6 years old girl eating car tires



Young American normal diet prefers cut car tires. Interesting taste preferences distinguished resident of Atlanta, Georgia (USA). Instead of the normal human food 19-year-old Allison for breakfast, lunch and dinner prefers eating car tires.

Unusual dependence appeared at her about six years ago. Since then, Allison each month eats more than 6 kg of tires. Get rid of this food addiction it does not work, and would not be desirable.

"I like the chemical taste. This is a real shock to the taste buds. AMAZING!" — Allison admitted that bites inedible material literally every day.

Eating tires is not just quench your hunger, but also gives enormous pleasure. Of course, the girl does not have to chew on the wheel entirely. For the comfort and safety of your own stomach Allison finely slice the rubber, and only then begins to eat it.

During the six years of his strange hobbies, in total, an American managed to eat so much rubber, which would be enough to produce 50 tires. "Rubber in texture reminds me of beef jerky. Chew it hard, a real workout for the jaws," — said rubber lovers.

It so happens that the taste preferences of Allison perfectly with the place of work of her fiancé — he works in the service station, so easy to please her friend, bringing her favorite treat. However, if there are difficulties, Allison is completely replace the tires of stationery or rubber toys for the animals.

Cases of unusual preferences in food recently found almost constantly. Among the main preferences of inedible food known hair cats, detergent, deodorant, ink stones.


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