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Official data on the U.S. Census Bureau says that in the U.S., where 80% of the population believes that the middle class, one in six Americans living below the poverty line. In fact, the situation is much, much worse.

Banana Republic is considered to be those of the country where the super-rich 1% of the population owns 20% or more of all the total property. In the U.S., 1% owns 38% of the national wealth. The Census Bureau reported at the end of May 2013 that one in six Americans living below the poverty line. The ghost of poverty rises over America, affecting more and more families, cities and regions. Meystrim media buzzing about the recovery of losses caused by the crisis, the television talking heads talk about the coming economic heyday, but it's all for a smaller number of people.

Nearly half of Americans in 2009 had no assets, no property, no bank deposits. During the presidential campaign, Mitt Romney told his supporters that 47% of Americans only take but give nothing.Analysis of the Economic Policy Instituteshows that 47% of the alleged "taking", received nothing. In 2009, their debts exceeded their assets.

Three years after the start of the crisis situation of the majority of Americans worse than it was during the crisis. The economic downturn has led to increased economic inequality, and together with the "way out of the crisis" inequality continues to grow.The report of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Developmentstates that "inequality has increased over the past three years, by the end of 2010, more than in the previous twelve years." In the same report, there is information that, among OECD countries, the U.S. socio-economic gap is one of the most extensive. According toEconomic Policy Institute report "The State of America's working"over the last 30 years in the U.S. there is a steady decline of wages. After the recession accelerated decline in wages. According to the report of the Draft National Employment (NELP), many of the categories of the population, were considered before the middle class,moved into the category of low-paid.

More than half of Americans now live in poverty. According to the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the average household in the bottom half of a public building earns$ 18,000year. This is less than the set back in 1960poverty linefor a family of three ($ 19,000), or a family of four ($ 23,000). 75% of Americans are on the verge of poverty. The average family earns about$ 31,000 a year. To be eligible for food assistance, the family may earn up to130%the federal poverty level, or about $ 30,000 for a family of four.

In the richest country in the world tens of millions of hungry children. Currently, the U.S. Congress is trying to cut back significantly on food aid. Rep. Steve Fincher of Tennessee callsFood Stamps "theft."However, he cites the Bolsheviks: "He who does not work shall not eat." The law likely will pass. But the debate about employment does not cause any great interest among liberals nor of the right. At a hearing in Congress on the issue of jobswas the only one deputy.

While cutting food aid to the hungry,20 richest Americansput it in his pocket in 2012 morethan the cost in 2012-m the entire program SNAP (food assistance), which serves 47 million people. American democracy has already written off to the dump socially weak layers, and now blamed unemployment benefit recipients. Under the talk of the need to provide more and more discounts benefactors, the U.S. Congress continues to cut programs that affect the lives of millions of people, but it continues to give tax credits to your friends. Friends of the U.S. Congressfrom the list of the richest people, "Forbes"Raked in the stock market more than make up for state budgetseducation, socialnutritionandhousing,together. The Americans remained not so much time to figure out who is who steals, while they did not uvoruyut their own country.

Michael Dorfman

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