Black Angel or an angel — keeper?


In the U.S., all the media of Missouri engaged in search of a mysterious priest who suddenly appeared on the site of an accident in which 19-year-old girl got caught in the car, and prayed for her, and rescue workers, promised that she would survive, and disappeared.

Mystics adds a number of facts: for some reason not in the photos from the scene state of emergency, highway, where there was a head clash, was closed to traffic, but eyewitnesses claim that the "Black Angel" was like a dead 13 years ago, the Hollywood actor.
Girl whom more than an hour could not get out of raskorezhennogo cars, survived.

Accident happened on the N19 highway in Missouri: Mercedes Katie Lenz collided head-on with a car, taking off into the oncoming lane. Behind the wheel was 26-year-old Aaron Smith, as it turned out — a drunk. It happened far away from populated areas, and rescue workers tried in vain to pull the victim without powerful tools. Footage and photographs from the scene PE publishes local TV KHQA.

Attempts to pull Lentz of the car continued for about one and a half hours. All to no avail. The "old" Mercedes "- a well-made machine, and when this gets into an accident, passengers get out of it is very difficult because you have to cut through more than one layer of metal," — explained firefighter Raymond Reed, who worked at the scene. Katie all this time was in the mind and at one point loudly asked everyone to pray with her.

At this point, and there was a priest. In this case, the highway was closed, and a quarter of a mile in both directions outsiders do not seem to be. "He came and prayed … a Catholic priest, he was with a firs … She (Lenz) calmed down, and we, too … I can not remember the exact words, but my friend and I realized that we should calm down that our tools will work, and this time we will be able to get her out ".

(Photo: fotrobot on the description of witnesses)

Further versions diverge: KHQA reported that rescue workers tried to cut the metal again, and it worked. Daily Mail writes that after praying to the place of emergency, finally, the car arrived from the nearest town with heavy equipment, which bailed out and rescuers.
Meanwhile, the priest disappeared as silently as he had appeared. "We would like to find this gentleman and thank him — said fire Reid.

— We're looking for him ever since, but no one saw him. "Local Edition The Blaze called around to all the churches coming in search of a priest and even made an identikit. Eyewitnesses from the accident claim that he was like a Hollywood actor Walter Matthau, who died in 2000. His last film in which he appeared shortly before his death, called "The End" (Hanging Up).

In the video, filmed on-site emergency, it is evident that there is something to hide particularly nowhere: all around the field. Lenz was hospitalized with multiple fractures, her life is out of danger. Drunk driver Aaaron Smith, crashed into her car, did not survive.

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