Britain found a way out of the drought situation

Britain found a way out of the drought situation Facts

The beginning of spring for southern Britain was surprisingly warm, which set the temperature of 15-18 ° C, which is higher than on. Rhodes in Greece at the moment. However, along with the spring warmth in the region has an acute shortage of rainfall, is detrimental to the awakening of nature and wallets of citizens forced to pay for the additional cost of water for irrigation and other purposes.

Rainfall for each region of south-east Britain.

To resolve the situation in the regions, where in February fell by one-third less rain than expected, was allocated 270 million pounds for the organization of the plant in east London on filing recycled seawater in the English home. The plant will produce 150 million liters of fresh water every day. Such a move would save about 20 million people from a fine of a thousand pounds for the cost overruns of the water and may increase some of the water-supply stop companies in water tariffs by 6-8%, which is planned for April.

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The plant in Beckton takes water from the Thames at low tide, filters it through a special membrane and delivers to users. But, unfortunately, this is a costly and energy-intensive production.

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