A nuclear reactor in California closed

A nuclear reactor in California closed Danger Zone

The third reactor nuclear power plant, "San Onofre" in southern California, was closed in the evening January 31, 2012 after the probe identified a possible leak in one of the steam pipes.

The main supplier of electricity to Southern California SCE said that any threat to the population and the workers will not be leaked, because it does not fall into the atmosphere and is in the dome of the containment. While the causes of the accident are not known, but the repairs are under way.

NPP "San Onofre" in 78.21% owned by SCE, 20% — to another electricity provider San Diego Gas & Electric, and just 1.79% — the city of Riverside. The station is the largest source of electricity in southern California. Two compartments can develop 2200 megawatts of electricity, providing 1.4 million households at any given time.

SCE also announced that work on the second reactor was suspended for his planned refueling and conversion. Reserves enough power for all who need it, while a third reactor is closed due to leakage.

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