American city seized millions of birds



For the inhabitants of the town of Hopkinsville in Kentucky's story fi thriller Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds" has become a reality.

Huge flocks of birds suddenly flooded the city, do not attack people, but have already managed to scare to death of animals, droppings pollute the landscape, and most of their stay in the city threatens residents of diseases, according to Reuters.

"When the birds rise into the sky, they block all the sunlight is. I think millions of them here," — shared his observations of local resident William Turner. Most likely, the birds decided to spend in the end of winter — due to climate change. "This year, the temperature here does not fall below freezing and the soil does not have time to be chilled, which leads to a comfortable existence of birds that feed on insects," — explained the representative of the regional representation of the environmental organization "National Audubon Society" David Chiles.

Hopkinsville residents, is home to only about 35,000 people, raised the alarm and contacted the company asking disinfection process their land and homes that are already white with droppings. Birds are also trying to scare off fireworks and air cannons, however, according to the townspeople of these devices do more harm to people than to birds. "My dog sound of the guns
scared to death. And these birds just jump from branch to branch, "- said a local judge Steve Tribble.

Birds pose a threat to humans. "Black birds are carriers of infection such as histoplasmosis, which can lead to lung damage," — said a veterinarian from the University of Murray Wade Northington. According to him, the risk of infected people with low immunity and having trouble breathing system. Infection, the cells are contained in the excrement of birds, can lead to death of dogs, which should be a warning to their owners. As pointed out by Northington, elements introduced into the soil with bird droppings may remain there for several years.

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