Izvestia, Alexei Mikhailov. Tupolev plane fails to develop a faster rate due to design features

The Air Force approved the draft of a promising aircraft distant aircraft — bombers 5th generation, which should change modern nuclear missile carriers Tu-95MS and Tu-160.
And although everyone expected superfast plane, and Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin even read speed promising aviation complex distant Aviation (PAK DA) 6 thousand km / h, the military chose from several options subsonic plane invisibility.
As told «Izvestia» a source in the Air Force, when choosing predeskizny development project overcame Tupolev — plane with the scheme «flying wing», which is due to the tremendous wingspan and design features will not be able to overcome the speed of sound, but it will be invisible to radar. ;
— The contest was announced first preliminary designs of the past year, and not counting the Tupolev it involved several other design offices. They presented supersonic and hypersonic one project, but the choice was made in favor radionezametnosti other words Tupolev sketches — told «Izvestia» a senior source in the Defense Ministry.
Noteworthy that another two weeks reversed defense Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said that PAK DA should be hypersonic. In his view, Russia does not need an analogue of the South American B-2, and the aircraft at speeds exceeding Mach 5, in other words, about 6 thousand km / h
But the plans of deputy prime minister violated the laws of physics. A source in the aviation industry told «Izvestia» that in order to move at hypersonic speeds, the aircraft must be perfect aerodynamic shape, with smooth contours, but in order to become invisible to radar — on the contrary, angular. With a special design radiation reflected radar air defense systems to the side, the opponent does not see the reflected signal from the aircraft and the aircraft becomes invisible to radar.
— You can make an increased T-50, but such a configuration for the machine 120 t lead to increased drag and fuel cost overruns, and hence to a decrease in range, — explained the source of «Izvestia».
In addition, for supersonic flight engine should get a lot of oxygen. To do this, the air intake should be wide and straight. A plane «stealth» need air intake is S-shaped, so that he could close the blade motor from the radar radiation. Air when driving on such a channel becomes a sparse.
To ensure invisibility in the thermal spectrum of aircraft engines should be hidden inside the body, like the South American subsonic aircraft invisible B-2. And for supersonic flight need a powerful thrust, which so far can only be done with the engines nozzles handed down abroad body as a Tu-160, Concorde and B-1.
According to the interlocutor of «Izvestia», the military agreed Rezonit designers about the impossibility of «eat fish, and Kings to climb.» Now Tupolev should finish work on the tactical and technical features of the PAK DA, and first in 2014 to present a budget research (R & D). With all this mass production of bombers promising to begin in 2020.
Chief editor of the industry magazine «Rise» Andrey Fomin told «Izvestia», the choice of a subsonic bomber variant can be almost everything is connected not only with providing a low radar signature, but with greater efficiency and a range of probable extra high this machine.
— If you select the project could be considered several reasons that depend on this machine assigned to tasks. Here and range, and capacity, and strength properties. Provide stealth radar now possible not only due to a special form, and by radar absorbing coatings, and due to special electrical equipment interfering — explained Fomin.
According to him, quite inconspicuous radar plane make unrealistic. But can at times reduce the effective area of ​​the reflecting surface, from which the magnitude depends on the radar display illumination.
— If some fighters fourth generation, this area is at a certain angle 3 m. m, then the American fighter fifth generation — only 0.3 m. m, and subsequent generations could fall to hundredths modicum square meter. Only one coating to achieve this unrealistic, required severe configuration design — explained Fomin.
Independent military expert on aviation Anton Lavrov says that the West has rejected the concept of supersonic aircraft break defense.
— At the moment, more important to break stealth and range than speed. In the Russian Federation there are no reliable allies and large zabugornyh bases because we have a very fundamental strategic aircraft, which affects its territory with a very distant goal — he said «Izvestia».
According to the views of the professional to the land of the Russian Federation in particular aviation and the navy should be «long arm» to protect their own interests in different parts of the globe.
The project is expected PAK DA will cost several trillion rubles. With all this mass-produced cars for the Air Armament useful than several 10’s as strategic bombers fall under the US-Russian agreement on the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START), and export these machines will not be none to deliver.
With all this new bomber planned to equip not only missiles with nuclear warheads, and high-precision missiles with non-nuclear warheads, as corrected and svobodnopadayuschie bombs.

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