Anti-Russian propaganda in the Anglo-Saxon media


Once upon a time I had a chance to watch a German documentary about the Russian post-Soviet era. They love these movies and obviously have some kind of sadistic pleasure from the contemplation of our troubles, or are not spinning used them at least once a week on your TV. So, there described the territories that once belonged to the Japanese, and after the 2nd World departed the Soviet Union. Standing on a hill, a little man our shared with the Germans their memories, and those transferred. He said something like this: "Once upon a time on the hill was a Japanese village. When the Japanese left, it has rotted, and now it faces no trace. " The Germans moved it to the audience as follows: "Sometime in the area were Japanese village, but when it came RUSSIAN TROOPS, THEY AND VILLAGES DESTROYED, AND JAPANESE kicked out." This is a mistake of translation could not be.

Since then I have to look closely to all the reports and articles in the media about Russian Anglo-Saxon countries. Such examples are accumulated vast. Sometimes it is simply obvious, blatant disinformation, which aims — to support Russian negative image created during the Cold War. Here are a couple of examples:

In another documentary, this time about the plight of the oppressed peoples of Siberia and the people there told German journalists about the following: "Many people do not understand how you can live in such a cold, but I was born here, I love this land and do not go away from here" . Translation: "Yes, when the Russian came, they brought with them vodka, but when they go away (!), May leave and vodka." Obviously, the German journalists have not yet realized that in Germany, home to 5 million Russian speakers, who sometimes look at their programs.

Former SS man tells about how the Germans met in Ukraine: "Overall we have seen a happy crowd and people with flowers. Ukrainian women met our men with delight and free catered to us in the brothels. I think that after we left the Ukraine is a few tens of thousands of our children. "

A curious example of the anti-Russian propaganda on German TV (Hessen Fernseen) 22.09.03: 18.30 — report about the Russian mafia, 20:00 — report of mass rape of German women by Russian soldiers in the 2 World; 22:00 — a documentary about the same Russian crimes in more detail: "They raped 2 million people! Hitler was right to kill them! "Ends with the phrase eyewitness" These are not people are beasts. " Following the dock. film — news. In local elections in Bavaria won by CDU. The one that used to be created from a small fascist parties and was responsible for the rehabilitation of Nazi criminals after the war on American soil.

The program "Frontal 21". ZDF (Germany), 25.11.2003 The program tells about Kaliningrad. The basic idea: 

— without the help of the West, they would have long died out there; 

— people are happy to see new interesting boutiques and shudders, remembering the "gray Soviet times." In this interview with the people shows the opposite: people complain that after the communists all fell into disrepair. "After the communists' is ignored by the authors of the program," everything fell into decay, "emphasized.

— Youth is committed to exploring the German culture and all their free time in search of the graves of German soldiers, the old, the "previously undisclosed" German foundations of houses, dreaming of that "most western region of Russia will be the easternmost region of the West."

Russian from the region will gladly travel to Europe without enthusiasm travel to other regions of Russia (I wonder what it's Russian so rich?).

— around solid mafia.

— when the Germans were here, everything was good and beautiful. And in Russian — gray and dull, and even behind the barbed wire. In short, the idea is simple — Russian, give us our property.

In his book "Stupid White Men" (2001) Michael Moore writes that, they say, at the time Gorbachev took over the Soviet Union with completely destroyed the economy and the starving population, who could not even afford toilet paper. He says that the evil Soviet military took away all the money on rockets, and people lived in abject poverty, and even on the verge of revolt. He, of course, in America know better. And this book is, among other things, an international bestseller, forms the opinion of the people. (1)

"President Clinton signed the construction of the Museum" Victims of Communism ", which will be located near the Trade Center in Washington."

On the ideological struggle with us rushes and science. For example, in a very popular and entertaining Berlitz 'book "The Wonderful World of Languages" has a whole section about the Russian language. There he explains that, say, the word itself "Russian" is derived from the Old Norse, where it meant "rower". Rationale: Slavs and Vikings were caught using their slave labor on their ships. And so that no one had any doubts about it, he gives another proof of this hypothesis: the word is derived from the all-German slovyanin (+ Latin) word "slave." Well, who does not believe in this argument? He, however, neglects to mention that these explanations it — only a hypothesis, not the ultimate truth. Worse, the hypotheses of the sea. For example, one could say that in the territory of Kievan Rus' included the Ross River and Slavutich (now Dnieper). Unless the "Slavutich" discard suffixes, the leaves: "Glory." Let us remember that the Slavs are very revered river and may have believed their own parents (Mother Volga). All the same, I think, in this hypothesis is much more sense than the removal of our self-names from Old English. Berlitz further explains that, they say, is in Russian is a very dangerous word "peace." It is dangerous because it has the following meanings: 1. the absence of war 2. Village 3. universe. He does not even mention that the value of "village" had long since died out, but the mere fact of the existence of the word it is enough to say that the Russian subconsciously programmed to conquer the entire world, for building it his village. Well, if a scientist says, so why not to believe him? Especially, if it writes the American scholar. This book, by the way, is free, and not only in America … (2)

History, of course, they also have an incredibly distorted. By the object of their ideologues are treated with great seriousness, because what is learned in school, eats a human is much deeper than any book, casually read at your leisure. "History of Russia and the USSR in particular are presented in the form of a strikingly falsified. I could give hundreds of examples of this distortion, but from the reaction of one Canadian polka you understand its depth. She, on the occasion of D-Day (D-Day in Normandy) through the newspaper to thank the United States for the liberation of Poland during the Second World War. The general hostility against Russian is that many Russian immigrants ashamed to call themselves Russian. "(8) By the way, the distortion of history relate not only to Russia and are not unique to America, but throughout the West. In Canadian history books of the American Revolution of the late XVIII century, called the riot (riot), and American textbooks usually "miss" in their lyrics act of the U.S. invasion of the territory of Canada and Toronto during the capture of the so-called war against the British in 1812 (9)

"National Geographic". Actually, this magazine is necessary to engage all sorts of travel, but even there not do without the anti-Russian propaganda. This is a good example of how deeply Vielle advocacy in all areas of their lives. Descriptions of the articles I have translated from the catalog, published by the magazine to a full meeting of "National geographic", which was released on CD and DVD in early 2000. Let's see a brief description of the articles on the Soviet Union over the years:

"Lethal legacy: the pollution in the former Soviet Union": in the pursuit of economic self-sufficiency of the Soviet Empire left a nasty legacy of the dying forests, polluted rivers and children freaks all over the territory. August 1994. Pp. 70 — 99. (Would be better if they had written about the legacy of vile monsters children in Iraq, Vietnam and other countries that attacked the United States).

"Life is a monster — Chernobyl": a place where there was a worst nuclear disaster in the world, the two remaining reactors continue to supply electricity to the poor, and frightened Ukraine. August. 1994. Pp. 100 — 115.

"Ukraine", 50 million Ukrainians fighting for their language, their religion and their national identity … But they walk a razor's edge … May 1987. Pp. 595 — 631.

"Remembering the Gulag": from 1928 to 1953, Joseph Stalin sent millions of people in Soviet labor camps. March 1990. Pp. 48-49.

"The Last Days of the Gulag?" In March 1990. Pp. 40 — 47. (Yes, pozdnenko came from their point of view, the very last days of the gulag, as many as in 1990)

"Siberia: from the cold ': Siberians are protesting against predatory razvorovyvaniya Soviet Union riches of their native land! March 1990. Pp. 2-39.

"Mother Volga protected": The author finds that primitive life is unchanged in the islands during World War II. May. 1942. Pp. 793 — 811. (Well, of course, what else could be the life of the Russian barbarians?)

Very interesting description of Russian soldiers memoir a U.S. intelligence officer, Harry Rozitski, during the Second World War: "Mongoloid soldiers growth in 140-150 centimeters in sandals." According to this passage clearly shows that Americans used every means, even the grossest lies to demonize Russian. By the way, later that same Harry became head of the Administration of the USSR in the CIA. Yet another American, General John Patton, the famous hero of the war, told the U.S. public that the Russian — "degenerate race of Mongol barbarians," "sons of bitches, barbarians, and avid drinkers." (15)

During the celebration of the Day of Accord and Reconciliation, the main event for the American media has become a demonstration of the Communists. It was attended by at least 500 people exclusively elderly. To gloss over this fact CNN fielded its operators at the center of Okhotny. The demonstration was surrounded by a stream of people coming out of the three neighboring subway stations, as well as bystanders, which together created the illusion of a mass rally. At the same time, were completely ignored by the action on Tverskaya, who collected nearly 5,000 participants, and the action at the White House "in memory of those killed in October 1993, the defenders of Russian parliament"

It is interesting to observe the wording in the American media reports about the Chechens. Instead of the word "terrorist" is used "freedom fighter» (freedom fighter) or a rebel (rebel). A few hours after the capture of a group of spectators Baraeva musical "Nord-Ost", the parent site of Chechen militants became virtually unavailable. The reason for this rapid failure of the "chief information caliber" terrorists seem simple. Almost immediately after the start of the event, CNN — TV from around the world, began to supply all published material on its website about the Moscow tragedy TWO standing next link — by Russian Information Centre (the official online resource of the Government of the Russian Federation) and the site Noteworthy names of the links:

Russian Government: Official Information — Official information of the Russian government


Pro-rebel Website: — close to the rebels site


It is worth briefly detained, and deal with the meaning Rebel. In English, this is probably one of the softest and respectful signs of revolutionary parties. Irish separatists — Rebel, the soldiers of General Washington's army since the struggle for independence of the American colonies from England — also a Rebel. But supporters of Bin Laden — it's terrorists. See the difference?

If you do not believe me, you can check out for yourself. Just go to this collection of articles about CNN Bin Laden, to be sure — he was not a rebel, but a real terrorist. But Chechen militants continue to CNN the rebels. Get at least a note Theatre gunmen fire at escapers Not once, throughout the article, the author does not mention CNN militants that politically incorrect word "terrorist." «Anti-Terrorist forces», t.e.sily against terrorists are present in the material. But the terrorists themselves — there is none. And this despite the fact that this article is including the murder of hostages.

How can refer American journalists baraevkih killers? In various ways, but always gently:

— «Chechen gunmen» — armed Chechens

— Chechen guerrillas — Chechen guerrillas

— Chechen rebels — Chechen rebels

— And finally — Chechen dissidents — Chechen dissidents.

And never — murderers or terrorists.

And here is what the BBC about the "rebel Khattab»: «For the FSB, he was an« international terrorist … an ideologist and organiser of terrorist activity ».

For the Chechen rebels, this fighter from the Middle East may in time be remembered mainly for his skill in leading the guerrilla war against Moscow »- for intelligence, he was an international terrorist, ideologist and organizer of the terrorist movement.

Chechen rebels for this fighter from the Middle East will eventually become a symbol of the guerrilla war against Moscow. (Note the difference in the meaning of the words terrorist, rebel and gurrillas).

And the "freedom fighters" they generally associated with the anti-fascist rebels and other "absolute" heroes of the story. Here's how Americans imagine themselves freedom fighters. In this game, by the way, heroic Americans killed Russian invaders.

"When I was arrested by the so-called gasoline group, which included our former compatriots in all the newspapers broke the press release that the arrested Russian mafia. Although there were twelve of the arrested Jews and one Armenian. But the American press did not hesitate to call it a Russian mafia. The enemy is always needed. "

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