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Today, the ruling circles of the Russian Federation once again heard the word "liberal values" and even a "market value" strongly almost forgotten during the reign of Vladimir Putin, which, at least publicly, but in general his government was a government "Capitalist Ministers", said the priorities of statehood and patriotism, which led to an unprecedented rise in popularity of the President. Especially do not understand, at first glance, a turn of the Russian leadership, accompanied by the same frank return to the monetarist economic policy of the 90s. In this regard, again and again the question arises: what exactly is a "liberal values" and what are they?

Professor SG Kara-Murza writes in the magazine "Russian House": "In the West, liberal values emerged during the disastrous religious revolution, called the Reformation. What scale it was a disaster, it is seen from the fact that Germany has lost its course in two thirds of the population. Based on liberal values of social and philosophical doctrine, expounded the principles of "proper" social order and received the name of "liberalism", in the most complete form has developed in England, and in its purest form embodied in the United States, where it was less influence of traditions. There&#39;s liberal values can be argued on a clean site cleared of the local population. Russia since the Ivan the Terrible (Actually — much earlier, in fact — never — VK.) When the West is just flared Reformation to the present day was not a liberal state. Russia — a multi-ethnic civilization, the core of which is the Russian people with a very clear and highly developed understanding of the world and man, of good and evil <…> So, that&#39;s the main reason for the split, and the crisis in Russia: the ruling class is trying to rebuild the whole being under Russian with liberal values, and the vast majority of the population does not accept these values and continue to follow their own values, which have developed over many centuries <…> But for our destiny, in principle, it does not matter, break the foundations of Russia under the banner of liberalism or sincerely for the sake of stealing. The main thing is that there are no chances to successfully complete this "reform" is not. There was a history of the case that has successfully passed the reform, contrary to the core values of the people and changing the very core of its culture. "

In fact, the liberal reforms were not started a "sincere" and not "for the sake of stealing," even though someone had, of course, and such intentions. Their main goal — to destroy the Russian people as such, leaving from it mixed with other ethnic groups as part of a "educability." It is a conscious anthropological racism, in which talk of "civilization white race" — a cover of the oldest historical purposes quite different communities.

The very Anglo-Saxon liberalism arose largely due to the fact that since the XI century, the British Isles gradually settled by immigrants from the broken Kievan Rus Khazar Khanate, which accounted for a significant part of the British aristocracy. These groups under the guise of so-called "Enclosures" driven off the land and physically destroyed a significant part of the Anglo-Saxons, and then the Anglo-Saxons similarly destroyed the local population in North America.

If the "Gaidar&#39;s reforms" were the first act of the non-military operations "clearing the Russian space", today we are facing a new stage: the eviction of Russian cities under the pretext of "insolvency" — after several centuries of English "enclosure" progress. After eight years of the "Putin break", which in the beginning of recovery, many believe, including this writer, "the meeting continues."

SG Kara-Murza: "His commitment to the values of another culture and civilization of the reformers justified on the grounds that the alleged liberalism — the highest achievement of world culture, it is based on universal values and meets the" natural "human needs. And Russia, they say, shied away from the high road of civilization, and now she has to pay for his mistake and make up for lost time through painful reforms. "

The new "liberal war" will bring an even more dire consequences: Russia will be divided into multiple zones, reservations (via separatism and "regionalism"), and the major cities released from Russian population and inhabit the new "owners" — and not only and not so much with the Caucasus and Central Asia, will begin mass extinction, lawlessness and the "war of all against all" …

But to see it all, one must first understand what are in themselves "liberal values", what is their genesis?

One of the founders of modern liberalism Friedrich von Hayek wrote: "Liberalism is interested in the functioning of the government and especially the restriction of his power. Democracy is interested in the question, who directs the government. Liberalism requires the reduction of all power, including the power of the majority. " Paradoxically, this coincides with the idea of "withering away" of the state, expressed VI Lenin in 1917 ("The State and Revolution"), from which then resolutely refused IV Stalin In 1938, at the XVIII Congress of the CPSU (b), which essentially was a "counter-revolutionary white revolution", even under the red flag.

Why, in fact, a diminishing of the state proclaimed "value"? The concept of "values" do not forget, there is at least the transition from a traditional society to a "modern society". The traditional concept of the world does not know and can not know. Everything in it is, in fact, at the same time (or more precisely — the same sign, for both linear discrete time it does not know), is priceless and has no price at all. And above all, it concerns human life itself. Traditional man knows that it does not begin with a physical birth and maybe even conception (at least in the mind of God), and does not end with physical death, what is not for human fatality and absolute evil. Life is infinite and absolute. In Russian villages, and not only in the villages and in any Orthodox family until the early twentieth century, said, "God has given — God has taken." Give and take can be something that is not emerging from nothing, but only that have. Absolutely there is. Therefore, no question of the "right to life" — the foundation of all other liberal freedoms — not occur, and accordingly, there is no question of any other. "Liberal values" appear as diminishing faith in God the Giver of Life. "Right to Life" from Conception to death — the Catholics, and then — from Birth to death — in the already secularized after the French and American revolutions society. And then — "inalienable human rights" in the West receive additional justification in the "Christian personalism" associated with the understanding of man as the image and likeness of God, but it is impossible to determine the "person" in Greek, there is a mask actor (litsedeya), and certainly not has no relation to the image and likeness. All the other so-called "Inalienable rights of man and citizen"&#39;s principle of finiteness of human life (if it is finite, "take everything out of life" — the formula "bytoustroitelnoy Party", in the words of Ven. Seraphim of Sarov). In the future, the infinity of life the question of human rights violations can not occur at all — they are regarded as "redemption" of the sins and even beneficial sub speciae aeternitatis. In light of this, by the way, is considered soteriological meaning of the king&#39;s wrath and punishment in the letters of Tsar Ivan Vasilyevich the Terrible to Prince Andrew Kurbski.

Russia remained a traditional society almost to the end of the 80s of the twentieth century: the deviation of "St. Petersburg" and "Soviet" period is almost not affected by the "people&#39;s strata" and concerned only the aristocracy and the bourgeoisie — in the first case, the intelligentsia — in the second. But the translation of the Orthodox consciousness to unconsciousness the majority of the Russian people made it basically defenseless before the onset of a foreign and alien to the elements and lack of resistance has spawned the introduction of "liberal values": we "take your bare hands." In this case, there was providentially and Catholic-Protestant ground for compromise. As "the introduction of Christianity" was massive and almost instantaneous, so is "the introduction of liberalism." Though the latter, unlike the former, has led to massive and instant spiritual death of the people and the beginning of its physical extinction — as the mass. And the lack of Protestant traditions necessary for the emergence of capitalism, immediately threw absolutely disoriented Russian people into the arms of liberalism is not valid, and a parody of it, ie is a parody of a parody.

Accustomed to the "fatherly constraint &#39;(KN Leontiev), First imperial, then the Soviets, or the Russian people began to become an inveterate drunkard and "bomzhevat" or easily indulged in a completely new power is a worldwide phenomenon — neototalitarizma multinational companies, corporations and banks. Here is what one of the bloggers in the "draft", entitled "Neototalitarizm &#39;main threat which he sees not in the state, and in the activities of corporations," 21 provided to corporations wishing to take total control over the company, the new features: the system of surveillance of each member of the society, the ability to model the flow of information surrounding each person. But there is another effect that determines the type of HT. With a powerful mass illusion that is created neototalitarnymi corporations, their members will themselves immersed in the illusion. Therefore, this lack of "retrototalitarizma" as declared values mismatch lifestyle of the elite, will not. The main value neototalitarizma society will be the pattern match the "ideal citizen." Consequently, the recruitment of elite will be "ideal citizens" and the main task of the ruling circles will maintain a "proper society". If we consider the NT economy, the main products of production — is a means of control and prestige goods. With the means of control is clear. A prestige goods may be different: from religious objects to the spacecraft. "

On the "religious items" deserves mention. This is a "glamorous Christianity" and "glamorous Orthodoxy," and even, at times, "glamorous Old Believers." The fact that Victor Pelevin called "solid to solid Lord of masters." On a certain standard of religious behavior, from whose excluded not only the mystical region, but even the "inconvenient" for modern society of pure elements of the Christian tradition, such as the ban on sight or bank interest. In this case, declared allegiance to the "purity of ideas" and "the fight against heresies" (real or fictitious), which is defined as resistance to the living philosophical, political, or artistic ideas. It is possible that at the stage of "Islam glamor", "glamorous paganism" and even "glamorous Satanism." The "nowadays a sign of the evolution of society to NT-type is" a ban on the idea. " Many states now declare a ban on the discussion of certain topics. " In Europe and the United States is basically the theme of the Second World War, National Socialism, "holocaust" and the "Jewish question." We — "Stalinist repression" and especially the meaning of the events of 1937. And, oddly enough, the attention to dokarolingskoy history in Europe (also in the spirit of conscious idiotiziruemoy Dan Brown) And "dokievskomu period" of Russian history — from us. This is not mentioned in the "draft", what we are updated.

It is interesting in this case, the author emphasizes the "States with the vector of development for the NT-type: the USA, Russia, Germany and the UK." We believe, however, that "neototalitarizm" as well as classic totalitarianism, particularly the communist-leaning, is impossible "in one country" (USSR was a Russian-adjusted national communism) and will lead to the unification of these countries, which had already carried out "effective managers "for president or prime ministers of these countries (including Russia).

It concerns not about modernity and postmodernity on, and for Russia it is not even postmodern, and, by definition, AG Dugin, "Arheomodern" compound parody of a parody of the tradition with the modern (to a first approximation, "scoop" in the bad sense of the word, and utterly changed "orthodoxy" with polukapitalizmom bad taste and glamor.) This compound represents a kind of "anesthesia" for the killing remains a national and sovereign consciousness, anesthesia, under the influence of which will be produced dismemberment. As in his time "the choice of modernity" is not been generated "by the objective course of social relations" and the current "postrossiyskaya postsudba" is the result of free existential choice to limit corrupt elites and those who stand behind them.

The fact that today&#39;s society, called them a "public performance" is not the result of some objective processes, and is the result of a perfect Some forces selection wrote more Guy Debord"In its entirety spectacle is both the result and the content of the existing mode of production. It is not whatever was in addition to the real world, add to, or decoration. This is the cornerstone of real unreality of society. In all its forms, whether it is information or propaganda, advertising or direct entertainment consumption, the spectacle represents the dominant model in the community lifestyle. The performance — is widespread approval of choice, which is already was made in production, not to mention the subsequent consumption "(trans. Boleslaw Neman).

We would have gone further and Guy Debord would say — at least in the case of Russia — of the "society of anesthesia."

Thus, there is even a "non-existent religion" or "non-existent rule", and, in fact, one and the other controls the hidden criminal-religious community, non-naming. "IRREPARABLY inexplicable."

Is there any alternative to this state of affairs? We see it in the transition from the "Law Society" to the "public duty", religiously appropriate immortality of man, but also in the "advisers" (even if someone says, and "Soviet") state, only without the Marxism, and, according to Russian tradition, so that the "individual was above everything, even above the law." Therefore, the most appropriate Archetypal formula is the state we incurred during the Civil War as a slogan of some breakaway from the "white" and from the "red" military units, "the king and the Soviets, and the government is working (meaning without the" capitalist ministers ")," combining monarchical and democratic principles and restoring the archetype of "advisers", "Zemstvo cathedral" of the monarchy Moscow Russia XVI — first half of the seventeenth century., when it was all mortgaged, but nothing is done.

Who — "individuals" or "class" — may pave the way for a future state, we are not going to argue. Also the "destruction" is not subject to the classes, and the criminal community that control alienated history. If this happens, it is Russia that will initiate a reduction of the "neototalitarizma."

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