America has become a country of barbarism


In the United States released its annual report on morality in American society. The study, called «Civility in America: A Nationwide Survey» shows a sharp drop in the society and culture of the progressive moral degradation of a large part of the population. One of the authors of the studies seriously Pam Jenkins described the situation a "national epidemic."

According to the report, more than 70% of the population of the United States believe that the level of lack of culture in the country reached a record high. Eight out of ten respondents observed a direct relationship between the lack of culture and violence.

Over the past year, 50% of residents rastorgnuvshih relationship with someone you did it because of rudeness and ignorance of the latter.

The biggest shock caused intolerance, intemperance, jealousy, lack of tact, straightness, rudeness, indifference, sadism and a pronounced inability to build relationships.

These figures are fully supported by a number of studies on the degradation of the family. Because of the difficulty in understanding the relationship in most cases are collapsing after 2 — 3 weeks, and the number of individuals is increasing dramatically.

The gulf between the cultural and uncultured people in America increased as rapidly as between rich and poor.

Hardest to have a well educated girl with strong moral principles. They're more likely to live in accordance with the quote of Omar Khayyam "It is better to be alone than with just anyone."

26% of Americans are dropping out of the job for the past year did so because of the rudeness and lack of restraint colleagues.

These figures are alarming when you consider that finding a new job in a time of economic crisis, it is very difficult (unless, of course, do not count on a two-year unemployment benefits).

Most people quit their unhappy unhealthy psychological atmosphere in the team.

As for the level of culture in educational institutions, it also leaves a lot to be desired.

In 2012, one in five parents had to take the child from one school to transfer to another. The reason — the regular bullying by peers plus the omission of teachers, psychologists, social workers and security staff.

80% of the population of the United States believe that the cultural level of the average American will not be higher without specific action by the president and Congress.

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