Baiting the U.S. secret services of John Lennon (excerpt from the book Anatomy of a CIA crimes against the youth)

John gives an autograph killer for a few hours before his death.  Lennon's last photo

John gives an autograph killer for a few hours before his death. Lennon's last photo

"Under the hood" CIA

The FBI, which led extensive surveillance of Lennon from the date of his arrival in New York, working closely with the New York-based group of CIA officers involved in the illicit interception of correspondence "suspicious" foreigners. Letters addressed to John as his own agents were opened, photographed, and copies of them were transferred to the FBI to supplement the dossier. Name of progressive musicians featured in all of secret lists that the CIA regularly sent Pick-up group for people because of the Langley man who took an active part in the anti-war movement, has publicly denounced the aggression in Vietnam, is a "special interest". He was suspected in connection with the "foreign communists, funding the protest movement in the United States." That's why Lennon was the victim of "Operation Chaos."

The result of the operation: 13.000 dossier has been compiled to store information on 300,000 people. They opened up the dossier (another!) And D.Lennona. Later, in April 1976, in an interview with U.S. magazine "Crime" the musician says, "I know that my phone was tapped and I was followed, I noticed the shadowing in 1973. I talked about it, but I do not believe, "Oh, these are lennonovskie stuff!" Well, try it all prove … However, they had something to track down — at that time I often met with Jerry Rubin and his guys. " Rubin was one of the leaders of the anti-war movement.

One wrong Lennon — close eye on him at that time for three years, and was an informer among other Elvis Presley — "the King of Rock and Roll", stupefied by drugs and mortally afraid of competition.

John Lennon was "under the hood" by the CIA. Dossier on the artist was marked by special index and entered in the electronic memory of the central computer. There also was introduced each new "sin" John. For example, the lyrics of his double album "For a short time in New York."

After the release of this disc tabloids, and hit the solid edition of its creators — Lennon and Yoko Ono. They wrote that the album — a sort of musical diary, which "stunned provincials", barely hitting the big city, hastened to fix what he saw and heard … Editions, more experienced in political intrigue, suddenly greeted by two previous albums, John.

"These records really made an impression, because John was singing about personal, experiences — for example, a mother who loved and lost. A CD "After a short time …" like a piece of propaganda — that no song, a slogan that no line — that appeal, reminiscent of the title in any of the liberal newspaper. It is unlikely that such a record is worthy of great talent D.Lennona. We always thought he was an intellectual, who cares about the fate of creative people. They can now be suspicious of a man, I gave the supreme freedom of spirit to some low-lying categories … "

But critical opinion was not for the wealthy elite, living in Greenwich Village, where they lived with his wife in September 1971 Lennon. From your songs sounded worried ordinary people. And its popularity among young people has grown with each passing day …

From FBI headquarters received an order — by all means to discredit Lennon. The plan was simple. "Convict the singer in addiction … and hide behind the bars" — literally stated in a secret FBI document … If the "action" fail, to "arrest him for any violation of public order and deported."

Provocation staged, but not in the U.S., and the "respectable old England." In 1971, when Lennon already settled in New York, he and Yoko briefly returned to England to finally solve their financial affairs with the company "Apple". By morning the house of John raided twenty people with dogs scoured everything upside down. Particularly zealous sergeant, who led the 'operation'. It was he who "found" marijuana, but did not show where. As it turned out, the drug brought a sergeant, and two years later he himself was arrested for spreading poison. But Lennon still prosecuted, although could not prove anything.

Back in the U.S., Lennon was in the situation of a person deprived of his right to leave the country and at the same time made it impossible to obtain a permanent residence permit. If he crossed the border, he was not allowed to return, but once a year, John said that in the next 30 days, he would have to leave the States. This went on for about six years. The official excuse — "prosecuted for possession of drugs." Lennon did not yield to provocations made it. But … "I try to treat the situation with humor and stay calm, but inwardly I am still very tense, and if it were not for Yoko, not her honesty and loyalty, I would be broke," — he said in March 1975, the English weekly " New Musical Express. "

Still, the main thing that determined this period — bright songs, infuriating detention "of American democracy." For example, such as "Angela" — an ode dedicated to Angela Davis, "Attica State" — about the sinking of the uprising in the blood of political prisoners in prison, "Attica" in the state of New York, "Sisters, O Sisters" and "Born in Prison" — lack of rights of ordinary people of America, "Bloody Sunday" and "Happiness Irishman" — the tragedy of the Catholic minority of Northern Ireland …

John … was going to go to Miami, Florida, where the ruling Republican Party wanted to have a national convention — on the eve of the presidential election of 1972. Personally Richard Nixon expressed concern then … Secret telegram was sent from the department to Pesilvaniya Avenue: to provoke an "incident", and if possible to "remove" Lennon — allegedly "while resisting." Then he accidentally escaped the tragic fate — was busy and could not come to Miami.

When the disc went on sale, "a short time …", the political secret police panicked: overlooked. Colleagues at the CIA were outraged — not miss this chance! And so they decided to use "strategic measure" in his own way. It remained to find a performer. They became the Mark David Chapman.


Everyone knew … Make a devout fan of "The Beatles", who could spend hours listening to recordings of the ensemble. Chapman's room was papered with posters of idols. In imitation of them he grew his hair long and invariably dressed a la "The Beatles." All in a row, Mark said that John Lennon — "the greatest and unique" and that he is in every detail would be like executor. Chapman bought a guitar and began performing in the school band, but did not have the ability, trying to sing, "Lennon" and even secretly dreamed of marrying a Japanese woman — "John." The fact that Lennon played for the world — such "details" Chapman was not interested. He worshiped not progressive ideas, and the idol, idol.

When "The Beatles" broke up in 1970, Chapman was 15 years old.

A year later, Mark disappeared from Atlanta. He was secretly sent to a particular religious center in California.

A few months later he was back, and my friends did not recognize him. He walked around the school and offered to buy all the records from his "Beatles" collection. Also changed the appearance of Mark — short hair, snow-white shirt, the neck — plain black tie. Harry Limuti, a close friend, later told reporters: "I was thinking, Chapman was disappointed in our idols, and directly asked about it. And he answered me and saying that there are no more of those to whom we are praying. What is there? — I was surprised. And Mark showed me the Bible. "

It turned out, Chapman joined the "YMCA", became her activist. A little later, it turned out that he often attends meetings of a "club of ex-fans of" The Beatles ", which is anathema" Four from Liverpool. " Favorite joke former "fans" were paraphrased words of the song Lennon "Imagine" — with the knowledge and approval of the leadership of the association "jokers" sang at their gatherings: "Imagine — John Lennon is dead!" Particularly zealous Chapman. One day he said, "Who are they to compare himself to Jesus?" …

"Guinea pigs"

After failing to get into college after high school in 1973, spent two years Chapman worked as an instructor in the summer holiday camps belonging to the Association of YMCA — "YMCA."

In June 1975, Mark went to Lebanon — as an emissary. But two weeks back. He did not cope with assigned responsibilities, and waited for his punishment. Instead, management YMCA sent out a hapless emissary in Fort Cheffi, where at that time there was a camp for displaced persons, ex-soldiers … There he first became acquainted with the "close combat tactics" — with methods that are trained commandos-mercenaries …

It was decided to subject Chapman "deshablonizatsii." To clean of all "brainwashed" or unsuspecting Mark, started with "sleep therapy" — with the help of hypnosis and drugs lulled him for 15 days. Two or three times a day in his semi-conscious state and was vigorously raised electric shock.

Result: Chapman lost a lot of memory and lost the space-time representation. "Patient" only lived in this without thinking about the past, not thinking about the future.

It remains to "program" on Chapman's "fundamentally new behavior." And here in the course allowed "psychological attack". On the tape-recorded a number of "programs" have inspired Mark that he needed to kill Lennon, John's personality is identical to that of his own personality, but because he has "liberated" — to destroy the identity of the musician to make their own, and this should make the act of suicide — only the "inside-out" … Lennon de — Satan, who appeared on earth to destroy mankind, and Chapman — mission, designed to save the world from fiends.

The whole cycle took almost a month, after which the brand began to stuff the different kinds of narcotic drugs that suppress the will of the whole. Only when he said that "feels like a computer and before you commit to anything, push the button, and all of these three buttons — red, green and yellow", he was released.

Psychiatrist David Abrahamsen who examined later Chapman, said: "He is quite normal for unclear reasons sverhidentifitsiroval herself with Lennon, and it matured under the influence of some external circumstances rivalry with the personality of the musician. After killing the "opponent", as Chapman would have committed suicide. At least so he explained the motives for the crime, but looked at it as if trying to remember something. "


It's hard to say what influenced the mentality of John more — exhausting litigation with immigatsionnymi authorities or even temporary, but severe separation from Yoko. Or maybe something else. But by 1975, Lennon was at a dead end — the moral and creative. In 1973, the CD "mind games" sounded: "Free people — do it now, stop killing — do it immediately." Who cried a singer? Not too complacent wishes when there is no desire to personally fight against all odds?

He had such a desire. But John was tired … But the main thing — to New York, he was not happy as he had hoped: escape from the exhausting hustle and bustle of show business to find yourself in a "jungle solitude" of the city on the Hudson River — the lot is not the best. Lennon burned "bridges glory" one by one … But the past is dragged behind him, surrounded by a high wall of the now silent adoration.

It seemed to him: the chosen path leads inevitably to the "splendid isolation leader," and he cried out: "Let the image of the wall that divides the image of the bridge that unites, artless — but in fact they are sincere." And sang drive, calling it "Walls and Bridges". And he gave his last concert at Madison Square Garden. Youthful dreams shattered on the realities of the "American way of life." John called the country in which to live and wanted to be born, "crazy world of daily murders, morbid violence, universal fear."

He took a five-year time-out: 9 October 1975 he had a son, named Sean. Out of the house rarely cooked meals, wash clothes, fiddling with the baby. Royal gather dust, guitar lay shrouded. The house did not mention about rock music, and even more about "The Beatles." Occasionally sounded classic, free time to devote to reading. Even in the movies spouses chosen almost every year, and in the disco and rock clubs never happened. Seclusion lasted for four years. And then John, already highly experienced chef, he urged his friend to take him on a trip on a yacht as a cook. Tart salty wind, the oceans have done the seemingly impossible: the music sounded again. When he returned, Lennon sat down at the piano. And poured clean, bright melodies. Yoko supported the "passion" of husband and soon called an old friend, producer David Geffen, "How is it about the studio?"

Fall of 1979 started rehearsals, and later for recording. Works like never easy. John wrote seven songs, seven — Yoko. The first was the "Starting over again." And last decided to do the same upbeat, calling it "Ran out of hard times." This cycle of fourteen songs became the anthem of hope, joy, new discoveries and achievements, clean and bright love: "It's time to spread your wings and fly, do not lose a day — start over again." Life seemed to them "magical ship harmony," where there can be no "rats" — betraying and selling ready to eat, and his neighbor, if paid. John and Yoko believed in the mission — cleansing and inspiring, as believed, that it is absolutely free — they say, "friends are gone, and the enemies do not yet have." The illusion that in the five years of seclusion forgot about them, was fatal.

In an interview, John said: "If anyone in America thinks that peace and love — it's a cliche of the sixties, it is deeply mistaken. Peace and love — the concept is timeless. So the album "Double Fantasy" will be the days of the past, but about the future, of course. I want to ask the generation that grew up in the seventies difficult, "How are you? Nothing? Survive? "So let's do the eighties fine — it depends on us, what they will be."

It was an appeal to a generation who liked, like the previous two, Lennon — friends in spite of him remained. Enemies also increased. John called the Pentagon "giant brothel aggression", generals, obsessive mania of the "Soviet threat" mediocre "bouncers who pays the military-industrial complex." A hint more than simple — just at this time, Washington began to prepare for placement in Western Europe, "Pershing" and cruise missiles, and any "offensive" remarks against warlords regarded it as "propaganda red." Political vendetta, which was prepared by Lennon during the time of its active protests against the Vietnam adventure, USA, has become a matter of technique.


Lennon voluntarily put themselves under house arrest — is postponed the execution of "judgment" by the CIA. However, Langley is not accepted throw-trained "rabbits" on the street "programmed" killer decided to temporarily use a different "work". With the help of the "brothers in Christ," he was sent to Atlanta, where staged a guard at one of the universities. Daily workouts — and Chapman is a good shooter: 100 points out of 88 kicks. A "part-time" serves as the sleuth — monitors the "loyalty" of students. At night, Mark, along with the "cops" patrolling the streets of the city with a heavy Colt on the side …

Something apparently happened during this raid — in early 1977 it refer urgently to the distant Hawaiian Islands. Settling in Honolulu, Mark is not without the assistance of the local representative of the YMCA hired a security guard in a small art gallery, at the same time is becoming an informant for the secret police. Life goes perfectly measured, without any incidents. Not counting the "little things": in a police token proving his identity to the guardians of order, Chapman engraved "John Lennon" — lasting consequences "deshablonizatsii."

All the while, "programmers" do not lose sight of its experimental, and only found out that Lennon're going to go into politics, Mark summoned a representative of the YMCA in Hawaii, he is — a resident of the CIA. A few hours explaining to people from Langley is not too savvy Chapman operation plan. When the "patient" had learned the task down to the smallest detail, ordered to surrender badge and gun, die down for a couple of months and then go "as an individual" in the Honolulu Police Department for permission to buy a revolver.

October 27, 1980 … Mark David Chapman, according to the documents — Hospital Corpsman, not previously convicted and not registered with the FBI, bought a revolver army type, .38 for 169 dollars. Called the "Young Men's Christian Association," a special number, reported: "I am ready to take our business seriously." And in early November, has left for Atlanta for further instructions. He inspired: double back, and because Mark's wife said he was going to visit her father, in fact, stopped at a former lover, on the people not to show. In mid-November, secretly returned to Honolulu and received from their superiors two thousand dollars — "spending in New York." At the same time he arranged another session "psychotherapy", addressing: "Do not forget — during the first meeting click on the green button, try to be gentle, do not arouse suspicion. Then click on the yellow, get ready to attack. You press the red — fire! "

December 5 Chapman was back in the United States. On December 6, Saturday, late afternoon New York's taxi driver Mark Snyder put him in the car nice guy twenty-five years to look at. He asked to be taken to Greenwich Village (there was a hostel YMCA). The passenger was talkative — introduced himself as a sound engineer John Lennon. "Now, John and record a new disc, — said the guy. — You'll see, this album is sure to become a huge hit. " Reported the alleged soundman and other great news: from day to day, is expected to arrive in New York Paul McCartney. "The guys finally made it up — gossiping passenger. — And now going to do an album together … »Driver Snyder used to talkative companions and did not pay much attention to the latter.

On Sunday, the stranger left the hostel association — events coming to a head, and the CIA did not want the name of the killer somehow been associated with such a solid organization. Mark moved to a suburban hotel in the Sheraton Center and began to hunt down their prey. Many saw him near the fashionable multi-storey mansion "Dakota", located on the corner of 72th Street and Central Park Avenue, West, where Lennon lived spouses. Saw the "hunter" and Carol Miller, a disc jockey local radio station, who lives nearby. Please note: The guy looked older than conventional fans crowding around every day, "Dakota" in the hope of meeting a celebrity — because the mansion is something artistic. A Chapman with surprising tenacity posing as admirers of John Lennon, who came from afar to see the idol. On this basis he met on Monday, December 8, at three in the afternoon with Paul goresh, an amateur photographer from North Arlington, New Jersey.

"I was waiting for him here three days ago, — said Mark new friend. — I hope to get an autograph. " In the hands of a blind "admirer" held recently entered the market the album "Double Fantasy." Finally, at five o'clock in the evening, John and Yoko came under the arch and headed to the limo waiting for them. Chapman took two steps and shyly handed drive. (Note: the green button!) Musician took it, scrawled on the cover: "John Lennon. 1980 ", and in that time Goresh discreetly photographed them. Then another hour or two guys hung out near the "Dakota" talk. When Goresh still decided to go to the hotel, reasoning that the next day will be able to get an autograph, Chapman said grimly: "Who knows whether you will see Mr. Lennon ever again!" Paul did not attach any significance to these words …

Spouses Lennon in the studio recording "Factory records", located in Manhattan, up to half of the eleven pm — mikshmrovali sound on the new "single", which was called "Walking on Thin Ice", prepared material for a future album "Milk and Honey". John was in a good mood, before leaving said, "Now I'm sure a lot of work ahead — enough to the grave. I hope that it does not happen soon … "At ten to eleven limousine took them home — not a ride to the very door, stopped at the curb. Yoko first came out of the car, followed her husband just around the corner. When he entered the house through the arch, behind the voice: "Mr. Lennon …" (Note: the yellow button!) Musician turned … (And here is the long-awaited red!)

Chapman shot like a real FBI agent: his right hand, throwing her sharply forward, clutching the handle of the Colt, and keeping the left wrist of the right to be sure to hit the target. "I'm dead!" — Whispered Lennon. After making six missteps, he collapsed. Yoko knelt down, raised her husband's head. And the "guinea pig" dropped on the pavement is still warm gun. "Do you realize what you've done?" — Asked his bemused doorman. "I have just killed John Lennon" — the calm reply. When a few minutes later the police arrived, Chapman was still calm — he knew that he was not in danger. As promised Aces "cloak and dagger".


When the crime happened, one of TV programs broadcast football match. Translation, of course, was interrupted. On the screen appeared excited face the speaker. Choking, he began to broadcast: "Only that there was a murder — the most pointless, as the president called him, and he, by the way, also looked at our program and will soon be able to see how we are, the very first report from the scene. I think it will be fascinating to watch, which is comparable to inflame the passions of those goals that scored John Kraft, a favorite of today's game, and after John was killed, too, but not Kraft, and Lennon, this rebel, comes down once his mind of all Americans under the age of seventeen years of a song "Happiness — it's still warm gun" … So, one of his former lovers, disappointed that Lennon began to pay more attention to politics than to rock 'n' roll, shot John, when he, along with his famous wife , singer — and last-avangardistki artist Yoko Ono returned home from the studio, where he recorded a superhit, designed especially for her — she was going to release it to the New Year. This fan shot five times in the back and killed Lennon, as we were informed on the spot … Amazing coincidence: John Kraft scored five goals today, the last half a minute before the murder! A shot of a young man, he was twenty-five years, by the name of … Mark David Chapman. He fired his revolver "Smith and Wesson" .38 … "

Speaker disappeared, flashed images: rakish cowboy aiming a screen shot — and the blonde babe whipped out from somewhere under the mini-skirt has a smoking gun, of course, "Smith and Wesson" and be sure to .38. "Especially for a Saturday Night" — there was a glowing inscription in letters of blood, and the beauty was aiming to re-screen, but did not shoot, but flashed a bare ass and disappeared in the distance, dancing to the tune of "Happiness — it's still warm gun …"

Delayed release of the latest news — television, it was not until the most important political events, data about the hostages in Tehran, for example. And thank God! As one journalist said, then, if the idols in the United States killed more often easier to be able to suppress political "flaws" of American presidents. And almost overnight, without exception, all the TV channels following the development of the tragic events: as already carried the lifeless body of John from the "Dakota" in Roosevelt Hospital, and from there into the building, where the forensic examination and, finally, to the morgue. By morning on the square in front of a huge crowd apart.

The senior officer … the night shift at the FBI nodding: dawn, duty was nearing an end. Suddenly rattled telephone communication line, and the tube's voice: "You have the TV on?" That was the Langley. The officer clicked the button. The screen flashed the crowd: the camera gave a panorama of the area before the "Dakota". Back of the head — nothing curious. And officious comment overs no interest. But here's the voice faded, it was replaced by the choir — singing is gathered, and the officer struck a familiar melody. "Give Peace a Chance" — and hands shot up above the crowd, hundreds of hands with the sign of victory. Just like in the old chronicles years when America was shaken by the anti-war demonstrations.

At the end of patiently waiting for. Finally asked, "Well, figured out? Contact our TV monitoring center — even record the entire transmission. This is extremely important for the area came together with fans extremists. Necessary to identify each — they surreptitiously plotting another brawl. Use the opportunity to … "FBI officer called to the monitoring center, and a second band started to capture images and sound. A camera is there, in the square, snatched the face of young people who sang all the louder, "Give Peace a Chance" — they said goodbye to Lennon. The operator was aiming the lens at one, then at another: close-up, even bigger. "Well done!" — Thought the officer.

After two hours, experts from the FBI have done with photocopies of priceless film. They are laid out in a special folder to compare then with pictures from other folders, got on the activists and leaders of the anti-war movement. Not by chance the CIA reported that the demonstration at the "Dakota" provoked "leftists": archival photographs of the troublemakers in previous gatherings, can be conclusive proof of a violation of public order and ample grounds for detention. "Action" continues …

Year-old son John, after learning of the tragedy, he asked his mother: "What killed my father?" Yoko Ono, still unaware of the truth behind this crime, said, referring to Chapman: "He must have gone mad." To which the kid replied, "I wish I knew, the man was really mad or was planning to kill my daddy." Intuition child's mind? But later it confirms the conjecture son, though not quite conscious, saying in an interview with foreign journalists: "My husband was killed. For that — not hard to guess … I guess there is not a single-acting fonatik: it is enough to recall the circumstances of the assassination of President Kennedy … John's death — a death on the battlefield. " Words Yoko, who decided to continue the work of Lennon — "fight for peace on this planet" — tried to deny the Western news agencies. They have dismissed rumors that the recognition of the courageous woman — stimulated made "under pressure from the Communists."

Moreover, shortly after the death of John Lennon began to threaten his family — not like the statements occurred and social activity of the widow to someone on Pennsylvania Avenue.

And Mark David Chapman was sentenced to 30 years' imprisonment, in a short time, apparently, will be released, and with a finished manuscript of the murder committed by him, which he will present, of course, as a temporary clouding his mind. And the representatives of the most respected publishers will wait for him at the prison gate …

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