A powerful earthquake in Mexico

A powerful earthquake in Mexico Natural Disasters

Photo: After the first shock in the capital of Mexico, people ran in panic from buildings.

March 20, 2012 at 195 kilometers from the resort town of Acapulco on the Pacific coast of Mexico, an earthquake measuring 7.6. According to the Geological Surveying and Mapping U.S. epicenter of the earthquake was located at a depth of 17 kilometers 24 kilometers east of the city Ometepek.

Tremors were felt in the capital Mexico City, causing large fluctuations buildings. Mobile communications did not work, the work of the central airport, as well as the movement of public transport have been temporarily suspended. Hundreds of people were evacuated from office buildings. According to them, in Mexico City never had such a strong earthquake.

President Felipe Calderon, has encouraged his message in Twitter, that the serious destruction of information has been received. Mayor, Marcelo Ebrard, also gave evidence that when viewed from a helicopter he found no damage. The city of Oaxaca, where tremors were among the most powerful, remained unharmed.

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center said the threat of a tsunami was extensive, as aftershocks occurred in a remote location away from the sea, though the place could be observed by the unusual strength of excitement.

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