Black Sea Fleet forces begin to survey the war dead Soviet submarine Sch-216

Black Sea Fleet in conjunction with Ukrainian specialists proceed to the practical implementation of the tasks on the survey and determine the feasibility of increasing Soviet submarine "u-216" sunk during World War II at Cape Tarkhankut (Crimea). 

In the management of search and rescue (UPASR) BSF noted that, given the finding of the wreck at a depth of 50 meters, the possible presence of explosives on the boat itself, and near it, the operation for further examination and recovery require significant forces on the part of the Black Sea Fleet , and by the Naval Forces of Ukraine.

To ensure the works Navy Russia attracts the newest experimental ship "Seliger" designed to test equipment, deep-sea research and rescue operations. In the area of finding sunken boats can be directed mooring tenders "KIL-25", which will perform the polygon layout, set the drums and concrete arrays for them, a rescue ship Black Sea Fleet "Epron" diving boat "VM-154" and about 20 divers.

Russian Black Sea Fleet has experience on subjects of similar "u-216". In particular, the rescue ship "Epron" took part in the survey sunken submarine "u-204" and "u-211" in 1983 and 2003, respectively.

It is expected that the experimental vessel "Seliger" with equipment and specialists on board the survey vessel and the HS-86 today will arrive in the area of Cape Tarkhankut.

The courts will be made survey of the area where the boat is deceased, to determine its exact origin and position on the ground.

Russian troops led by the chief search UPASR Black Sea Fleet captain Yuri Aphanasenko.

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