Barrett sniper rifles chambered for the .338 Lapua Magnum

Barrett sniper rifles chambered for the .338 Lapua Magnum
For most people who are interested in an instrument, at the mention of Barrett sniper rifles image appears mnogokalibernyh sniper rifles. But not only the caliber of more than 9 mm, this company earns for itself in the bread and butter. So, the company produces machine guns, automatic grenade launcher, machine guns and sniper rifles in caliber 8.6 mm, which will be discussed in this article.

BACKGROUND creation tools this lie in the fact that after the release of M95 has been launched, as it turns out, ammo .50 BMG behaves not because I would like to manufacturer and even the best of the best cartridges yield at distances up to six miles .338 ammunition. Not to mention the weight and dimensions of the gun from which the shot run. So Makar, a similar gun was spotless for firing at the enemy legkobronirovannotehnike, but for shooting live goals approach is not the best way possible. Aiming to make a clear instrument that would be perfectly at distances up to 1,500 meters when firing at specific enemy troops began the development of the latest M98 rifle.
Betting on the presence of automation in the arms manufacturer immediately donated effective range of use, faster just planned to change a specific model of gun that was in service in the U.S. Army, but, looking ahead, let’s say that it did not work out. Rifle itself was a pretty charismatic appearance really attracts her, but immediately turns to mean that gun barrel aggressively attached to the forearm where the installed bipod and not freely posted, and this again is less effective range. So instead want 1500 meters came in 1200, all thanks to automation and tools built on the scheme with removal of powder gases from the bore, and securing of the rifle barrel. Much attention has been paid to the convenience appeal with a gun, at first it hurt rifle weight reduction, which is just 7 pounds, for all this length equals 1175 mm with barrel length of 610 mm. Lowering the weight has been achieved by introducing into the design of a lightweight nylon butt, guns box made of lightweight duralumin alloy. Compensation recoil when firing occurs due to the muzzle brake compensator recoil, and of course partly due to automation. Rifle armed with 2 folding bipod in the front of the forearm, as further third bipod can be mounted at the butt. Trigger guns can be adjusted by pressing force and stroke length of the trigger. Open sights gun does not have them installed instead of the strap attachment type Picatinny. Powered weapon from detachable box magazine capacity of 5 or 10 rounds. Butt unregulated, also lacks the adjustable stop for cheeks arrow.

Instrument as a whole came out really good for their own class, but they are so no one is interested, all happy with what was already on the arms, was only bought a small lot of rifles for the police, then the gun was discontinued. In principle, this is not unusual, because the M98 sniper rifle was good though, but completely ordinary and did not stand out from the 10’s it similar models. Taken out of production, and it was more due to the fact that a bit later there is another M98, prefixed as font in, and despite the similarity of the titles she was very different from his own that almost namesake, well spread and she got a much more extensive because in it all the same managed to realize that the effective range of 1,500 meters.

Officially, all work on the creation or M98V M98 Bravo were completed in 2000, but for all that interested in it only in 2008. But with all this gun is not the most experienced pylilos as a reference, and sold extensively on the civilian market in the U.S. and supplied to other Army States. It took 8 years to the U.S. military bureaucrats saw this instrument, which won the competition for the newest sniper rifle for the Marine Corps out of the competition, in other words, the competition was announced, presented and rifle competition was finished. Since 2009 has already started mass production of this instrument, which lasts now.

The main task that the developers have put in front of him the rifle was to develop long-range precision weapons capable of confidently hit manpower at ranges up to one and a half miles, with all this rifle had to be compact and light. The basis for the new instrument became the sliding bolt, which comes in clutch specifically with the breech, 100 can reduce the load on the receiver box and make it chet Do not foil, which naturally do not have, and made from lightweight version of duralumin alloy. If you look more closely at the gun, then there is a feeling that somewhere something similar already beheld, and the feeling is not deceptive, because the rifle really collected a lot of thoughts that have been used in other embodiments of the gun. So, for example, receiver is divided into two parts, which are secured with a single pin, placed in front of the shop tools that sends us to the infamous M16, but would not find plagiarism where it basically is not. Instrument comes standard with 3-bipod, one of which is mounted under the butt. Itself has a fairly comfortable butt length adjustment, in addition, the emphasis for cheeks arrow also height adjustable. Placed immediately above the handle a little switch fuse, duplicated on both sides of the rifle.

Length is 1267 millimeters guns, himself trunk has a length 686 mm. Instrument can be transported as assembled and disassembled into two parts as that will reduce the length and ease of transportation. Weight rifle is generally amusing value of 6.1 kilograms, that such tools really little. Powered rifle detachable magazine capacity of 10 rounds. Also longish strap fastening virtually the entire length of the receiver instrument has also two rather short strap type Picatinny with left and right side, but it is faster fad than a real need. Open sights weapon has not, but they can be installed on top of the bar mount, if the optical sight fails. The truth is you should consider strongly enough distance between the same and the front sight completely, but better that than none at all.

Rifle barrel made way cool forging freely posted, has longitudinal valleys, bore chrome. Such as a muzzle brake compensator recoil rifle does not have it installed instead of the flame arrestor. Opting arrester was manufactured to DTC does not affect the accuracy, and of course that would be at least a little to mask the sniper position. The trigger mechanism of the rifle M98V is modular, it can be easily removed at partial disassembly tools for maintenance and adjustment. It is possible to adjust the trigger on the effort of pulling the trigger and the length of the stroke.

If in general to characterize this rifle, then highlight something special rather difficult. Simply put this is an elementary instrument, in which there is nothing completely new and perceptible, at the same time, this rifle has a fairly highest traits because really wonderfully made and comfortable to use. Naturally tool, not for weapons of mass, at least due to the fact that cheap and «bolt». Immediately it should be noted that the M98V never marketed as «antimaterial», as indicated in almost all Russian sources. Naturally, the machine is fully engine can spread, but also its main task is the precise shooting at enemy targets alive.

If we return to the beginning of the article the M98, you can not say that it was a slip of Barrett, the faster it was a «pen test» to find out if such an instrument on the market in general, well, what was spent money to develop tools and making it the final version, then all these costs are already paid off with a vengeance followed autoloading model. Generally, if you talk about the company’s self-loading sniper rifles, they for some reason with them always unlucky and a total lower than expected. It happened with the family of M82, M107 in the next, but at least they got wide distribution, and the same happened with the M82. Perhaps the main reason for such bad luck is that established by the creation of small tolerances that only a positive impact in simple designs with the sliding bolt. In the case when all grinding together, automation becomes unreliable and increases the possibility of failure, even with the least pollution that compels producer blab everything you can. Naturally, everyone wants to find a balance, but it is a very complex and nepriznatelnoe that showed self-loading rifle and the M98, which almost nobody intrigued despite a completely good properties. Hope remains that the M98 is not repulsed Ronnie Barrett and his desire to experiment with the workers of the big calibers and semi-automatic sniper rifles and, in the end, they will release the weapon, which simply could not be fault at all desire and diligence. Although, of course, would be desirable that perfect all the same standard was born in Russian design bureaus and promptly fell into the hands of Russian servicemen.
Cyril created Karasik

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