Ahead of the rest

Everyone knows that the U.S. is the most democratic country in the world. And in many ways they are in first place. , Read the small list of achievements of democracy.

Thus, the United States first in the world:

The number of prisoners. While in prison, by a special decree allowed torture.

By the number of death sentences for juveniles (2/3).

By the number of serial killers. 74% of all known killers have on America, although it is home to only 5% of the population.

By the number of people who use drugs.

By the number of gays and lesbians, as well as a porn actor and porn actresses.

-Largest defense budget and the number of military campaigns after the second world war.

According to the number of weapons in the hands of the population.

At a cost of medical services.

According to the number of cardiovascular diseases, cancer and the number of number of diabetics.

By the number of errors nurses.

On violence against children. Over the past decade in the United States have died 4 times! More children than soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. In 78% of cases the cause of death: neglect of a child's life. Every day in the United States die from abuse of 5 children. 80% of them had reached the 5th instar.

On the streets of the United States live about 3,000,000 teenagers.

40,000,000 Americans from 9 to 12 years were subjected to sexual harassment.

950,000 school children are subjected to forced treatment tranquilizers to suppress excessive excitability.

Every 5 Americans mentally ill.

In the production of GMO products.

By the number of people suffering from obesity.

According to the number of energy consumption — 40% of all the world.

And it shows the world how to live! What can be learned at the country of criminals and perverts?


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