A tropical cyclone over the north-west Australia

A tropical cyclone over the north-west of Australia Weather and Climate

Tropical Cyclone Heidi approaches the north-west coast of Australia, bringing destructive winds and torrential rains. Near Port Headland and Karratha on the Pilbara coast of projected slides, a violation of ports and movement of ships, oil structures.

Australian government weather bureau reports that Heidi has reached the first power category. Gale recorded on the island with the mainland near Bede. The system moves to the south, and will remain in force until the middle of the day on 11 January, after which the power of the cyclone will decrease as you get closer to the coast, which has declared a storm warning from Sendfaera to Dampier. Expected wind speeds up to 100 km / h on the coast and rainfall of about 100 mm over the central and eastern Pilbara.

Morning of 11 January storm center was located over the Indian Ocean 185 km north of Port Headland, Western Australia. Heidi is moving south at a speed of 19 km / h According to the Joint Typhoon Warning Center, the wind speed increased to 65 km / h, the pressure at the center of about 996 mb. The surface temperature of the ocean 29-30 ° C. Tropical cyclone will maintain its direction for the next 48 hours. The maximum wave height is expected to be within three meters.

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