An asteroid the size of a meteorite Chelyabinsk flying near Earth

September 29, 2013. Celestial body about the size of Chelyabinsk meteorite was recorded on the night of September 29 near the Earth. It was held at a distance of about 11,000 kilometers from the surface of our planet, and according to studies, it was an asteroid.

Flown by an asteroid could detect with a special robotic system "Master", created at the Moscow State University. "It is for basic research in the field of celestial bodies, but to detect and objects, like Chelyabinsk meteorite," — said Professor astronomical department of Moscow State University Vladimir Lipunov. According to him, there is a need for a national system for tracking celestial bodies that represent a potential threat to the Earth. Especially with the recent precedent in Chelyabinsk. "Chelyabinsk meteorite fell somewhere in the swamp without hitting the town. And imagine what would have happened if he was in a nuclear power plant "- added Lipunov.

Source: Lead

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