Ambulance Maritime and disabled the Tambov region. got new cars

 Transfer of the first 13 cars "first aid" UAZ today, December 20, had been sent to health facilities Primorye. The remaining 27 cars will be given until the end of the week.
The first 13 cars get Arsenyev City Hospital, Dalnegorsky City Central Hospital, Dalnerechensky City Central Hospital, Lesozavodskaya City Central Hospital, Anuchinskaya Central Regional Hospital, Dalnerechensky Central Regional Hospital, Kavalerovsky central district hospital.


The remaining 27 cars "first aid" will go to health care Primorye until the end of the week.
It should be noted, on the basis of UAZ cars are ideal for use in off-road conditions, high throughput chassis of these cars will have no problem getting into hard to reach places for other vehicles in a timely manner and to provide medical assistance to the victims.
In addition, another 45 cars "first aid" Ford brand will go on until the end of the year Primorye. Cars of this brand have a functional medical facilities, it can be used to provide emergency medical care with the greatest efficiency.
   Last week the regional office of the Social Insurance Fund has once again performed the ceremony handing the keys to a new car people in the area injured at work. 


This event is held in Tambov is not the first time. Over the past ten years, more than two hundred residents of the area have become owners of new cars. Every person who put such benefits can decide for themselves on their own, that he is more needed — a car or cash compensation. This year, 18 people were entitled to benefits of the money or the car of choice: the three of them preferred cash compensation, five people have become owners of cars in the beginning of the year, and a further ten have personal vehicle last Thursday. Such incentives are put to people who have been seriously injured and manufacturing expertise have established restrictions on movement, and no contraindications to driving.
All the cars established a specialized issued individual equipment based on the physical characteristics of its owner. Persons with disabilities receive transport to personal property for seven years, during which he will stand out compensation for the current repairs and fuels and lubricants, as well as for the seven years he has every right to make a major overhaul of his "iron horse."
Ten lucky owners of new cars is not the first time get "preferential" vehicles. Seven years after they received the first vehicle has passed, and now it is time, in accordance with the contract to change the car. This year, the Social Insurance Fund handed over the keys to the beneficiaries of modern "Lada Grants."
In our time, the car has long ceased to be a luxury, but for the categories of people it is almost a necessity of life, allows you to save and mobility is an important help for the whole family. One of the recipients of the new car Petr Denisov, who lives in Kotovsk, shared his feelings:
— This is not the first car that I get with the support of the Social Insurance Fund. The first machine was "Oka", and now get a bigger car — "Lada". This is an extremely nice and actually, it's not so long ago, my family has also increased — third child was born. In a large family car sometimes plays a huge role.
In the Social Insurance Fund, in addition to this program, there are a number of activities designed to help and support people with severe work-related injuries. This rehabilitation activities from drug payment and sanatorium treatment and finishing software, if necessary, orthopedic products. In addition, this population relied monthly insurance payments. The total amount of funds, which is sent annually to support and assistance to victims of accidents at work, more than 165 million rubles. 



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