Abundance of the heart

Feeling once again piercing pain after a sip of mineral water with ice, you clearly understand: so this can not continue! From sensitive teeth need to urgently get rid of. Dentist can help here, but a visit to it is not always necessary, you can often cope with hypersensitivity and independently.


Why teeth begin to react to hot and cold?

Soreness in contact teeth and products directly from the freezer or cooker arise because they exposed dentin layer — textile, which is composed of tooth inside. Dentin is permeated by thousands of microscopic tubules associated with the tooth nerve endings.

Normally, the tooth is covered with enamel and protected from external influences, but for various reasons the dentin may crop up. This occurs very frequently used solid food with age, as well as multiple thermal loads, such as use as a cream or too hot tea.

In addition, the increased sensitivity of the teeth can be caused by tooth decay and gum disease. The exact cause of sensitive teeth sets the dentist, but to assess how far gone is your problem, and you can own.


Stages of hypersensitivity

Evaluate what is causing the pain:

If, during eating or brushing your teeth you have experienced a sharp pain, apply a small amount of toothpaste Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief on the finger and gently rub it into the painful area for about a minute. The pain will pass.

For long-term preventive effect of the toothpaste must be used regularly, twice a day.

  • Cold and hot (First stage)

In this case, it's time to think about the visit to the dentist and prevention of tooth sensitivity.

  • Sweet and sour (Second stage)

At this stage, one can not do prevention, teeth have been treated.

  • Any solid food or brushing your teeth (Third stage)

At this stage, people instinctively try to touch as little as possible to the painful areas dental brush. The quality of oral care deteriorates, the bacteria that cause tooth decay and gum disease are activated and the teeth become more sensitive. We should not allow this!

Abundance of the heart

What is the reason for the effectiveness of the toothpaste?

Imagine that on a fresh wound squirted lemon juice, salt or got hot water. Knowing how much it hurts, you want to protect the damaged skin — tape the cut strip of adhesive tape to protect it from the environment.

Sensitive teeth also need to be protected from anything that irritates them — sour, salty, sweet, hot and cold. The whole question — how to do it, because the sensitive areas of the teeth are not glued with adhesive tape. And do not be!

Isolate from irritants do not need all the sensitive area at once, and each open dentin tubule separately. Thousands the dentine tubules, they are microscopic in size but they can zapechatatat using technology Pro-Argin toothpaste Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief, consisting of calcium carbonate and arginine amino acids. Toothpaste forms microscopic tubes that instantly seal the tubules, relieving pain.


Comment specialist

"I have for years been a problem tooth sensitivity, but have never met a more impressive result than the one that demonstrates the new tooth pasta, — Vice-President of dental research center of the manufacturer Colgate-Palmolive Dr. William De Visio — Unlike other toothpastes for sensitive teeth, based on the principle of having a depolarization, which makes the nerve of the tooth less sensitive to external stimuli, reducing pain, Only Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief uses a unique technology Pro-Argin, which seals the dentinal tubules and reduces sensitivity teeth immediately after application. From my professional point of view it is a real breakthrough. "


Now no longer have to be in constant expectation of piercing pain that plague most joyful moments of life. Finally, raising a glass of champagne for the happiness you feel only pleasure!

More of an instantaneous reduction of tooth sensitivity for a long time — the site www.colgatesensitive.ru


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