American students do not know how to relate to classmates from Russia after the terrorist attack in Boston


Matthew is studying in 11th class fee prestigious school in a suburb of Boston on September 1 last year. In the U.S., he was sent to parents in the dark, and not because of the fashion trend overseas. It was even more decision teenager. According to his father, who gave us permission to publish, as Matthew — minor — young petersburger want to understand American civilization through personal experience. In late spring it arrives in St. Petersburg and will take the exam without attending lectures.

Matthew: — Once there was a terrorist attack, all gathered at the school on the line. Teachers say that, no matter what nationality was not a criminal, you can not associate it with his compatriots. But after all channels have started to talk about the Chechen brothers, we are once again gathered at the line. Now teachers bewildered said they did not know how to treat this. We are from Russia — a few people here. I am Armenian, Chechen, two guys from Vladivostok. We do understand that they do not know now how to treat Russian. We are the same for all of them Russian. At the same time, teachers beware of children to draw conclusions, saying, think in the right direction, but do not let on. Do as heart prompts, but without bigotry.

Frankly, we carefully looked at before. But the administration of the school — not the Americans. We instigators here. Dan, a Chechen — wrestling champion, the others too strenuous. We do not fit in a little situation. But white Americans have not been challenged us. On the contrary, they represent our country fabulous way. Everyone knows the word "Moscow" and all. All information taken from the rollers in networks. Especially popular with them videos of accidents on the roads in Russia. They recently for three hours saw a video where the Urals tank on the street left. And when a meteorite fell in Chelyabinsk, it was a show — they talked for two weeks, coming up to us and asked whether all Russian as bold. Remember, there are locals filmed on phones and pinned meteorite? For them, we — the country of miracles.

Many people around us do not trust the official information — on hundreds of sites discussed and analyzed information to the police. Plotting is subjected to the examination of photographs allude to the fact that intelligence agencies have organized it. Sometimes it comes to ridiculous conspiracy. People have the same structure — sometime after the bombings in Moscow said the plot of the FSB, in Boston reminded of the CIA. Subject popular bases.

Sami Native Americans of my generation … even as I put it … quietly admire the fact that the "Russian" made … say — cool. It is difficult to answer. If the joke in Boston. But immigrants behave quite differently. There are a lot of children from Vietnam, Burma, Thailand. But most of all Chinese people. The Chinese kept apart. This immediately changed their attitude to the Russian — ceased to communicate at all. Recently, they announced that we had not spoken with them in Russian. While seriously so stated. We see fear that something we want to venture. But look for trouble are not ready. They know that they will receive.

Almost all classes except mathematics and biology, discussing the attack. Now go through the history of imperialism, and talk about what to do if terrorists attack the school, if the terrorists attack on America.

Teachers are different. There is great — but it is for those over 50 years old. History teaches us Finn. By the way, speaking in Russian class. He says that one should study the history of the world, not war. Otherwise, you will prepare for war. And he is afraid of my questions: how to ask something serious, so he at once — it's a history lesson, not discussion. Serious biologist, a mathematician. And in many subjects the situation is worse than in Pakistan. Then spread the term "hobby-teacher." Geography can teach basketball. Reads from the book and all. Talk about. He would have been out of high school in St. Petersburg kicked out.

Their freedom of opinion, too — as in Wonderland. In many product lines we are told that sex is necessary to be tolerated. It's called "sexual position." There's a guy. So it last year called a male name and is now officially referred to as a girl. And he, or she, — 15 years. Just before the event in Boston showed us on the line roller on the half-hour of gays and lesbians. Then he told everyone to stand up who support tolerance. The three of us got up. You can not say that we attacked, but then talked about what we did not understand the meaning and so on. We then joked with each other that we do not understand the political situation and the policy of the party.

In this case, girls can even go without panties, and see the lighter — a scandal.

At the same time, there are quirks are not tolerant. Near school — too private — it is Catholic. We know that there are several studies and Muslims, so they are forced to go to mass. They are not forced to believe, but you go down to the church, and then, please — Pray to your god on the mat. Can you imagine what would have written "Fontanka", if this had happened in St. Petersburg? The very same young people are not religious.

It is said that soon our school journalists will come to make a film about our school. So here the whole event is slated to have cut off from film cameras, so we were not told that superfluous. In this constantly talk about freedom of speech as a central value, and for which you can die. One girl wrote to a local newspaper about our school, including several proposals have been critical, since whole secret meeting arranged and all the awkward cut. And when someone is cut out from the world map their country as a rally staged by the fact that it is intolerant.

But Americans do not really lend themselves to censorship. When news rattled the "Magnitsky list" that many local Americans in class said that this is not true. Especially discussed Ramzan Kadyrov — said he was in the United States has never been, is not going, so why did he deny entry? They said that if and Russia should make your list. On the other hand, they have an idea about Chechnya TV — it's a garden city with mosques and beautiful streets. But the map will never be able to find it.

Of course, our school is wealthy — the children of those who belong to Obama contemptuously. They do not like him because of his tax policies. Their idol — McCain. But about skin color the president did not say. The rest of the youth — in other places. There's campuses in half to two thousand people, in which the Native American minority. There Tajiks, Daghestan, Vietnamese, Indians. Next quarter of Latinos — as in Hollywood films — from feet to neck in headscarves. Zaedesh — unfriendly atmosphere. Drugs are there in full. We buy drugs at school is unreal, and in other schools it is. Too trendy or something.

You know, we're here with a Chechen and Armenian became more Russian than at home, and more patriotic.

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