As a result of avalanches in Afghanistan previously killed 145 people

As a result of avalanches in Afghanistan previously killed 145 people Natural Disasters

No less than 145 people are presumed dead or missing after the March 4, 2012 a number of avalanches hit a remote village in north-eastern province of Badakshan in Afghanistan. March 11, 2012 the authorities announced that 56 died in the region shack.

Winter 2011/2012, Afghanistan is the most severe in the past 15 years, took the lives of many people, including 90 who died only in mountainous regions Badakshana. Rescue groups have not been able to get to places where the avalanche. In some of them you can only get from Tajikistan, but there is likely to roads inundated with snow, and the use of helicopters could lead to new avalanches.

Food Program and the U.S. Embassy assist the families of the victims in the form of food and medical products. The International Organization for Migration has sent 120 sets of winter clothing, blankets and shoes to help the survivors, while local organizations provide tents, plastic films, shovels and pickaxe.

In the week from 5 to 11 March 2012 in the village of VAR, numbering about 200 people, after several days of continuous snowfall, followed by a steep warming avalanche. According to the forecasts for the next week will be again snowfall that puts Badakshan region under even greater threat. According to the UN, the tragic fate of the VAR can not wait for other mountain villages in the near future. This spring, more than 15% of Afghanistan's population will be at high risk of flooding.

Despite help from the international community after the destruction of the Taliban, Afghanistan remains one of the poorest countries in the world, weakened by a decade of conflict.

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