An asteroid capable to arrange end of the world will fly past Earth

May 31, 2013. By the Earth approaching asteroid with a diameter almost three kilometers. If such a space boulder fell on the surface of the planet, it could cause the end of the world.

According to experts of NASA, the celestial body fly past at a distance of about six million kilometers. Space for such a distance is negligible, but for the Earth — are huge. For example, the Moon is 15 times closer than the asteroid that route, TV channel "Russia 24".

For astronomers heavenly fireball — a real gift. In observatories around the world, scientists are going to study it thoroughly. Evaluate will form the chemical composition and the trajectory.

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Night of the next "Armageddon": a double asteroid three miles rushes to Earth

May 31, 2013. Toward the Earth is flying a giant double asteroid 1998 QE2, forcing once again to recall the movie "Armageddon." Fortunately, no threat to humanity, he is not — the maximum distance at which a celestial body closer tonight to our planet, will be 5.8 million kilometers, according to the website NASA .

Asteroid 1998 QE2, the diameter of which is 2.7 kilometers away, along with the satellite diameter of 600 meters, will fly past Earth on the night of June 1, at 00:59 Moscow time. Despite the fact that the distance at which the asteroid will sweep from the earth, 15 times more of the lunar orbit, it is the closest approach to Earth in 200 years. According to scientists, about this time, he again fly near the planet passes NBC.

In this case, the asteroid will not be able to notice the ordinary people, even with binoculars. But astronomers, for whom such a dimensional celestial body is of great scientific interest, already armed with all necessary equipment. "We hope to get a photo in high resolution, to study in detail the features of its surface. At the time of closest approach we fix the exact size, shape, speed, "- said the astronomer Lance Benner. According to him, this will help NASA experts to find out the origin of the asteroid, and they will be able to use the data for further detection of other asteroids.

The name of the QE2 in 1998 was in honor of the year in which it was opened. Its astronomers recorded the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in August 1998.

The fact that the asteroid has a "moon", it was revealed a few days ago. "We did not expect it," — said Marina Brozovic, a researcher at Goldstone Observatory radio observatory in the United States that have managed to capture the satellite on the video.

Meanwhile, the researchers argue that any threat to Earth asteroid celestial body is not. "Fortunately, the objects of this size collide with the Earth once every four million years", — quotes Sky News Alan Fitzsimons of Research Center for Astrophysics at Queen's University in Belfast.


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