Announced the creation of a new family of SAM «Thor»

Announced the creation of a new family of SAM
In August, the International Air Show MAKS-2013 the company «Tactical Missiles» presented its latest development. At one of the panels was of model rockets and transport and launch container for her. At most there was a rocket-index RZV MD, on the container — 9M338K. Index marked on the transport and launch container reads that «Tactical Missiles» and GosMKB «Vympel» for the first time showed the latest missile air defense systems for the family, «Thor.» At present the exhibition shield information about ammunition, confirms this assumption. Yet, official data on missile accessories RZV-MD complex «Thor» was not.

Only two and a half months there was an official information about a brand new air defense missile system, which will use the ammo shown at the MAKS-2013. A few days back the Deputy Director General of Concern PVO «Almaz-Antey» for Scientific and Technological Development S. Druzin said to RIA Novosti on the work on a new project. «Tor-M2» is the continuation of the famous line of defense systems and is designed for air defense troops on the march and positions. The new project has taken several measures, will significantly increment potential aircraft missile systems. First noted increased range of target, also twice as large in comparison with the previous SAM family «Thor» ammunition.
In late October, Concern PVO «Almaz-Antey» held shooting, confirmed the properties of a new anti-aircraft missile system. By S. Drugina views, the results of these tests allow talk about the development of a unique class of its own anti-aircraft complex with cool features. During the tests, a new set of «Tor-M2» showed a unique accuracy when firing at a range that exceeds specified. So, while shooting 5 targets such as «Saman» three were destroyed by a direct hit by antiaircraft missiles. The remaining contingent targets were hit debris flow.

In the not to distant future, may be considered the ability of the configuration of the new combat techniques SAM. At the current time for the rocket launch combat vehicle should make a little stop at least 2-3 seconds. Recent tests have shown that in the long run complex «Tor-M2» is able to create trigger anti-aircraft missiles on the move. Studies of similar abilities can begin recently.

Work on anti-aircraft missile system «Tor-M2» with rocket 9M338K lasted a couple of years. In the Annual Report Concern PVO «Almaz-Antey» for 2008 were listed ending municipal tests «Tor-M2» with the 9M331 missile, also overarching preliminary tests of this complex with the latest missile 9M338K. In 2009, concern continued testing of new products, and in 2012, tests were conducted municipal anti-aircraft missile complex with 9K331M 9M338K. So Makar, the information available on the timing of the tests and the latest information about the complex «Tor-M2» allows you to speculate on its adoption of a soon also start serial production of missiles, combat vehicles and the latest model.

The currently available information on the modernized air defense missile systems and the latest rocket give the opportunity to present their general appearance. The development of the complex involved in metropolitan Research Electromechanical Institute (NIEMI), part of the design bureau «Almaz-Antey» them. AA Raspletin. 9M338K rocket developed GosMKB «Vympel». Mass production of combat vehicles complex «Tor-M2» is meant to deploy at the Izhevsk Electromechanical Plant «Dome», and will be engaged in assembling missiles enterprise employees «Avitek» (Kirov).

By its dimensions and weight rocket 9M338K hardly differs from past ammunition SAM family «Thor.» Anti-aircraft missile latest model comes in a transport-launch container (TPC) in length with a diameter of 2.94 meters and 0.24 meters Weight TPK with rocket — 163 kilograms. Solid rocket engine provides flight speed of 1000 m / s. Most defeats the purpose stated range at 16 km, maximum depth — 10 km. The missile uses radio command 9M338K guidance system.

Back in August, after first showing the layout of modern missiles appeared guesses about severe change in its assembly. The fact that the missile demonstrated RZV-MD, in contrast to previous ammunition for «Tor» has no rudders or wings in the bow of the hull. Yet, in the rear part are placed four and four wing motionless rotatable wheel. Also there are declines engines used at startup to turn the missile in the right direction. So makarom missile 9M338K represents at least a deep modernization of existing products, if not the latest development.

How to available information, the development of new anti-aircraft missile system has undergone tremendous changes propelled launcher. According to official figures, ammunition machines «Tor-M2» increased twice, ie fighting vehicle carries 16 missiles at once. Taking into account the fact that the dimensions of the WPK missiles newest model correspond to the sizes of old containers, you can read about changing the internal volume of the assembly war machine. In the anti-aircraft missile complexes family «Thor» TPK missiles for easy operation going into packets, each of which fit four container. So Makarov, «Tor-M2» is equipped with 4-packs and not with 2, as it was in the past a family of complexes.

Available information on the project of creating a new SAM missile with a promising 9M338K suggest that mass production of combat vehicles and ammunition may begin during the most recent time. Yet, official information about the planned timing of the start of production and delivery of new troops and missile complexes unavailable.

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