A total ban in the USA

On YouTube a great movie for 40 minutes about the modern United States. It is called "Absolutely everything is now banned in the U.S.?"

No, it's "illigal" in the U.S. only good point in the batter can be. "Every day I wake up in the U.S., and again something else is prohibited and can not be!" You will see in the film. Dude said cut down a tree on his site because it is not as it should be, otherwise it will be fined 2,000 dollars a day! Another dude told that he can not bring people in your house and deliver lectures to them, you need permission for the meeting if more than 3 people. The girls were told that they can not sell lemonade on the street, you need permission. Previously, you could sell lemonade on the street. Because, Government of, say, is worried about the quality of the goods sold to people.

Now girls can not sell lemonade to people. Americans are not aware of the changes in their country. Jew selling life lobsters imported from Honduras. No problem. But one day it broke platoon avtomatichikov and said that he had violated four of what that regulation, and the dude spent 6 years from start to finish and his family became bankrupt. Regulation were, like, it was necessary to import lobsters in containers, but it is imported into the polietlenovyh bags. Note that in the film are shown in the main case, when they were offended kriptoevrei. Another dude fined 37,000 dollars a day (!) For attempting to build a house on his land. People pay millions of dollars to only otmazatsya from the authorities!

In the U.S., you can not go out and "bomb" on his wheelbarrow — you upekut a long time in the slammer!

It's like you see in the film, "regulated areas of the business" — as a cab driver. Freelancing in America (take passengers on the street) is no longer private! Resolution "medallion on the hood" — the private carting in America is worth more than a million dollars! In NY — 1 million 300 dollars for the right to take passengers for the money! And if I have the money, then what for me to work as a driver? Whole sections of the American riot police with guns blazing aiming at the people attacking the vegetable stores and farms. In fact of the matter is that in the United States — is a form of communication with the people of the authorities. The authorities send for any occasion gunmen in body armor and helmets, and those conversations at once without muzzles poked in the face and put all to the wall — upper arms, legs wide. And it's not a foreign army in the occupied territory! It's, like, "the most free and democratic"! All this you will see the film.

The woman was thrown in jail for selling a pair of goat milk. In the film, you will see it. The Americans say they can no longer have what they want — the government decides. McDonald's — it can be; fresh milk — no. In America, you can no longer raise chickens and pigs for sale. If you started the chickens and pigs, for the scenery — while you still can have them, or eat them at night so that no one saw. But if you score a pig, and that the meat is spoiled, has decided to sell part of the market, then you fucked up — you have a specific criminal! The U.S. government is watching that, to different private owners did not try to, say, poison the people of poor-quality products.

In the U.S., the entire food production of small farmers, most states already have exhausted their entirety. Zauregulirovali them to the point that they cut his herd and go to work by taxi drivers. In the U.S., if you sell locally grown and you clogged chicken or pork even for a penny — have imprisoned! And the same buyer and banging! U.S. corporations do not tolerate competition from small producers of natural products. They throw them in jail. Corporations want to be sure that the gentile PEOPLE will eat only the sineteticheskie and GMO foods.

The film shows that you are in the United States can no longer take the police to the camera or fotokat them, but they have been arrested for "obstrakting gavernment administrative" — "Obstruction of the actions of the authorities." As a Jewish lawyer says Silvergeyt in this movie — There was a man, and the law put him in the U.S. — we'll find it! Dude in a personal coach stopped by the police and dragged it into okolotok simply because he was shooting at a police cell. The dude in the end came up sew "being PTFE coating cans of beer in the fridge personal coach!" He is interpreted as an open can of beer in a public place! Dude day spent in jail!

Even if you are not in the United States for what otshtrafovat or plant, they can arrest you just for a day (to determine). Baba was filming the actions of police on the street from his home. So they came and saw her arrested! Sew it fails, they then released her. But they do it every day then grazed and fined for, like, wrong parking. They are in the movie ruler measures the distance wheel of her car to the curb!

Look how many services in the United States have the right to arrest you! (Photo should increase when clicked)

Local same as Americans still believe in the American fuckers freedom and brutally paid! Dude hit from behind at a gas station a police car — was shot dead on the spot! The film is shown. In the film, says that

In the United States, including at night and made more than a hundred armed raids on the homes of citizens EVERY DAY! The search for drugs.

Ekskyuz can think of any, but the fact is — more than 100 armed vlamlivany in American homes riot police in the U.S. every day! And this country vparivayut us as a model of freedom and democracy? Even the Americans themselves ridiculous!

The only ones who believe in through the promotion of freedom and democracy in the United States — are foreigners!

At the end of the film about prostitution. What if some women are prostitutes by vocation and the other can not and do not want to do? In the U.S., as they say, "sex — not a crime, money — not a crime, but sex for money — it is a criminal offense." Slammer for a long time. Who are you in Russia, motherfucker, said that the U.S. sex for money is not a crime?

Expert film speaks Persian Ashkenazi Silvergeyt — Lauer-lawyer. He says that now the U.S. has so many laws and zakonchikov that nobody knows, even lawyers. Last year alone, the U.S. added new laws and regulations —


But for a lot of money, they can work and find loopholes. That's because many of the laws and they forbid something. Forbid — it's a win-win for the government lotoreya. But if you personally are solvent — you do! Goi tend not to pay. But sometimes the Jews fall. So this movie!



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