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I recommend one article which accidentally came across in the American segment of the Internet. An article from 2009, that does not detract from its relevance as a tool for the development of methods to spend a lot of money is not clear where.


So stunning examples of inefficiency, mismanagement and fraud against the budget money by U.S. officials (however, ordinary people from them is not far behind).

— Washington will spend $ 2.6 million to train Chinese prostitutes to more responsible drinking on the job

— GAO (Government Accountability Office) has classified nearly half of all purchases by the federal credit card (used for public procurement) as fraudulent. For example, at the expense of taxpayers paid for gambling, mortgages, liquor, lingerie, Xbox'y, jewelry, Internet dating and vacations in Hawaii. For example, employees of the postal service spent $ 13,500 on one dinner at Chris Steakhouse.

— Employees of Federal Agencies offend nearly 20 percent of the free (by the state) travel. It costs taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars a year.

— The Commission on Securities and Exchange Commission spent $ 3.9 million on the changes in the offices (including tables) in the headquarters of the Washington, DC area.

— Fraud in health care costs taxpayers more than $ 60 billion annually.

— Despite the huge budget deficit, it includes $ 200,000 for the program to remove tattoos in Mission Hills, California.

— Members of Congress have spent hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars on supplies in their offices with popcorn machines, plasma televisions, DVD-equipment, ionic air fresheners, camcorders, and facsimile.

— More than $ 13 billion for Iraq have been classified as wasted or stolen. More on the $ 7.8 billion was not reporting.

— Fraud-related costs for Hurricane Katrina is estimated to exceed $ 2 billion. In addition, debit cards provided to hurricane victims were used to pay for vacations in the Caribbean, and the tickets for the matches of National Football League (NFL), Champagne Dom Perignon, Porn «Girls Gone Wild» video, and at least one change operation sex.

— Auditors discovered that 900,000 of the 2.5 million recipients of emergency assistance after Hurricane Katrina made false names, addresses or Social Security numbers.

— Congress appropriated Alaska Airlines $ 500.000, to draw a chinook salmon (a local fish) on their Boeing 737

— The Ministry of Agriculture in its report acknowledges that most of the $ 2.5 billion aimed at "stimulating" the financing of broadband Internet will be wasted

— Only in the last 18-month period, personnel of the Air Force and the Navy when using government-funded credit cards spent at least $ 102,400 to entertainment events, $ 48,250 on gambling, $ 69,300 for cruises, and $ 73,950 for exotic dance Clubs and prostitutes

— Congress ignored the recommendation of the Ministry of Health and Social Services, to improve efficiency, which might allow to save $ 9 billion a year

— Taxpayers have financed the purchase of paintings at the cost of up to $ 50,000 apiece senior government officials

— Congress appropriated $ 20 million to "celebrate success" in the celebrations related to Iraq and Afghanistan

— Two errors in the preparation of the 2005 Law on the reduction of the budget deficit led to $ 2 billion in additional costs taxpayers.

— Audits revealed that contracts for $ 34 billion Department of Homeland Security appeared significant waste, fraud and abuse.

— Washington has allocated $ 1.8 million to help build a private golf course in Atlanta, Georgia.

— According to the program reserve areas (The Conservation Reserve program) farmers receive $ 2 billion a year for something that does not cultivate their land (by the way, it can be even useful.) Source

With the rest of the original thirty ways of development money, you can see link — there are all primary sources of information.
I apologize in advance for any errors in translation, unfortunately my English is far from perfect.

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