80% of the graduates of the New York schools do not really know how to read and write

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According to the University of CUNY, the vast majority of applicants who have received a certificate of completion of the public high schools in New York, do not have the basic skills needed for school — HIGH SCHOOL even had to organize training courses!

Teachers CUNY, receiving graduates of city schools, in horror: 11,000 holders of a certificate of completion of secondary school, as shown, does not really know how to read fluently, more or less correctly write or solve basic math problems …

According to Sherry Mason (Sherry Mason), a teacher of the English language, which has to communicate with applicants, dealing with a bad high school graduates: "Sometimes they do not quite understand and just get lost. We have to conduct preparatory classes with them, working with them in small groups. "

Moreover, the administration of CUNY organized training courses, without which almost 80% of newly admitted students would not have the basic academic skills!

NYC Department of Education bravura has reported that the number of young people who have completed a public high school (or rather, high school), increased by 40% over the past 7 years. It is possible that such a beautiful statistic was achieved by reducing the elementary requirements for graduates — figures instead of the responsibility for the future of children.


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