As American parents do not compare, they believe that everything is in order


Reader comment on the article 80% of the graduates of the New York schools do not really know how to read and write

It is not surprised because she lived and worked as a teacher of English and Russian languages in colleges and schools of California in the United States for 21 years from 1988 to 2009 is now working in Russia. The problems in the U.S. are:

1. The complete absence of common educational standards for all schools and universities, in contrast to Russia, where standards are developed by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation. The investigation results of education in schools depends entirely on the enthusiasm of teachers. A good teacher — could be good results. Bad teacher — bad results.

2. Across-the fascination with preschool and school-age computer games has led to the fact that children do not read, are not interested in reading books, Literature as a subject in school is absent. For their children, I founded the school in 2002, in which they learned to 2009, as Cupertino (Cupertino), the capital of Silicon Valley, where we lived and where schools were considered the best in California, I was horrified by the level of education that is given in elementary school, where at the beginning of our children have gone: no system of teaching English. There was no line of notebooks, where children can learn prescriptions. Children scratching their scribbles on white clean sheets, bringing home a bunch of dirty scrawl sheets. In the school library was not worthy of children's books for children, but it was a lot of junk literature, such as the Gothic horror stories and the like. If you go to any major bookstore in the United States, such as «Barnes & Noble», — all the classics is on the far wall, some hard to find classics in general. On the first series of any sinsatsionnaya and tabloid trash. No, of course, the older generation of Americans to read and love to read, but with youth and children — a terrible situation.

As American parents do not compare, they believe that everything is all right, OK, that their son foresaw 10 hours a day playing computer games, buy game consoles, and the daughter is sitting 10 hours of social networks or also plays a female computer game. Nintendo has been very popular, Wii-now in every child's room in every home in the United States. I, as a teacher, with experience of teaching in schools and colleges in the United States for 21 years, I believe that the problem is that children in the United States, as a rule, do not know how to spend time with benefits for the soul and the mind. Reading classic literature or spiritual — is perhaps the feature of Russian families living in the U.S. who are struggling to save the U.S. Russian values.

BUT know for myself that the tendency to empty and nesoderzhatelnomu pastime in American society is so overwhelming, that the fight with the whole society is almost impossible. Absorb and corrupt, among other things, the media, which is constantly sucking banal stories of amorous adventures and drugs spree Hollywood stars, rape, tupeyshie sensational stories of American life, showing stupid TV shows with violence and banal stupidity of sexual relations.

The average American who watches television, unfortunately, is as stupid as the programs he watches. It is necessary to make extraordinary efforts to avoid contamination of the culture of consumption blunt. Everything in this article — a natural consequence of the lack of spirituality and focus on the spiritual and moral well-being of children in American society, which is of course beneficial ruling bankers. For them, the dumber than a nation, the less they want to know, the easier it is to manage them.

Elim Whaley

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