Americans went from cannibals


American scientists have presented evidence that the first English settlers in America in winter 1609-1610gg. practiced cannibalism. Mention of this previously met in the written sources, but the scientific evidence was obtained for the first time, reports BBC BBC.

Researchers at the National Museum of Natural History in Washington, analyzed the remains of 14-year-old girl, discovered last year during excavations on the site of Fort James (later Jamestown) in the state of Virginia, founded in 1607g. settlers from England. Age remains found is about 400 years old. On the skull and tibia showed signs of shock and nicks. "There is very clear evidence that the body was dismembered, and the meat removed from the bone," — said anthropologist Doug Owsley. It is not known how the girl died, but anthropologists argue that her body was dismembered soon after death. It is established that the girl was among the English settlers. Scientists note that apparently she was not the only victim of cannibals.

The so-called "famine" — one of the most tragic periods in the history of colonization. In winter 1609-1610gg. Fort James was besieged by Indian tribes. When the food ran out, the colonists ate horses, dogs and cats then later rats, mice and snakes. The siege of the fort and the famine lasted for almost six months. Of the 300 residents of Fort James hunger winter 1609-1610gg. experienced a total of 60 people.

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