Australia has formed an "internal sea"

Australia has formed an "internal sea" Natural disasters

Eastern Australian coast is still suffering from the floods. Around 7275 people can not get timely help in heavily flooded New South Wales. The prime minister said Barry O'Farella manned by their region from a helicopter looks like a great inland sea.

In the city of Morea, where more than 600 people were affected by the flood and Gvidir Megi, the evacuation of residents. Some homes and other buildings were completely under water, the streets of the city, which is more reminiscent of Venice, looking like water channels. The same situation in Roma, Queensland.

In Mitchell, Queensland, the water comes from the river cut off from the Maranoa Transport evacuation center. As a result, for the 130 refugees sheltering there had to look for a new camp, as well as for the local hospital, and five schools. Now the water is close to the 10-meter mark, well above the record flood levels early 19th century.

Specialists report that water in some rivers (Megi) has reached a peak, but the situation will not change for a few days, which will only aggravate the situation of residents of this part of Australia.

Authorities in the rescue operation involved 18 helicopters, as soon as they can get into flooded areas and to save people who, fortunately, patiently waiting for help and do not rush yourself to take action.

The current flood occurred almost a year after the massive water cataclysm in the same region. Then in Queensland and New South Wales were flooded mines, fields and entire villages and Brisbane almost turned into a lake.

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