AIRSHOW CHINA 2012. SURPRISED WEST CHINA abundance of their own development — DEFENSE NEWS

AIRSHOW CHINA 2012. SURPRISED WEST CHINA abundance of their own development - DEFENSE NEWS

Concluded on Sunday the International air show Airshow China 2012 in Zhuhai, China showed a huge amount of their modern weapons development, writes Defense News November 19.
Those countries that in the 1960s or 1970s, took Chinese tanks, ships or aircraft, put his troops in front of the double danger enemy weapons which was better than the Chinese imitation of old Russian «junk.» But at the 9th Air Show (frequency of once every two years), this trend was significantly brokenfooted. Imitation of Russian aircraft, radars, missiles and other military equipment superseded Chinese products of the highest property. Naturally, a significant part of Chinese weapons and equipment is Russian or Ukrainian roots, but the Chinese engineers and manufacturers have learned to extract from their very best. Military-industrial revolution in China also achieved «age».
It was the largest, more organized and more peaceful parade of military equipment, which China held hitherto. Almost all of the seen can be attributed to the fact that the Chinese are experiencing a growing sense of pride that their country began to occupy the newest role in the geostrategic balance on the planet.
One South American analyst davneshny exhibitor, said that «never before have we beheld as a new instrument, the feeling that we were drinking water from a fire hose.» Since 2004, we see a tendency to accelerate the development of weapons not only for the PLA, and for export. China is trying to assume the role of a leading supplier of weapons to other states.
Black side
The exhibition attended by a delegation of the Sudan, which negotiated for the purchase of weapons. In the past 10 years, China has rapidly delivers an instrument in some African countries where human rights are violated in order to have access to their oil fields, ignoring the discontent of the world society.
Sudan has 20 fighter-attack aircraft Nanchang Q-5/A-5C (MiG-19) Fantan and 6 trainer aircraft Hongdu JL-8/K-8, and, as reported by, interested in purchasing 12 light fighter Chengdu FC-1 Xiaolong/JF-17 Thunder. Views on military analyst Richard Fisher (Richard Fisher), Chinese fighters become the country that can not afford for themselves or F-16 Gripen, and those who can, do not buy them. But many African countries agree to receive Chinese planes because they are cheaper and easier to operate. UBS Chinese K-8 has a success in these countries.
Flight part of the exhibition was a classic, medium-range bomber flew H-6, Z-8 helicopters and Z-9, AWACS aircraft Shaanxi KJ-200 and Y-8 fighters JF-17/FC-1 and Chengdu J-10 Vigorous Dragon. But there were some surprises. For the first time municipal AVIC Aircraft Corporation presented a poster model stealth fighter Shenyang J-31 Falcon Eagle.
The company introduced an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) Wing Loong, which from the outside looks like a South American MQ-9 Reaper. The device has four pylons for hanging tools. On static display were presented four new types of ammunition, which previously no one beheld: precision-guided bomb YZ-102A, SD-class «air-surface» semi-active laser homing VA-7, a small 50-pound UAB LS-6/50 and managed laser-guided bomb YZ-121 UAV to equip shock. In the local media was told that UAV Wing Loong available for purchase overseas customers for the amount of one million U.S. dollars for the car — a paltry pittance compared with the cost of MQ-9 Reaper (37 million dollars).
Videodemonstratore on China also showed CH-4 UAV development China Aerospace Science and Technology Corp. (CASC). The device has four suspension assembly tools (can carry guided bombs AR-1 laser guided), range 3,500 km, ceiling 8 miles, flight time 30 hours. Were seen and exotic models of promising UAV development AVIC, such as Platypus, Avant Courieri and Bateleur (more information was not available).
Created books «The Chinese Army Today» («The Chinese Army Today») Dennis Blasko (Dennis Blasko) said that just show models on display video, but it says nothing about the actual state of production. «Are these models in reality, they were sold to whom and how much? The Chinese do not respond to these questions, but what they show, it’s just a concept, not a reality, «says Blasco.
New engines and drones
November 14 ceremony at the company AVIC innovations in UAV (in the midst of competition experts) showed roller where futuristic percussion drone Blue Shark UCAV makes the attack on the Indian aircraft carrier Vikramaditya. Many participants of the competition were drones flying in near space, and loitering languid percussion UAVs.
Despite the advances in military aircraft, namely the construction of gliders combat aircraft and helicopters, China still depends on the Russian and Ukrainian aircraft engine production, says Russian military expert Vasily Kashin. His study of «Shooting Star: China’s military modernization in the 21st century,» released this year, is a comprehensive report on the state of Russian-Chinese military-technical relations and establishes the fact that their level is lowered. Last «piece of cooperation» remained aircraft engines, where the Chinese are experiencing some problems.
But there are signs of change in this area. Bureaucrats AVIC announced plans to develop and manufacture a turbofan engine to substitute Minshan turbofans Ukrainian AI-22K-25 company «Motor Sich», which are equipped with supersonic SS Hongdu L-15 Hunting Eagle. The aim is to achieve this programmki full independence of the Ukrainian manufacturers. Were also shown full-scale mock-ups or models Taihang turbofan engine and a new thrust in the class 9500 kg.
It was also announced plans to develop highly maneuverable unmanned target aircraft based UBS L-15 codenamed Blue Fox, although the PLA Air Force have hundreds of obsolete fighter J-6 and J-7, which can be converted into an air target.
New missiles and much more
In the midst of the biggest surprises of the exhibition was the emergence of new missiles. Most of them showed reincarnation SD in air combat missiles to destroy ground / sea targets and enemy radar.
SD SD-10A air combat with a range of 60 km AVIC development is one such example, becoming anti-radar missiles LD-10. The brochure was indicated that the missile can be accepted range of weapons fighter JF-17, which is the main export prototype of China’s military aviation industry. SD-10A is similar to the South American anti-aircraft missile Standard Missile company Raytheon. According to the views of Fisher, this missile is the newest version of SD PL-12 «air-air» long-range (over 140 km). On the basis of this missile can make China anti-satellite missile.
The number of companies involved in the development of precision munitions for Chinese combat aircraft, increased from 2-to 4. Companies North Industries (NORINCO) and South Industries joined in this area to AVIC Luoyang and China Aerospace Industries Co. Both companies — NORINCO and South Industries — offer modular ammunition, similar to the South American Raytheon AGM-154 Joint Stand-Off Weapon.
NORINCO ASD showed penetrating laser-guided Tiange-1000 weighing 1050 kg, similar to the South American GBU-28, weighing 2132 kg, capable of destroying highly secure underground facilities. The emergence of such tools shows frisky growth abilities of China, which throws a challenge to the U.S. and its Asian allies, forcing them to take additional measures to strengthen its own defenses.

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