Belgium renounces its Christian roots

In Belgian schools now banned the word "Christmas", "Easter", "All Saints Day" and even "Carnival." They were instructed to exclude from the official calendars, as they are associated with the Christian religion.

The course omusulmanivanie Europe have pro-American country in Europe. Particularly successful in France, where the worker to obtain citizenship is so simple, but in the country is so beautiful, that there went thousands of migrants from poor countries. Now the country's entire living areas newly citizens.

Rejection of a Christmas tree on Christmas in Brussels is very significant in that it is in Brussels, the headquarters of Europe and NATO office.

Vacations will now only "autumn", "winter", "entertainment" (the carnival) and "spring." The relevant law is valid in the French-speaking part of the country. It was offered to take a few years ago, but now it came into force.

Until a few decades ago, Belgium was the only Catholic country, and now it consistently gives up his Christian identity.

Meanwhile, the process of "washing out" of the Christian tradition in Belgium goes parallel with the "omusulmanivaniya" school. In some provinces (Antwerp, East Flanders), the number of Muslim students has exceeded 50%.

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