A woman is eating only potatoes, because hes afraid of other food



Woman ate more than 13,000 of potatoes in their skins, because she has a phobia with respect to almost all foods. 23-year-old Claire Jones is suffering from a panic attack at the thought of any other food.


As a result of this strange disease she does not eat almost anything, except potatoes, cheddar cheese and coleslaw. Very rarely it is trying to eat the bread, sausage or burger, but even a small change in her diet makes her feel bad, like the smell of cooking.

Claire blames her unusual poor diet of his childhood. She began to give up eating at the age of five, when broken leg. She was in the hospital, and my mother brought her a few times a jacket potato.

According to her, she never eats cake for his birthday, but my mom still keeps them to buy it. She constantly misses family dinners. Friends and family tried to persuade her to change her diet, but it still pulls to eat potatoes in their jackets.

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