BMZ specialists have created a prototype of a new gondola


A prototype of the universal gondola with unloading hatches model 12-3090 is made at the Bryansk Engineering Plant (BMZ, is part of ZAO "Transmashholding").
The new car has a capacity of 69, 5 tons, the volume of the body — 88 m3. A distinctive feature of the Bryansk car is that it is designed with a load of 25 tons per axle (the majority of domestic production of cars designed by 23.5 tons per axle). Gondola designed to carry cargo, not requiring protection from the weather.
Gondola — new products for FMS, according to a press release from ZAO "Transmashholding". The main specialization of car manufacturing companies — hopper cars. Mastering the production of wagons, TransMashHolding enters the new market, expanding opportunities for the realization of their own products.
To date, the Bryansk Engineering Plant has passed the first stage of preliminary tests gondola, which carried specialists of "Engineering Center of rolling stock" (ITSPS, St. Petersburg).
Were carried out:
stationary test brakes and parking brake;
static strength tests of the car when empty and loaded condition;
Test car collision;
test for the unloading gates.
Currently gondola sent to undergo further tests in Tver. On a special stand (expansion — contraction) will be attached to the cable force, simulating operational loads. Completed testing gondola modes. 12-3090 Moves brake tests on high-speed testing ground station Belorechenskaya Krasnodar region.

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