Asteroid Lutetia was a relative of the Earth

Asteroid Lutetia was a relative of the Earth Facts

In the study of asteroid Lutetia was that it is formed from the same materials that the Earth, Venus and Mars. This is the conclusion reached by scientists complete analysis of data from the interplanetary probe Rosetta, telescopes of the European Southern Observatory and NASA. Spectral analysis showed that Lu can be compared only with one type of meteorites found on Earth — enstatite chondrites.

Mystery is the question of how Lu was able to leave the inner solar system and reach the main-belt asteroids. Scientists estimate that less than 2% of the body, located in the solar system during the formation of the Earth and having a diameter of 100 kilometers, was thrown to the main asteroid belt. The majority of the bodies involved in the formation of new terrestrial planets in the next few million years.

Studying the properties of Lu showed that the asteroid has a rare unique nature that is inherent in less than 1% on the asteroid main belt. Lutetia is the largest remnant of the ancient material of which is a strong terrestrial planets.

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