Alex Stepanovich Hamsters of the West

Foreigners in his works, with good reason, humiliate Russia. "In Europe, began to talk and write about Russia. It is not surprising we have so much said and written about Europe, that Europeans, at least out of courtesy should engage Russia. Every Russian traveler, returning from abroad, asks his friends couch potatoes, "read that they have written about us, Lord so and so, so and so Marquis, such bookseller, Dr. so and so?" Homebody, of course, always says he does not read it. — "Sorry, sorry, very curious little book, How many new as smart as entries! Of course, there is also nonsense, much exaggerated, but how much truth! — A curious book. " Homebody asks curious about the content of the book, and is in fact, that the Lord we got off as a desire to decorate the Irish peasants, that the Marquis treats us like his ancestors with Wilen; bookseller that treats us worse than the writers with whom he buying manuscripts and the doctor we destroy the forest than their patients. And how all this nonsense, how much ignorance! What is the confusion between the words, and even what a shameless lie, what a blatant wickedness! One is forced to be born feeling of disappointment, inevitably ask, what the basis of this anger, we have earned it? Remember how togo-to we saved from certain death, as the other, the enslaved, we have raised and strengthened, as the third, beating, we are saved from the vengeance, and so we Annoyance is permissible, but the disappointment soon followed by another, the best feeling — sadly true and heartfelt. In our desire to live in human sympathy continually tells us a warm interest in the fate of our alien brethren, to her suffering, as well as to its success, its hopes, as well as to its glory. And on this sympathy and friendship to this aspiration, we will never find the answer: never words of love and brotherhood, is almost never a word of truth and fairness. Always one review — ridicule and insult; always one feeling — a mixture of fear with contempt. Not that people would be willing to man "[1, page 79].

Russia wakes up the worst feelings in the Europeans. "It's hard to explain the feeling in Western nations, who have developed at many seeds of good and pushed humanity as a reasonable path of enlightenment. Europe does not always display a sympathy even from the wild tribes, completely alien to her and untied her no ties of consanguinity or affinity. Of course this still expressed some sympathy with contempt, some kind of aristocratic pride of blood, or rather, skin, of course, European, ever talks about humanity, never quite reached up to the idea of man, but still at least occasionally expressed some sympathy and ability to love. It is strange that the Russian one has the privilege to awaken as if the worst sense of the European arrest. It seems we have the blood of Indo-European, as well as our neighbors to the west, and the skin of Indo-European (and the skin is known to be a great deal of importance, completely changing all the moral relations of men with each other), and the language of the Indo-European, so what! The cleanest and a little bit not Indian, but all the same we will not brothers neighbors "[1, page 80].

Hostility to us of other nations. "Ill-will towards us of other people apparently based on two reasons: on a deep consciousness of differences in the basis of all spiritual and social development of Russia and Western Europe and to the chagrin of involuntary before etoyu independent power that demanded and took all the rights of equality in the society of European nations. Deny us our rights, they can not: we are too strong for this, but also recognize our rights honored they also can not, because all education and every spirit, not quite yet imbued with the love of a man, have their pride and their exclusivity. So full of love and brotherhood, we can not expect, but we could and should expect respect. Unluckily, if the stories are true about the latest review of European literature, and that we have not purchased. We often visited by travelers, supplying information about the Russian Europe. Who will stay a month, who is three, who (although this is very rare) for almost a year, and anyone returning in a hurry and we appreciate verbally and in writing. Sometimes lived, maybe a year, and even a few years, and, of course, the words of the appraiser already enjoyed endless respect and power of attorney. And where he spent all this time? In all likelihood, in some close circle as much foreigners as himself. What did you see? Probably one any seaside town, and he says his sentence, as if he knew the length and breadth of our whole infinite, all of our diverse Rus "[1, page 80].

European writers do not know the Russian language. "To this we must add that almost none of these European writers do not even know the Russian language, not only national, but also literary, and therefore had no opportunity to assess the significance of contemporary phenomena as they appear in the eyes of the people, and then the it will be possible to plant, how pathetic, how insignificant would be the data on which to base these judgments, when really they are not based on other data, I apologize in part rashness foreign writers — it is on our own testimony about himself. Even before the foreigner will visit Russia, he recognizes her on our many travelers who are working so hard measures the big roads all over Europe for prosvscheniya equally with Russia in general and for their education in particular. Here are the first source of information about European Russia …… "[1, page 80].

Russian humility foreigners perceive negatively. "… It should be said in general that the Russian traveler, as a representative of a national humility, does not exclude himself. In this respect, it is a sharp contrast with the English explorer who invests his personal outrage pride in some people's pride holiness. Humility, of course, a sense of perfect: but the shame of humanity ought to admit that it inspires little respect, and that European, intending to go to Russia and talked to our travelers, stored at the slightest sense of awe to the country, which he intends to visit "[ 1, page 84].

Western nations have not known themselves. "For example, the greatest and unquestionably the first in all respects from the Western powers, England, is not comprehended until now had her, nor by foreign writers. Everywhere it is both the foundation of a conventional and a dead formalism dusheubiystvennoy a conflict of interests, some cold calculation, the subordination of intelligent design of current facts, and all this with a touch of folk and especially personal pride, slightly softened some virtues poluporochnymi . Indeed, such is England at its actual history, and its conventional institutions in its foreign policy, in all that she is proud and envious of what other nations. But such is not the inner England, full of life and spiritual strength, full of reason and love, not England majority in the election, but unanimity in a jury, not a wild England, covered castles barons, but the spiritual England that prevented the bishops of their homes: not England Pitt , Viberforsov, England, which has more tradition, poetry, the sanctity of family life, warmth and serdsa Dickens, youngest brother of our Gogol, and finally, an old merry England Shakespeare (merry old England). This is not England in many ways similar to the rest of the West, and it is not understood them or by the British. You will find it either in Yuma or in Gallamov or in Gizo, nor Dahlmann, no documented right and unbearably boring Lappenberge nor nravopisatelyah or in travelers. It is strong institutions, not his, but in spite of their institutions. The question is: what will prevail, vseubivayuschy formalism or surviving life-force, yet rich and capable, if not created, then make a new start development? In the example of England can see that the Western nations are not yet fully understood each other. Still less could they know themselves in their totality, for in spite of the difference of tribes, dialects and social forms, they all grew up on the same soil, and some of the principles. We started coming out of the other, we can learn and appreciate the convenient West and its history than himself, "[1, page 86].

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