Animal advocates PETA, which will be better to go naked than in furs, killed 1,600 cats and dogs per year

The organization "People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals» (PETA), fighting for the rights of animals by the most radical ways, could not provide a decent life animals that came to her in the care and preferred to get rid of them. Over the last year in the U.S. state of Virginia, where the organization is based, PETA slew more than 1,600 animals, according to the website of the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services of Virginia.

Statistics show that in 2012, PETA shelters were given 1,100 cats and 733 dogs. Of these, only two cats and three dogs found new owners, 130 animals have been sent to other shelters, and 1,647 animals (1,045 cats and 602 dogs) were euthanized. Status of the remaining 40 animals do not understand — they are placed in the category "miscellaneous".

The figures were prepared by a non-profit organization "Center for Consumer Freedom" (CCF), has repeatedly argued PETA, that the people may live the lifestyle that they like, reports The Daily Mail. According to the CCF since 1998 PETA killed about 30,000 animals.

«PETA is using double standards. On the one hand it wants freedom for the animals, and the other 89% killing animals, which must take care of. This is hypocrisy, "- said the representative of the CCF Justin Wilson. "It seems they are more concerned with self-PR, rather than taking care of pigs and rats. Virginia authorities is high time to rename the organization PETA, protecting the rights of animals in the slaughterhouse "- said Wilson.

PETA, however, do not agree with this interpretation of events and we are confident that the CCF only misinformed Americans. "We have no choice. The animals, which we put to sleep, there was no chance of finding a host. They were sick, old, aggressive or had any other problems, "- commented on the situation in PETA. There also noted that animals that were healthy zoozaschitniki sent to shelters, more popular among the locals to pets were more likely to be noticed.

PETA back in 2009, expressed the position that euthanize animals more humanely than leave him to his fate on the street or in a shelter to keep the sick, because sooner or later they will overflow and animals that have not been put in good hands, it is still have to do something with.

PETA is known for its unusual actions. In particular, in support of the star periodically exposed under the slogan "It's better to go naked than in furs." In the shooting at various times featured such stars as a basketball player Dennis Rodman, actress Kim Basinger and Pamela Anderson.

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