East and North Africa. There are 2.5 million people have become homeless due to floods and earthquakes (40% growth compared to 2011). Asia immediately follows the two regions (1.4 million refugees). The region in the south of the Sahara experienced 7.5% growth of the number of evacuees compared with 2011. In the Americas, the numbers rose by 3%. The leading country is still Colombia (4,9-5,5 million displaced people).

Practice shows that the post-disaster two thirds of the affected population are trying to place within the country. From the collected data it is clear that here there is a global growth rate of 20%.

Source: EcoWars.tv

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