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In 2012 started the whole hysteria around the mysterious Mars. The red planet, its moons, the possibility of colonization, the rover Kyuriositi discuss work wherever possible.

From time to time, make very strong statements reputable organization. For example, the European Space Agency. Most recently, representatives of the organizations stated that Phobos, a mysterious Martian moon is artificial.


At least one-third of it is hollow, and the origin of the satellite is not natural, alien in nature. Astrophysicist Dr. Iosif Shklovsky Samuilovich first calculated the orbital motion of Phobos, the Martian satellite. He came to the inescapable conclusion that the Moon is artificial and hollow, in principle, a huge ship.

Russian astronomer, Dr. Hermann Struve month is calculated orbits of the two Martian moons with extreme accuracy in the early XX century. Having studied the report of the astronomer, Shklovsky realized over time — the orbital velocity and position of Phobos in space do not correspond mathematically predictions Struve. After a long study of tides, gravity, and magnetic forces, Shklovsky came to the firm conclusion that there is no natural causes that could explain the origin of the moon two odd or strange behavior, in particular, that shows Phobos.

Moon was artificial. Someone or something has created them. For decades, the majority of mainstream science breakthrough Shklovsky ignored until the ESA does not start to look closely to the strange little moon. There are several assumptions:

1. This giant spaceship could be built as a space station or space observatory.

2. This generated a ship that came from another star system and was placed in a parking orbit around Mars.

3. Moon was built in orbit of Mars interstellar travelers, but has not been completed.

4. It is a functional (or dysfunctional) giant planet — the killer, the spatial bomb may have left some of the conflicts in the interplanetary space for millions of years ago. Alien ship superbomb or unfinished project?

In addition, in 1998 a researcher Efrain Palermo on Phobos was open to "Monolith". He also helped independent researcher Len Fleming, when they were both trying to analyze a curious artifact, photographed telescope mounted on the Mars Surveyor, and found on the side of Phobos facing Mars. For obvious reasons, they started calling him "Monolith". The artifact is a big hill, like a pillar of the triangular cross-section.





And more. That is what is alarming. Someone or something persistently interferes explore this little Martian moon. July 12, 1988 the Soviet Union sent to Mars two automatic interplanetary station — "Phobos-1" and "Phobos-2". Each of them was equipped with a set of sophisticated devices and instruments: three television cameras, a spectrometer, flight control and guidance system, video and sound recordings. The total cost of both the AMC was 480 million dollars.

At first all went well, but on September 2 "Phobos-1" connection is not released. Attempts to re-establish contact failed. "Phobos-2" in March 1989, safely reached the intermediate orbit around Mars and the Earth managed to convey a series of data and photographs before the mission control center near Moscow Kaliningrad (now the city of Korolev) and lost contact with him.

There is evidence that the problem of "Phobos-2" was to study the strange objects and phenomena causing problems on the surface of its namesake — the nearest to Mars satellite. AMC had to maneuver around Phobos, within two months, sometimes coming down on him at a distance of 50 meters. And moreover, Mars moon reset planned two research module — for soil analysis, measurement of the magnetic field of the Earth and transmit to the surface satellite pictures.



At the conclusion of this part of the "Phobos-2" had to go back into orbit around Mars and continue his research. But this did not happen. First, the Martian orbit AMC gave images of the surface of the Red Planet, as well as data on the composition and properties of its atmosphere. Then, according to the program, 27 March 1989 "Phobos-2" broke radio contact with mission control center — at the time of rapprochement with Phobos. But when instructed to resume communication with the probe MCC was only a very faint, short signal, after which the "Phobos-2" silent forever.

Then the Soviet Union collapsed, and large-scale program "Phobos" was closed. For a time. Apparently, its importance was so great that in 1996 launched the third, is the Russian, the station "Mars-96". This mission was declared lost, too, even though it was made with the latest technologies and had a record-breaking weight of 6.8 tons.

January 15, 2012 ceased to exist launched into Earth orbit vehicle "Phobos-Grunt", designed to study Martian satellite Phobos and delivery of soil samples back to Earth with him. The price of failure — 5,000,000,000 rubles. Immediately after the accident, representatives of six GRU and the FSB had to sign a non-disclosure of the employees involved in the preparation and running of the mission "Phobos-Grunt". In January, 2 months after the start of the withdrawal occurred media and control codes interplanetary station. These measures are explained by investigation for the death of the spacecraft. But a competent source in the "Roskosmos" stated that in fact, "Phobos-Grunt" is now moving in the direction of Mars, "catastrophe" has become one of the biggest hoaxes in the history of space exploration.

In favor of this theory say a few facts:

1. Starting the engine "Phobos-Grunt" occurred over South America, where the spacecraft was hidden from the main terrestrial monitoring stations, both Russian and American and European.

2. After starting on November 9 "Phobos-Grunt" aired on Earth not clear signals that control center could not decipher.

3.Nesmotrya to the statement of the fall of the device "Phobos-Grunt" 15 January 2012, falling debris 13-ton station were recorded.

The amazing persistence in trying to study Phobos and the incredible string of failures suggest the strange thoughts. In particular, some experts said that the station "Mars-96" down came the mass memory, which supplied the Americans, and came suddenly and all at once — the main and back-up. So it is possible that the "Phobos-Grunt", declared dead, continuing its flight, and in early 2013 will reset the lander to the mysterious "Monolith".

Author's comment: some five years ago, I read vyshenabranny text of his own, would have thought about the mental state itself. All of these assumptions about the artificiality of the Phobos moon sounded a bit too fabulous, unreal. But what is interesting. Phobos really is far away from the Earth to thoroughly examine it and draw conclusions.

But right next to us is the Moon. True, our companion, always looking to land the one side, as if hiding from earthlings their secrets. Numerous lunar expedition Americans (do not believe in their reality still is) almost nothing useful to science is not brought. At NASA somehow always something lost: that someone stole the lunar soil, the photographs and film someone lit.

But astronomers have been able to figure out that the Moon also represents a huge skeleton covered with a layer of rigolita. Underneath this layer revealed vast cavity. So it's — base stations aliens relay satellites or huge spaceships parked on the orbit of the Earth and Mars for a specific purpose? That's the question!

Igor Nechaev


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