Abusers in police uniform

If resisting arrest is a crime, whether the right of a woman to resist sexual abuse by the police?

May 5, 2012 a young wife and mother of Burbank (Illinois) Magdalena Mol (Magdelena Mol) went to a nearby village called Dzhastays to meet up with his girlfriend. Shortly after midnight Mrs. Mole called a taxi and went to the crossroads, waiting for the car. A few minutes later, a passing police officer by the name of Kermen Skerdayn (Carmen Scardine) stopped in the middle of the street and ordered the pier to sit in his car.

Although Skerdayn demanded Mol produce documents and called the dispatcher to break through on the basis of her name, he never explained what had arrested her. Who had arrived a few minutes later the taxi driver, the police ordered to leave. Then he took to intimidate the girl to a vacant lot and raped her.

The next day, Mrs. Mole has filed a formal complaint, adopted by the Police Department Dzhastays. She pulled out a lawsuit against the police department and the administration Dzhastays village. But so far there are no reports that Skerdayn been charged with a crime or has been subjected to disciplinary action.

"As far as I know, he is still doing its job," — said the police department Dzhastays manager (who is also Seen in corruption) When on November 21 he was asked about the situation Kermena Skerdayna.

The facts described in the lawsuit Mrs. Like, no one disputed. Why her abuser is not prosecuted for sexual abuse? If Skerdayn brought to trial for the crime, he probably would have said that the victim had agreed to the sexual act — because she did not resist. Of course, if she resisted, then, most likely, would have been brought to trial for resisting arrest, or even — for assaulting a police officer with aggravating circumstances — provided that the victim would survive after attempts to police "subdue" it.
A resident of Pittsburgh Sarah Smith (Sarah Smith) has gone through the same thing as the Magdalena Mol. One morning, a few years ago, Smith got in a minor accident with a man on a motorcycle. Smith did not renew their insurance, and her driver's license had expired, so she was already in a state of panic when the officer arrived Pittsburgh Skveres Adam (Adam Skweres). Anxiety Smith turned into horror when police took her aside and suggested a close eye on its infringement, in exchange for sexual favors.

The officer Skveres Smith said that "can figure it out as if [accident] happened because of my mistakes, or he may prescribe a penalty for failure to comply with road signs," — said in an interview Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Price of a favorable verdict — sex and Skveres graciously promised that it will not be as bad as in prison. Such a deal!
On the other hand — Skveres warned her — if she put up a fight, she would be arrested for resisting arrest, put on handcuffs on her, and she will still be raped in the back of a patrol car. Before the police could carry out his threats, the situation has changed, and he agreed to let the frightened girl — but only after pointing his gun and warning that "if you say a word about it, I'll make sure you never could speak and breathe. "

Smith reported the incident to the Pittsburgh Police Bureau. Two other women also have filed lawsuits on similar threats (in one case, a woman was dragged into the proceedings relating to the custody of the child, and she could get a positive recommendation in exchange for oral sex). Predator in the form allowed to continue patrolling the streets — and receive a U.S. $ 57,000 annual salary — up to 17 February, when it was arrested for sexual assault on a girl in her house, six days before.
Attack victim was a girl whose friend was in prison. After asking the victim turn on the radio and open the tap in the kitchen to hide potentially incriminating noise Skveres explained the deal: he would "help" her friend in exchange for sex. Once he got frightened woman to serve him, he left.

Skveresa actions were predictable and unchanging. Last December, he paid a visit to Melissa Watkins (Melissa Watkins), whose friend was also sitting in jail. She was alone with her young daughter when a policeman appeared with his proposal.
"He locked my front door and the other, and said that" nobody can disturb us "," — said Watkins Post-Gazette. Undoing the zipper on the uniform pants Skveres offered the same deal: he "helps" Watkins friend in exchange for sexual favors. Watkins, despite the extreme fear, refused.
"A man with a badge and a gun standing in front of you and trying to make a proposal," — she said. — "You can not guess what it might turn out."

The four alleged victims witness Skveresa against a preliminary hearing last March. And then the fifth woman filed a suit against him. Despite refusal to declare that his accusers are lying, former police officer insists that he always carried out his duties "in good faith and honestly," and expresses its "total" innocence of the crimes of which he is accused of.
Voicing their concern for their fate, which is typical for civil servants, Skveres complained, that his arrest and prosecution, "turned my life upside down." Skveresa — Army reservist who served in Iraq, did not initially accepted into the police academy, as the psychologist decided that it is not suitable for police work. But after an appeal to the Civil Service Commission, it still took the police. Reports about his predatory behavior began to receive eighteen months after taking office.

Since 2008, the United States there are about 600000 police officers. If the rights of the former Seattle police chief Norm Stamper (Norm Stamper), at 30,000 of them are active sexual predators.
Sexual assault in the line of duty in the police "happen more often than people are willing to admit this business" — warns Stamper in his memoirs "Violation of the provisions: A senior police officer exposes the dark side of the American Police". "My conservative assumption — about 5% of U.S. police officers involved in the hunt for women. In the management level of Seattle — it's 63 police officers. In San Diego [where Stamper, began his police career] — 145. In New York City — 2000. The average patrol officer without any control occurs with 10-20 people per shift. If so, sooner or later the police will find you. Or your wife, daughter, sister, mother, partner, friend. "

A possible target for predatory police can become problematic even your teenage son. This grim fact is illustrated by the history of a former policeman Idaho Ruben Delgadillo (Ruben Delgadillo).
Shortly after Delgadillo Idaho Police Academy, "Governor's Task Force on Children's Risk" held a conference on the attacks on the children. In the conference included special training for school staff. Delgadillo, who was appointed clerk of the school district Caldwell, participated in several sessions of the conference, and probably made some detailed notes.

In 2008, Delgadillo has been appointed an officer in the high school Vellivu. As a member of the school board for expulsion from school, he worked with troubled newcomer Brennan Nicholson (Brennan Nicholson). After a hearing on an exception, Delgadillo met with Nicholson and his mother, and offered his services to the tutor for a teenager. This enabled him to put into practice the instructions on the weaknesses of a troubled teen.
Official attention has surrounded the boy. Eventually, he persuaded the boy to spend the night in the house where he lived with Delgadillo with their supervisor — Sgt Mike Larimer (Mike Larimer). During these nights Delgadillo repeatedly molested a teenager to. Larimer knew about the crimes, but never intervened. When the victim finally told what was going on, Delgadillo to argue that his actions took place by mutual consent, because the boy did not resist.

According to the lawsuit Nicholson, a teenager at first "Delgadillo did not complain for fear of retaliatory measures if he would oppose violence because Delgadillo and his roommate Larimer were" police "Delgadillo said … [Nicholson], that he has a connection with thugs to intimidate Brennan to keep quiet. "
Ultimately Delgadillo was almost sentenced to a term of 3 to 10 years for injury to a child. However, District Judge Thomas Ryan (Thomas Ryan) took legal action on the case in which Delgadillo was released from punishment on probation after serving one year in county jail Canyon. This decision was made, after Delgadillo tearfully spoke about the fears of his future in prison, as a former police officer and a child molester.

The most significant advantage that predators in uniform — not their physical size or even weapons — is their ability to prosecute the potential victim, even for a minor resistance. As recognized by the Assistant District Attorney Ottawa (Mich.) Gregory J. Babbitt (Gregory J. Babbitt) during oral presentation to the Supreme Court of the State of last October — most of the charges of "resisting and obstructing the duties of a police officer" put forward by police who commit sexual assaults on prisoners, if the victim has a natural resistance.
Babbitt represented the power of the State of Michigan in "The People vs. Moreno," which examined the question of whether a citizen of the legitimate right to resist the police when illegal search or seizure unreasonable. Supreme Court Justice Michael Cavanaugh (Michael Cavanaugh) Babbitt asked whether a woman prisoner, came into the fight against sexual harassment at the time of the search, to face charges of "resisting and obstructing the duties of a police officer."

"In practice, this can be done", — declared Babbitt, hastily saying that "as a prosecutor, I would not do that." He further said that instead of physically resist, and thus risk a criminal prosecution, the victim must simply endure violence, and then file a civil complaint after the fact.
If a woman, to which sexually assaulted a police officer, could face prosecution for resisting, that the "left of the Fourth Amendment?" — Babbitt said Cavanaugh.

Indifferent shrug, Babbitt said, "Well, life is not perfect." From his point of view, is simply unacceptable to ordinary citizens, "drawing conclusions — whether the police received correctly or not."
Like most members of the state punitive caste, Babbitt argues that there may be a situation in which a citizen would have the right to physically resist a police officer. "We can not have people … who have the right to make this decision in the heat of events," — he insists on it, even if it means — leaving women like Magdalena Mall and adolescents as Brennan Nicholson at the mercy of predators, sociopaths in the form of government.

This article originally appeared in the blog of William Grigg (William Grigg) Pro Libertate.

Source: Predators with Impunity, William Grigg, November 28, 2012.



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